Build Together:

Strengthening the Community Housing Sector in Nova Scotia

Extension and the Community Housing Transformation Centre (the Centre) are working in partnership to engage with the community housing sector in Nova Scotia – to share successes, recognize strengths, address challenges and barriers, identify gaps, and discover new ways of working together for greater collective impact.

Based on the findings of this engagement process, we aim to define sector priorities and determine a sustainable model for moving forward in tandem. Learn more.

December 2021 DRAFT

A Roadmap for Supporting the Mobilization, Empowerment, and Sustainability of Nova Scotia’s Community Housing Sector

Listen, Discuss, LEARN, Act:
What we heard from Nova Scotia’s community housing sector.

Consultation A Findings

Consultation B Findings

Consultation C Findings

Consultation D Findings

Thematic Briefs

learning from success
Policy development
Capacity Building
Capacity Building
Capacity Building

Consultation C

Your Voice, Your Vision

It’s time to consider how members of Nova Scotia’s community housing sector (CHS) will work together for greater positive impact. Click here for more.


Latest News and Updates

New Provincial Housing Association Forms in Nova Scotia

New Provincial Housing Association Forms in Nova Scotia

Two days of meetings amongst non-profit housing providers and the housing groups, networks, and coalitions who support their work has culminated in the formation of a new provincial association aimed to strengthen the community housing sector in Nova Scotia.

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