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A New Way to Live a Wealthy Life


7 hrs.

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4-DVD set


In Korea, participation in cooperatives and credit unions has led to a wealth of happiness and success in people’s lives. Produced by the National Credit Union Federation of Korea.
Episode 1: In Search of the Legend of Wonju. (52:25 min.)
Episode 2: The Miracle of the Happy Village Pulmugol. (52:53 min.)
Episode 3: Little Giants Change the World. (52:49 min.)
Episode 4: The Transformation of Grandnannies: Red Light, Green Light. (52:41 min.)
Episode 5: New Chapter in Life for Grandnannies. (52:47 min.)
Episode 6: Sunflowers, Bringing Sunshine to the Village. (52:47 min.)
Episode 7: Sunflower Dream, Fulfilled through Cooperatives. (53:07 min.)
Episode 8: The Future of Century-Old Cooperatives. (53:25 min.)