Participants, staff, partners, and community members gathered in Coady’s Marie Michael Library Thursday, May 23 as the OceanPath Fellowship 2018-2019 cohort presented community learnings from their yearlong fellowship, which included the design and implementation of a unique community initiative over a nine-month community phase.

Kishore created curriculum and partnered with the state government to improve educational outcomes for thousands of schoolchildren in Tamil Nadu, India.

Cameron developed a mobile app that provides pre- and post-operative information to patients, which helps physicians deliver better care and improve surgical outcomes in Mumbai, India.

Kathleen developed a one-of-its-kind culturally relevant environmental conservation curriculum for Maasai schoolchildren, which has been translated into Maa for optimal uptake in Kajiado County, Kenya.

Corrina formed a not-for-profit that now employs several local women to produce low-cost and environmentally friendly sanitary pads for women in Gujarat, India.

Ruth developed after school programs to leverage the resilience of refugee citizens toward integration for refugee girls in Ottawa, Canada.

Harry partnered with Elizabeth Fry Society to design and implement a three-module wraparound program for previously incarcerated women in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, focused on personal development, employment readiness, and paid job placements.

Kaitlyn helped foster healing, empowerment, and resilience for Canada’s northern women and youth in Pond Inlet, Nunuvut through art programming in community and within the prison system, and by programming the area’s first “The Power of Being a Girl” conference.

Holly formed a peer mentorship program for girls in the northern Canadian community of Arviat, Nunavut.

William designed and implemented a water safety program for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder in several rural communities in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The fellowship has provided an opportunity for development within each partnering community, as well as personal and professional development for each of these nine young leaders.


“This was one of the most transformative years of my life.”

– Corrina Vali (OceanPath Fellowship, 2018-2019)

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