Photo: Salim October

Coady International Institute is pleased to be welcoming 43 participants from 18 countries to our campus for spring certificates in Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development (ABCD), Women’s Leadership in Community Development, and Social Enterprise for Inclusive Local Economies – a new certificate designed to help balance fiscal realities with an organization’s social mission. The fourth OceanPath Fellowship cohort will also arriving on campus in May to complete their yearlong initiative, before the fifth cohort is welcomed in June.

As participants begin to fill classrooms this spring, Coady’s Student Services department has also been busy processing more than 600 applications for the new thematic certificates to be offered this fall including, Promoting Accountable Democracies, Strengthening Inclusive Economies, and Building Resilient Communities. Coady’s International Centre for Women’s Leadership is processing nearly 700 applications for its Global Change Leaders and Indigenous Women in Community Leadership programs, which will begin in August and October, respectively.

We thank the Coady staff who have been diligently reviewing applications and preparing for participant arrivals, and we look forward to greeting these exceptional leaders here at Coady International Institute.