Local Women’s Voices for Peace

September 21 to 24, 2020

Is the Conference completely online or is there also in person sessions at Coady International Institute in Canada?
This conference will be completely online. Global sessions are taking place on Zoom and hosted in Canada, with regional sessions will be hosted on zoom locally, around the world.

What are the technology requirements for participating in this conference?
To participate in this e-conference, participants will need reliable internet access or phone with data.

How do I access the conference events?
In the week leading up to the conference you will receive information on how to access the conference platform and technology tips.

Is the conference only in English?
While the majority of the sessions will be in English, there will also be regional sessions in different languages (French, Spanish or Arabic). Translation will be available in select sessions. Session descriptions will indicate the language.

Are all the conference sessions live?
The conference will consist of live sessions as well as opportunities for on-going engagement in discussion forums and other asynchronous activities and sharing on the conference website.

How do I register for the Conference?
Please register online at coady.stfx.ca/local-womens-voices-for-peace/register/

Are men welcome to attend the conference?
Yes, men are welcome to attend.

What is the cost of the Conference?
To reduce barriers for women’s inclusion, the conference is free to attend. In lieu of a registration fee, donations are gratefully accepted from those able to contribute; monies collected will support scholarships for women leaders to take part in women’s leadership programs at Coady Institute.  Please see:  https://secureca.imodules.com/s/650/17/interior.aspx?sid=650&gid=1&pgid=1017&cid=2300

What topics, issues and questions will be covered in this e-conference?
The focus of Women, Peace and Security (UNSC Resolution 1325) is diverse and covers many different topics and issues reflecting the lived experiences of women and their families, communities and societies.  This conference is intended to focus on the voices and experiences of local women in communities around the world and the challenges they face and their work and our work for change, and peace.  It is recognized that one event cannot cover nearly all that could be covered in this area. By coming together during this conference, we can share, learn, and connect to move the Women, Peace and Security agenda forward.

Our priority is to hear from women who are building peace in their communities, particularly those who may not always have an opportunity to participate in these forums. Sessions are being developed by a planning committee of local women leaders around the world.

What specific countries are being invited to participate?
We are inviting participation from everywhere.  We are unable to organize sessions for every country. However, there are regional sessions being organized.  All are welcome to attend any session.

I work with an organization/initiative addressing issues of Women, Peace and Security and UNSC Resolution 1325, can we organize a local event affiliated with this conference?
Yes. If you are interested in organizing an affiliated event, please email womenlead@stfx.ca.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at womenlead@stfx.ca.