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“If Change Should Come, We Should Bring It:” Stories of Citizen-Led Development in HaitiDVD82727:38 min.Produced by the Centre Haitien du Leadership et de l'Excellence and the Coady International Institute. This video contains short case studies of the following communities: Lamontay (Lamontagne) (6:32 min.) Palto (5:18 min.) San Yago (5:03 min.) Site Soley (Cité Soleil) (5:27 min.) Bay (Bailly) (5:18 min.)
“So Who Lives Here Anyway?”: Alternative Visions of Sustainable CommunitiesDVD; Manual available.17418 min.This film provides examples of how various groups are dealing with the crisis facing rural communities today as a result of the globalization of trade and the environmental and economic exploitation of multinational corporations. Case studies of fishing, forestry and agricultural communities in the Maritimes, Thailand and The Gambia are presented.
“Some of My Best Friends Are…”DVD26433 min.This play recounts the true stories of individuals who feel the pain of racism in our society. It outlines the process used by the Popular Theatre Alliance of Manitoba as a participatory resource.
1st Annual Atlantic Aboriginal Entrepreneur Award ShowDVD56556:47 min.The event took place September 13, 2005, in Moncton, New Brunswick.
2nd Annual Atlantic Aboriginal Entrepreneur Award ShowDVD56669 min.The event took place September 12, 2006, in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
360 DegreesDVD32318 min.Sébastien Aubin is a young French-speaking Cree of Manitoba's Opaskwayak Nation.  He's learning about traditional Aboriginal medicine from Mark Thompson, a healer with a wealth of plant-based medicinal knowledge.
3rd Annual Atlantic Aboriginal Entrepreneur Award ShowDVD56781 min.The event took place September 11, 2007, in St. John's, Newfoundland.
4th Annual Atlantic Aboriginal Entrepreneur Award ShowDVD56892 min.The event took place September 17, 2008, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
8th Fire3-DVD set.637172 min.This collection is a 4-part journey through Aboriginal country showing why we need to fix CaNada's relationship with indigenous peoples.  It propels the viewer past prejudice, stereotypes and misunderstandings, and introduces us to a new generation of Aboriginal Canadians who are reclaiming their culture and their confidence. DVD #1 1. Episode 1: Indigenous in the City (43 min.) 2. Episode 2: It's Time! (43 min.)  DVD #2  3. Episode 3: Whose Land is it Anyway? (43 min.)  4. Episode 4: At the Crossroads (43 min.)  DVD #3  Special Features (125 min.)
A Better World is Possible: Developing Common Security Through Fair TradeVHS55810:30 min.
A Boatload of Wild IrishmenDVD42684 min.Robert Flaherty (1884-1951) has been credited with being the father of the modern documentary film.  This film presents the complex view of the man and his work. It includes comments from Flaherty himself, as well as his peers, family, and descendants of the people captured in his films - the Inuit, the Samoans, and the people of the Aran Islands, off the western coast of Ireland.
A Chance to Learn, A Chance to EarnDVD435e10 min.In 1985, the once bustling economy of Golfito, Costa Rica, collapsed when banana companies left the area. The University of Costa Rica and UNIFEM are now organizing women in workshops to increase literacy skills. They also provide training in the areas of discrimination and legal rights in an effort to empower women to take action to improve their lives. Produced by UNIFEM.
A Change in PerspectiveDVD35930 min.Five people with disabilities are profiled, highlighting the achievements they have made to challenge outdated attitudes. Physical and social issues connected with spinal chord injury are examined and examples of community organisation are presented.
A Closer WalkDVD70085 min.This film explores the relationship between health, dignity, and human rights, and shows how the realities of AIDS in the world are an expression of the way the world really is. The film features interviews with the Dalai Lama, Koki Annan and Bono.
A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, BrazilDVD91152 min.An inspirational documentary intended to provoke environment-friendly and cost-effective changes in cities worldwide. The documentary focuses on innovations in transportation, recycling, social benefits, and the processes that transformed Curitiba into one of the most liveable cities in the world.
A Cooperative without Borders: the First StepDVD5222 min.This film depicts the Mexican migrant workers' struggle for survival and hope for the future. The coop's members work with U.S. citrus growers and funding organizations to improve economic conditions in rural Mexico as an alternative to migration.
A Day in the Life of an African Woman FarmerDVD9923 min.In Africa women produce as much as 80% of the food, yet when strategies to achieve food security are discussed at the highest levels, women's roles, contributions and needs are often ignored. This video explores the issues and challenges that affect African women's efforts to feed their families. It helps the viewer develop an understanding of the competing demands on women's time and the importance of incorporating them into community and national decision making related to food security strategies.
A Day Out For GranniesDVD7969:55 min.In Uganda, a celebration is held to honour the grandmothers who have taken the responsibility of raising their orphaned grandchildren. The Phoebe Education Fund for AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (PEFO) sets aside a day to celebrate the lives of these woman and the influence they have on younger generations.
A Force More Powerful2-DVD set.301174 min.This two-part documentary series explores how nonviolent power overcame oppression and authoritarian rule. The video begins with a look at the nonviolent lifelong struggle of Mohandas Gandhi. In the first episode, nonviolent actions were applied to the civil rights movement in 1960s Nashville, Tennessee; against British rule in India in the 1930s; and against apartheid in 1985. Episode Two examines the German invasion of Denmark in 1940; the demand for independent unions by striking workers in Poland in 1980; and during the military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet in Chile in 1983.
A Force More Powerful: The Game of Nonviolent StrategyDVD310A Force More Powerful is a simulation game that allows the player to wage nonviolent struggles for freedom and rights against dictators, occupiers, authoritarians, and oppressive rule. The player assumes the role of strategist for a nonviolent movement in a chosen scenario. The player must assess strengths, vulnerabilities and strategy and chooses from a range of tactics.
A Grandmother’s TribeDVD78754 min.This video presents the stories of two grandmothers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their stories, like those of countless other grandmothers, depict the loss of their own children to HIV/AIDS and the added responsibility of rearing their orphaned grandchildren.
A Killer BargainDVD75157 min.This film examines the availability of cheap consumer goods whose prices don't reflect the human and environmental costs of their production. The film examines the practices of western companies operating in India. They present the use of cancer-causing pesticides by workers in cotton fields, open tanks of chlorine gas in textile factories, and plants that discharge waste into ponds thus polluting the surrounding farmland. This video explains that it is up to consumers to hold companies accountable for the conditions under which their products are produced.
A Lasting SolutionDVD51717 min.This video is about the NGO Support Programme initiated by ActionAid Kenya, which other development players and donors can consider adopting to enhance the fight against poverty and social injustice. The video documents some of the Best Practices and Learnings in the capacity building work of the NGO Support Programme.
A Literate LifeVHS17023 min.Produced by Broadcasting for International Understanding, this film chronicles the life of Dr. Robert McClure. Throughout 50 years as a missionary surgeon in developing countries, McClure was a strong advocate of literacy as the fundamental vehicle to secure a better life.
A MATCH for lifeVHS474 (Storage)27 min.MATCH International Centre supports women's development projects around the world. This film visits projects in Nepal, Peru, Mali, Trinidad & Tobago, and Zimbabwe. The projects featured include a shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence to the fight to eradicate female genital mutilation in Mali.
A Memo From FogoDVD; NFB.16042 min.The Fogo Island Project is an example of what film can do to rejuvenate life in a fading community. This video takes a look back at Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and assesses the value of the programs initiated after the project. National Film Board (NFB).
A Message from African HealersDVD; NFB.36725 min.Traditional healers play a crucial role in providing health care in rural areas of many developing countries. This video presents some of the main features of this African therapeutic system. It stresses the treatment of psychic illnesses, showing how the African tradition does not separate the ill person from his or her society. Filmed in Zaire. National Film Board (NFB).
A New Way of Living: The Multicultural Experience in Housing Co-operativesVHS22830 min.
A Passage from Burnt IslandsVHS19348 min.When school principal Ray Brown came to the small fishing village of Burnt Islands, Newfoundland, the elementary school was struggling. Calling upon parents and teachers to join his crusade for literacy, Brown turned the school into a place where students were eager to learn, and instilled in parents a sense of hope for their children's future.
A Place Called Chiapas: Eight Months Inside the Zapatista UprisingDVD; NFB.47292 min.On January 1, 1994, the Indigenous Zapatista National Liberation Army took over 5 towns and 500 ranches in southern Mexico. Three years later, surrounded by 30,000 Mexican troops, they struggle to maintain a nervous ceasefire. Director Nettie Wild travels throughout Chiapas to capture the elusive and fragile life of a revolution threatened by right-wing paramilitary death squads. The film provides chilling insight into President Zedillo's "modern" Mexico. National Film Board (NFB).
A Score for Women’s VoicesDVD; NFB.54086 min.Between March and October 2000, millions of people around the world took to the streets to denounce poverty and violence against women. The historic World March of Women was a bold initiative of the Quebec Federation of Women and represented a turning point in global solidarity. This film portrays the march, and also includes coverage of five innovative projects of women's empowerment from around the world. National Film Board (NFB).
A Step Ahead: For a Better Future…DVD84820:41 min.Children's clubs enable children as a group to voice their concerns and issues in child rights perspectives. These clubs attempt to guide children as caring members of their communities and as responsible members of society. This film is presented from the point of view of three children from different villages of the ASM-Plan, Vijayawada project area at Suryapet and the Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh in India.
A Step ForwardDVD065b26 min."Koperasi Wanita", Judul: Pantang Mundur.
A Tribute to Frédéric Back : DVD 1DVD; Includes booklet.133315 min.To mark the 50th anniversary of its television programming, Radio-Canada presents a tribute to Frédéric Back's work in film animation. This set contains selected works and interviews with Frédéric Back, photos and biographical documents. This DVD contains the following: Special introduction by Hubert Tison and Frédéric Back (5:59 min.) Abracadabra (9:20 min.) Inon or the Conquest of Fire (9:35 min.) The Creation of Birds (10:04 min.) Illusion? (11:30 min.) Taratata! (8:32 min.)
A Tribute to Frédéric Back : DVD 2DVD; Includes booklet.134315 min.To mark the 50th anniversary of its television programming, Radio-Canada presents a tribute to Frédéric Back's work in film animation. This set contains selected works and interviews with Frédéric Back, photos and biographical documents. This DVD contains the following: All Nothing (10:59 min.) Crac! (15 min.) The Mighty River (24:02 min.)
A Tribute to Frédéric Back : DVD 3DVD; Includes booklet.135315 min.To mark the 50th anniversary of its television programming, Radio-Canada presents a tribute to Frédéric Back's work in film animation. This set contains selected works and interviews with Frédéric Back, photos and biographical documents. This DVD contains the following: The Man Who Planted Trees (30:07 min.) Interview with Jean Giono, author of 'The Man Who Planted Trees' (22:03 min.) Interview with Hubert Tison (7:46 min.)
A Tribute to Frédéric Back : DVD 4DVD; Includes booklet.136315 min.To mark the 50th anniversary of its television programming, Radio-Canada presents a tribute to Frédéric Back's work in film animation. This set contains selected works and interviews with Frédéric Back, photos and biographical documents. This DVD contains the following: Interviews with Frédéric Back (32:40 min.) and (27:47 min.)
A Walk to BeautifulDVD80754 min.This video contains the stories of three Ethiopian women suffering from obstetric fistula, a complication of childbirth. Rejected by their husbands and shunned by their communities, these women leave home in search of treatment and embark on a journey to a hospital in Addis Ababa. Surrounded by women like themselves and compassionate doctors, these women have found a haven they never imagined.
A Week in NigeriaDVD46626:32 min.This film documents the work of the Ida Diocesan Development Services, a self help organisation dedicated to the development of the people of Igalaland. Features the work of Sr. Nora McNamara at her mission.
A Year at SherbrookeDVD; NFB.43953 min.This video follows two artists, Thelma Pepper and Jeff Nachtigall, as they work with the residents of Sherbrooke Community Centre, a long-term care facility in Saskatoon.  As Thelma documents the residents through her own portrait photography, Jeff is the artist-in-residence, helping them make art.  The film explores how creativity can transform people's lives and how art can provide a sense of life beyond disability.
ABCD in ActionDVD; Accompanies book: When people care enough to act: ABCD in Action, 307.112 G824w.767135 min.This film profiles five groups who have utilized the principles of ABCD to create partnerships with those they serve to rejuvenate and revitalize their organizations.
Aboriginal Architecture : Living ArchitectureDVD; NFB.69492:47 min.This video presents an in-depth look into the diversity of North American Native architecture. The film provides a virtual tour of seven communities - Pueblo, Mohawk, Inuit, Crow, Navajo, Coast Salish and Haida. National Film Board (NFB).
Acadia, Acadia – Parts I and IIVHS4575 min.On the spot filming of the Universite de Moncton students' protest in support of greater recognition of the French fact in New Brunswick. The video deals with both the protests, and the self searching that went on among the students. In French, with voice-over English translation and some sub-titling.
Acid Rain – Our Bitter LegacyDVD4229:30 min.Large quantities of acid carried in rainfall, combined with the natural acidity of much of the geology of Nova Scotia are damaging our environment. Each year more than 100,000 pds. of acidic pollution are dumped on Nova Scotia from points west. The effect on the salmon fishery, other aquatic life, and the forests of Europe and eastern Canada are seen in North America, England and Germany as an economic problem, while most of the rest of Europe view it as a social problem. Because of this, the will to cure acid rain varies. Regional and political nightmares which currently exist as a result of acid rain will be further compounded if the problem is not soon effectively solved.
Acid Rain – Requiem or RecoveryDVD4232 min.This is a program intended to increase public awareness of a growing serious threat to North America's environment. This film looks at the impact of acid rain on our woods, waters, and wildlife. It explains what acid rain is, where it originates, and how its insidious advance threatens, not only the natural life around us, but our man made environment, as well.
Action Aid Nepal: The Road To DevelopmentVHS; PAL FORMAT.59017 min.Images of Nepalese work programs. No narration or audio.
Acts of DefianceDVD186104 min.On-the-spot reportage captures the struggles of the Mohawk people of Kahnawake against the Canadian army and governments of Canada and Quebec during the summer of 1990. Centred around events at Oka, the film demonstrates that the rebellion was not engineered by a conspiratorial elite, as some claimed, but was the expression of the Mohawk people, determined to stand their ground.
Addicted to AidDVD15830 min.Over the last 50 years, Africa has received billions of dollars in aid yet the poorest countries in the UN's Human Development Index are in Sub-Saharan Africa. This film presents a critique of the development aid community and a perspective on how and why things go wrong in the global efforts to help Africa's poor.
ADIELAVHS503 (Storage)14 min.This video is from Bogota, Colombia and explores the life of Adiela, a women who is living in poverty with her husband and children. The video depicts her daily life and her hard work to keep her family together. The video looks at small business loans and how they can improve a family's status.
Ady Gasy: The Malagasy WayDVD; PAL FORMAT88284 min.People in Madagascar tackle the financial crisis creatively and sustainably, never losing their sense of identity and good humour. Malagasy with English subtitles.
Affirming Life and Diversity: Rural Images and Voices on Food Sovereignty in South India DVD #1 – Autonomy over food and seed DVD #2 – Controlling technology and markets – DVD #3 – A new grassroots globalism in action – DVD #4 – Grassroots confront genetic engineering –4-DVD set with book.680This compilation describes the way co-inquirers worked together in the drylands of Andhra Pradesh in South India to produce knowledge for sustainability and equity. Their experience is captured in the twelve videos included in this set. The videos show how local organisations of marginalised women farmers and urban food consumers are regenerating sustainable and citizen controlled food systems. They offer lessons to the international community who seek to eradicate  poverty and hunger while ensuring environmental sustainability. (4-DVD set with book) DVD #1 - Autonomy over food and seed - Onwards to food sovereignty (33 min.); People's agenda for biodiversity (24 min.); Dalit food systems (29 min.) DVD #2 - Controlling technology and markets - Backyard biofertilisers (5:45 min.); A machine for millet (9 min.); A market of the walkouts (25 min.); Learning from grassroots (46 min.) DVD #3 - A new grassroots globalism in action - From local to global (44 min.); In the lap of Pacha Mama, Bhootalli, Mother Earth (28 min.); DVD #4 - Grassroots confront genetic engineering - Why are Warangal farmers angry with Bt cotton? (25 min.); Bt cotton in Andhra Pradesh (30 min.); A disaster in search of success (50 min.)
Afghan ChroniclesDVD; NFB.8752:30 min.Since the fall of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan has been rebuilding itself and reviving democracy. The country's press group Killid Media is a phenomenon. With its radio station and two weekly magazines, this popular press fights illiteracy and ignorance, and promotes a message of liberation. As it follows the distribution of its weekly magazine across Kabul, the documentary portrays a country under reconstruction, dreaming of a better future. National Film Board (NFB).
Afghan Women: A History of StruggleDVD21469 min.This film documents the stories of Afghan women who have risked their lives to achieve political, economic, and social equality, from the early 1970s to the present day. These women shed light on the cold war battle between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. that occurred on Afghan soil, and the CIA's role in the creation of terrorist groups on the Pakistan-Afghan border that affect the world today.
Africa : Volume 1DVD706500 min.This National Geographic series presents Africa through the eyes of its people. The videos explore the land and the people who shape its future. Episode 1 - Savanna Homecoming (52:38 min.) Episode 2 - Desert Odyssey (52:38 min.)
Africa : Volume 2DVD707500 min.This National Geographic series presents Africa through the eyes of its people. The videos explore the land and the people who shape its future. Episode 3 - Voices of the Forest (52:38 min.) Episode 4 - Mountains of Earth (52:38 min.)
Africa : Volume 3DVD708500 min.This National Geographic series presents Africa through the eyes of its people. The videos explore the land and the people who shape its future. Episode 5 - Love in the Sahel (52:38 min.) Episode 6 - Restless Waters (52:38 min.)
Africa : Volume 4DVD709500 min.This National Geographic series presents Africa through the eyes of its people. The videos explore the land and the people who shape its future. Episode 7 - Leopards of Zanzibar (52:38 min.) Episode 8 - Southern Treasures (52:38 min.) Episode 9 - The Making of Africa (52:38 min.)
Africa is a Woman’s NameDVD32652 min.Three of Africa's leading filmmakers tell their own country's stories through the lives of women working to create change. Amai Rose, a Zimbabwean housewife and businesswoman, Phuti Ragophala, a South African school principal, and Njoki Ngund'u, a human rights attorney and member of Kenya's parliament, tell their own stories as well as needed initiatives for women and children in their respective societies.
Africa RisingDVD36462 min.African activists are leading a grassroots movement to end thousands of years of female genital mutilation (FGM). Travelling through remote villages in Africa, this film presents a look at a revolution taking the African continent by storm.
Africa, I Will Fleece YouVHS25488 min.As democratic movements break out around the world, a generation of young Africans fight to rid their countries of governments plagued by corruption, nepotism and economic devastation. This is an essay on the history of colonialism in Cameroon and the African continent. Past and present are intertwined in the study of the violent colonial past and unbearable autocratic present. The written word is seen as a tool for freedom, showing the publishing and media industries in Cameroon today. It also unveils the rich traditions of pre-colonial literature.
Africa: the SerengetiDVD70440 min.Filmed on location in Kenya and Tanzania, this video examines the vast migration of animals (including wildebeests, zebras and antelopes) in the annual 500-mile trek across the Serengeti plains. The film follows the migrating animals' predators and looks at the life and death experience of the journey.
African Christianity Rising Part 1: Part 2:2-DVD set.888150 min.What does Christianity's explosive growth in Africa mean for the church and for the world? This documentary explores these questions, filming personal stories in Ghana and Zimbabwe and returning years later to find out what has happened to the people and churches portrayed. Part 1: Stories from Ghana (77 min.) Part 2: Stories from Zimbabwe (73:30 min.)
African Market Women Series (compilation)DVD; NFB12171 min.This series documents the creative and innovative measures designed by women to get the credit they need, and profiles East African women who are becoming significant participants in their local economies. From the Shore is the story of how a small group of Muslim women in a Kenyan village broke with tradition, bought a boat, and now employ the men in a thriving fish business. Where Credit is Due introduces enterprising Kenyan market women who have been able to obtain loans through a special credit program introduced by Women's World Banking. Fair Trade introduces a fishmonger, a stone crusher, and other women who have thrown off a history of exclusion to venture into the marketplace.
African OdysseyVHS4858 min.The program, through an eleven year study conducted by the Owens, examines the conservation needs of the Kalihari Desert, Botswana. Their research findings strongly speak of the need for a conservation plan to ensure the area's living presence for future generations. They plot lion and hyena movements using animals tagged with radio transmitters.
African Women as Farmers – Example from ZambiaDVD; Manual available.9910 min.Filmed in Zambia, with script written by Zambian scholar Rita Mudena Mwampole, this video shows women's agricultural work being recognized and encouragement being given to cash crop and income generating projects. Problems are mentioned, but the overall presentation is positive.
Africa’s Child 2000DVD400d26 min.This is a story of five of Africa's children: their hopes and fears, their goals and achievements. As seen through their eyes, Africa is a stimulating environment in which to grow up.
Africa’s ChildrenDVD58358 min.This is the story of four girls from East Africa: an affluent 15 year old from Nairobi who enjoys the luxuries and opportunities of the west; a 16 year old Catholic who pays for her education working on the family farm on Mount Kenya; a 17 year old Muslim from a northern desert town where female circumcision is practiced and absolute deference to men is a daily part of her austere life; and a 15 year old Maasai girl who ran away to a charitable boarding school to escape an arranged marriage to an older man.
Africville: Can’t Stop NowDVD85144:43 min.Located on the northern shore of Bedford Basin, Africville was home to the many African-Canadian families who lived there for generations. In the 1960s, the city of Halifax expropriated Africville and residents were forced to leave their homes and businesses behind. Today, former residents of Africville are fighting for reparations and an official apology. This film presents a community that has survived despite having lost its home.
Afro@DigitalDVD74952 min.The video looks at the impact of various digital technologies in present-day African life. Cell phones have flooded the continent bypassing the unreliable and expensive land-based telephone networks. The film illustrates how new technology is affecting the areas of film, music, fashion, political democratization and education. This documentary presents African responding positively by developing their own presence and a new international, digital cultural ecology.
Aftermath: The Remnants of WarDVD; NFB.53174 min.Filmed on location in Russia, France, Bosnia and Vietnam, this documentary features accounts of those involved in the cleanup of war: de-miners, psychologists working with distraught soldiers, scientists and doctors struggling with the contamination of dioxin used in Vietnam.
Against All Odds: Women Partnering for Change in a Time of CrisisDVD14824:55 min.This video tells the story of women activists from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East who have developed and implemented strategies to overcome challenges such as war, extremism, fundamentalism, and restrictive legislation.  These women tell of strengthening women's movements by building alliances, sharing experience and expertise, and devising grassroots-based approaches to empowering women and girls.
AHIMSA: The Strength of Non-ViolenceDVD81965 min.This video tells story about the struggle for land and water of tribal people in India, the Adivasi. It gives insight into the fascinating power and strength of AHIMSA.
AIDS in AfricaDVD19852 min.This film presents an uncompromising but compassionate investigation of the subject of AIDS in Africa, and raises many of the important questions about the virus: How is AIDS spreading in Africa? What is being done to stop it? What role has economic development played in the spread of AIDS? What are the economic and cultural obstacles to stopping it?
AIDS in Ghana, Part 1VHS1312 hr.Amateur video, Nkronaza District, Ghana. Health Insurance Scheme with particular focus on AIDS.1991.
AIDS in Ghana, Part 2VHS13282 min.Amateur video, Nkronaza District, Ghana. Health Insurance Scheme with particular focus on AIDS.1991.
Aisa Kyon Hota Hai?DVD719120 min.This video explores two issues: one, you can lead a healthy life if you are HIV positive, and two, not all Muslims are terrorists. Set on a college campus, the film revolves around a single mother and her son, Raj. Raj has recently been diagnosed with HIV and is bothered by the thought that he is an illegitimate child. His desire is to achieve success and fame in his life so he gain legitimacy and make everyone respect his mother.
Alanis Obomsawin – The Collection: 270 Years of ResistanceDVD, NFB; Booklet available.3415 hrs., 12 min.A collection of four videos that tell the story of North America's First Peoples. The videos were inspired by the 1990 Oka Crisis, a conflict that strengthened Native resistance across North America. Includes Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance; My Name is Kahentiiosta; Spudwrench: Kahnawake Man; Rocks at Whiskey Trench. National Film Board (NFB).
Alaska GoldDVD86060 min.The Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska is home to the wild Sockeye salmon fishery. It's also home to rich mineral deposits such as copper, gold, and molybdenum. Two foreign mining companies are proposing to extract this mineral wealth through an open-pit mine, the 'Pebble Mine', at the headwaters of Bristol Bay. This video examines the battle between those who depend on the salmon fishery for a living, the mining companies, and the political framework that will decide the outcome.
Alex Sim, A Rural AdventureVHS22140 min.This is a biographical video about R. Alex Sim. Born in Saskatchewan in 1911, Sim grew up in rural Ontario. He was involved in the founding of the New Canada Movement in the 1930s, rural Folk Schools, and the National Farm Radio Forum. He has worked with the Rural Learning Association to foster a regeneration of rural community.
All About DarfurDVD77282 min.Sudanese filmmaker Taghreed Elsanhouri returns to her homeland to discover why her country has become the scene of the worst ethnic cleansing in recent history. On her journey to Darfur, Elsanhouri discovers that race may be too crude a concept to understand Sudan's ethnic conflict. This film presents Sudan's crisis as more than Blacks against Arabs, showing how racial lines have become the boundaries between groups battling for scarce economic resources.
All We Expect: Nutrition: A Basic Human RightDVD55925 min.More than 2 billion people globally suffer from micronutrient malnutrition (deficiencies of iron, iodine and vitamin A, etc.). For social and biological reasons, women and girls are especially vulnerable. Reducing micronutrient malnutrition can have a profound effect on women's health, child survival, educational attainment, worker productivity and development. Some examples of the solutions that are being used are given.
Allah Tantou (God’s Will)VHS; French with English subtitles.275 (Storage)62 min.This film confronts the immense personal and political costs of the continent's human rights abuses. Using films, letters, newsreels and dramatization, the film reconstructs the life of Marof Achkar, which closely parallels the rise and fall of Africa's own hopes for independence. Achkar was Guinea's UN ambassador, an articulate international spokesman who was imprisoned and executed in 1971.
Alliance for SurvivalVHS4330 min.This video outlines the recent activities of the Red Cross in Ethiopia, particularly in combatting the disastrous effects of p.o.w.s to providing emergency relief in drought refugee camps.
Amazon WatchDVD75829 min.Three short videos concerning pollution in the Amazon. 1. ChevronTexaco: On trial in Ecuador: This video documents the cancer and death from pollution and oil spills and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest area in Ecuador by Chevron Texaco. 2. Burlington resources in Ecuador: This video documents the attempts of Burlington Resources from Houston, Texas, trying to drill in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, the destruction of resources in the attempt, and the resistence of the native tribes. 3. Peru's Camisea project: Risky business: This video documents the resistance of the indigenous natives to the destruction caused by oil production in the biodiverse rainforest area of Camisea, lower Urubamba River in Peru.
American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee BoggsDVD86984 min.Grace Lee Boggs, 98, is a Chinese American philosopher, writer, and activist in Detroit with a vision of what an American revolution can be. Rooted for decades in the labor, civil rights and Black Power movements, she challenges a new generation to think creatively and redefine revolution for our times.
Amra Dujon (Together)VHS20030 min.This story dramatizes the lives of a young Bengali couple who contemplate the benefits of family planning and who realize they must make decisions and build their lives together.
An Evergreen IslandDVD11144:26 min.In 1972 an Australian mining company began commercial production from a copper-ore deposit on the South Pacific island of Bougainville.  After 17 years of protest, the people of Bougainville forced the mine to close. To pressure the people into reopening the mine, Bougainville was blockaded by Papua New Guinea. The unsuccessful nine-year blockade kept away food, medical supplies, fuel and humanitarian assistance from the island.  This video shows how Bougainvilleans used alternatives to survive without these essentials and rebuild their communities.
An Inconvenient Truth: A Global WarningDVD72196 min.Former Vice President Al Gore presents a compelling view of the future of our planet and civilization in this documentary video. Global warming is a real and present danger and Gore argues that we must act now to save the earth. He suggests that every person can make life-style changes and become part of the solution.
Ancient Futures: Learning from LadakhDVD39255 min.The Himalayan region of Ladakh in northern India is presented as culture that has adapted well to the region by placing emphasis on the preservation of the environment, sustainable agriculture, and cooperation in community projects. However, the growing pressures of "western-style" modernization and development is placing heavy social and environmental pressures on this society. The values of western development are criticized harshly.
Annapurna Mahila MandalVHS; Manual available.10012 min.This video, produced by an Indian journalist, treats ways in which a successful Bombay women's co-operative works for its members. It provides an excellent example of ordinary women working to empower the lives of their families.
Another World is PossibleDVD66524 min.In 2002, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, public officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations, indigenous nations, farmers, and labor gathered for the World Social Forum. This video presents a sampling of the issues and events at this gathering. Amongst the speakers featured are Naomi Klein, Vandana Shiva, Kevin Danaher, Wolfgang Sachs, and Rigoberta Menchu.
AntigonishDVD48220:45 min.The Coady International Institute is located at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. This facility provides the opportunity for students to study the cooperative movement and to learn skills they can take back to their own countries.
Antigonish Town and CountyVHS; Produced by the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce39737 min.Video presentation of Antigonish and environs.
Anti-Liquor Movement in Pannimala: A Case StudyVHS; Spoken in Malayalam.69137:30 min.Pannimala used to be a notorious centre for liquor brewing and terrorism. During the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s, almost three-fourths of the total population in Pannimala was involved in the anti-social activity. The crime rate rose dramatically. Having no alternative, the poor villagers, mostly women, united to eliminate illicit-brewing. They organised rallies, conducted awareness-building campaigns, led police-station marches and conducted joint raids with the help of police for liberation of the area. Video was donated by former Coady graduate, Kumari J. Geetha.
APA in ActionVHS6835:45 min.The video presents the APA (Appreciative Planning and Action) organization located in Nepal. Its goal is to promote community development and create sustainability within the community. The organization helps a community to recognize its attributes and band together to enhance them. APA aids a community in building organization and developing goals for the future.
Appreciative Inquiry: A BeginningDVD; Companion book, The Positive Path, 307.14 As35p.53635 min.This film documents the experience of development workers and community members with appreciative inquiry, an innovative approach to bring about lasting change. Appreciative inquiry empowers local people by helping them build a vision for a better future based on their community's strengths. Then, by drawing on these strengths, the community charts a path to turn their vision to reality.
Approach of Dawn: Portraits of Maya Women Forging Peace in GuatemalaVHS46052 min.The story of Maya women and their role in human rights is portrayed in this film. Most of the 150,000 victims of Guatemala's 36-year-long civil war are Maya. This film follows three women whose lives were shattered by the war and the work they carry out to protect their culture and promote human rights.
Arctic DefendersDVD86490 min.Beginning in 1968, a radical Inuit movement changed the political landscape forever. It led to the largest land claim in western civilization and the creation of the territory of Nunavut. The story reveals CaNada's attempt at sovereignty in the north and finds hope and inspiration from the determined Inuit.
Argentina: Hope in Hard TimesDVD65175 min.This film recounts the events surrounding the economic collapse in Argentina, the popular protests that arose, and the activism that helped to rebuild the country. These are their stories of a failed economy and distrusted politicians, of heartache and hard times, of a resurgence of grass roots democracy and an irrepressible spirit of community.
Arming the Heavens: the Push for Weapons in SpaceDVD; Includes manual.65027 min.In a rush to seize "the new high ground", the United States is moving forward on plans to place weapons in space. This represents a significant break from the long-standing international policy of restrain toward arming the heavens. This film explores the range of visions from those who seek to preserve space as a "weapons free zone" to those who would make the U.S. military commander-in-chief of the cosmos.
Arms For The PoorVHS46125 min.Revealing the murky world of the US weapons-export business, this video builds a dramatic case against the military industrial complex. While the poor need housing, education and health care, the US supports an immense military budget.
As Long as the Rivers Flow: The Learning PathDVD; NFB.334a59:13 min.In response to years of racism and ridicule against native cultures and traditions in the school system, native educators are now building their own system of formal education to help preserve their language, culture and pride in their native identity. National Film Board (NFB).
As Long as the Rivers Flow: Time ImmemorialDVD; NFB.334b59:10 min.Series of films examining the native struggle for self-determination. This episode takes us to the Nass River valley of the Nisga'a in British Columbia. Archival material recounts the decades of struggle leading to the land claims negotiations with the provincial government. National Film Board (NFB).
Asset Based Community Driven Development (ABCD)DVD72910 min.Oxfam Canada and the Coady International Institute introduce the ABCD approach to community development. This approach assesses a community's assets and explores the potential for development.
Asset Based Community Driven Development (ABCD) in EthiopiaDVD72820:40 min.Oxfam Canada and the Coady International Institute have introduced a different approach to development - Asset Based Community Driven Development. As opposed to a needs-based approach, this approach outlines the assets of various Ethiopian communities and how these assets can be used to further development within the community.
At the Table: Youth Voices in Decision Making: Part 1 & Part 2DVD; Includes a Discussion Guide.60215 min.This video addresses issues of logistics, environment, and equality. There are many reasons for having young people at the table where decisions are made. One of the most important is the knowledge that young people bring including important contributions and resources. The process of decision making and the decisions themselves are enriched with young people and adults act together.
Banana SplitDVD83347 min.This video contains interviews with people who buy, sell, study and produce bananas. Viewers learn about the problems of marketing and distribution, the effects of disease and natural disasters, and the role played by international development.
Banking on Life & DebtDVD32130 min.Critics have called the policies of the World Bank & IMF "a war on the poor". This film examines the situation people face in Ghana, Brazil and the Philippines where such policies have been implemented to achieve "financial stability." The history of these policies is charted.
BarakaDVD74196 min.This video was photographed in several countries including Tanzania, China, Brazil, Japan and Nepal together with locations in the United States and Europe. In capturing the planet's glories and violent calamities, this film tells the story of a man's diversity and his impact on the world.
Barlow PresentationVHS294This is a taping of the lecture presented by Maude Barlow during her visit to St.FX, February, 1995. Issues covered include: critique of current economic policies of the Canadian government, implications of the cutbacks to social programmes.
Basti Sevika: An NGO Experience / Participatory ManagementVHS475 (Storage)36 min.Two films produced by IGNOU.
BCA & Community FinanceDVD213f13 min.Finance continues to be a major stumbling block of community economic development projects. As government withdraws financial support for development, and banks refuse to invest in areas of high unemployment, there is only one answer: communities must develop their own sources of finance. BCA is a community venture finance company is one example of a new wave of community finance experiments.
Because Our Cause is JustDVD81836 min.This documentary examines the struggle of women in countries experiencing the so-called 'Arab Spring'. Through interviews with women human rights defenders from the Middle East and beyond, this film reveals how women are continuing to fight for the right to be part of their countries' evolving political systems. By examining the consequences of inequality, the film underscores the connection between the fate of democracy in the Middle East-North African region and the future of global security in the post-9/11 era.
Before Columbus: ConversionDVD; NFB.24351 min.Three-part series describing the Indian experience in the Americas during the past 500 years. This video describes the introduction of European religious beliefs as an integral part of the conquest of Native territories. Churches were built on the ruins of temples, sacred relics were plundered, and Indian children were forced to attend residential schools. This film recounts the tragic history but also shows that Indian spirituality was not destroyed. National Film Board (NFB).
Before Columbus: InvasionDVD; NFB.24252 min.Three-part series describing the Indian experience in the Americas during the past 500 years. This video tells the real story of Columbus's "discovery" of the Americas, which began the process of land seizures and attacks against Native people that continues to the present, including the flooding of Cree lands, destruction of the Florida Everglades of the Seminole, and the clearing of the Amazon rainforest of the Panara in Brazil. National Film Board (NFB).
Before Columbus: RebellionDVD; NFB.24451 min.Three-part series describing the Indian experience in the Americas during the past 500 years. This video describes the ongoing war against the Indians, including the extermination of indigenous groups throughout the Americas. But people as diverse as the Kuna of the Caribbean coast of Panama, the Ika of Columbia, the Sioux of the Black Hills of Dakota and the Mohawk of Quebec continue to fight for their land, their rights, and their culture. National Film Board (NFB).
Beyond Credit: a subsector approach to promoting women’s enterprisesDVD; Accompanies the book Beyond Credit, 338.642082 C42b.39530 min.While a growing number of micro-credit programs have assisted low-income women, only a few have systematically addressed the non-credit constraints faced by women workers. This film presents two case studies: Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) and the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) in India.
Beyond ElectionsDVD814104 min.From Venezuela's communal councils, to Brazil's participatory budgeting, from constitutional assemblies to grassroots movements, recuperated factories to cooperatives across the hemisphere. This documentary is a journey which takes us across the Americas, to attempt to answer one of the most important questions of our time: What is Democracy?
Beyond Our DifferencesDVD6772 min.This video examines spirituality through a variety of experiences and viewpoints.  It explores past and present religious-inspired movements that have resulted in positive change and documents the work of leaders such as Gandhi, Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.
Beyond the PunchlineDVD26330 min.This is a play about domestic violence, based on the shared experiences of survivors of abusive relationships. Its aim is to help dispel some myths about family violence by raising awareness and acting as a catalyst for discussion. Produced by the Popular Theatre Alliance of Manitoba.
Bhopal: The Search for JusticeDVD; NFB.64052 min.On December 2, 1984, the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, leadked poisonous methyl isocyanate gas, killing at least 15,000 people and permanently injuring hundreds of thousands more. Twenty years later, amid charges of corruption, graft and suppression of research results, the victims are still not adequately compensated and cared for. Journalist Raajkumar Keswani, who foresaw the disaster, documents the legacy and introduces us to leading scientists, doctors and activists in his search for justice.
BhuttoDVD596111 min.A daughter of the family often called the "Kennedys of Pakistan", Benazir Bhutto was elected Prime Minister after her father was overthrown and executed by his own military. She fought for the rights of women, and tried to reduce religious extremism, while battling accusations of corruption. This video contains archival footage, audio of Benazir and interviews with family, foes and leading experts.
Big Fish, Small FryDVD73324 min.This video describes the development of the fisheries at Lake Victoria since 1980. The local fishery has become integrated into the global market and the result has had dramatic consequences for the local population. This case study raises questions such as: What happens when wealthy investors compete for a natural resource which has been exploited and managed by the local population? Who are the winners and losers in the competition for limited fish resources? What role does the international community play in the development and globalisation of fisheries throughout the world? This video asks these questions and places the fisheries at Lake Victoria in a global context.
Bitter-Sweet Harvest: Afghanistan’s New WarCDCDR-101This interactive CD, produced by Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), contains a short documentary and publications about illicit opium production in Afghanistan.
Black GoldDVD72687 min.Though coffee is one of the most valuable trading commodities in the world, the price paid to coffee farmers is so low that many are forced to abandon their coffee fields. In Ethiopia, Tadesse Meskela is trying to save coffee farmers from bankruptcy. As his farmers struggle to harvest coffee beans, Tadesse travels the world in an attempt to find buyers willing to pay a fair price. During his quest for a long term solution, Tadesse encounters the enormous power of the multinational players that dominate the world's coffee trade.
Black Immigrants (Heritage)VHS2060 min.Interview with Frank Boyd (scholar, writer, historian), near the site of an early Black settlement on the outskirts of Dartmouth. Reference is made to a building called Maroun Hall which symbolizes one brief chapter of Blacks in Nova Scotia. He goes on to give the story of the Marouns (1640) of Western Ghana.
Black Mother, Black DaughterDVD; NFB8229 min.Young Nova Scotian women reflect on the hardships encountered by their ancestors.  They discuss the interdependence fostered between the family, church and community.
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta: The Making of a SaintDVD137108 min.This documentary features a rare interview with Mother Teresa, testimonials, and footage of her work in Calcutta. There is commentary from Church officials in India and the Vatican along with access to Teresa's home for the dying and orphanage.
Blue Gold: World Water WarsDVD60189 min.Wars of the future will be fought over water, not oil, as the source of all life enters the global political arena. Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments all vie for control of our fresh water supply.
Born Into BrothelsDVD74383 min.This film portrays several children who live in Calcutta's red light district, where their mothers work as prostitutes.  The children's fascination with a camera leads them to record the world through their own eyes and to realize their own talents and sense of worth. Filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski illustrate how art and education can empower children to transform their lives.
Boys, Toys and the Big Blue MarbleDVD; NFB.78952 min.Abused and exploited children from around the world share their life experiences. They describe their hardships as well as their hope and dreams. This documentary, told from the boys' viewpoint, examines childhoods destroyed by slavery, criminality, war, sexual exploitation and human stupidity. National Film Board (NFB).
Breaking the BankDVD48574 min.After the Seattle victory that stopped the World Trade Organization in its tracks, thousands converged on Washington D.C. to challenge the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank at their meeting in April 2000. This film features two half-hour television segments plus additional segments produced after broadcast.
Breaking the Silence: Stories from AIDS Activists in Southern AfricaDVD42856 min.Through African women's eyes and words, we journey to the frontlines of the AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa and witness the daily struggles and successes of AIDS activists as they work together.
Bringing Down an DictatorDVD73456 min.In the year 2000, war criminal Slobodan Milosevic fought to hold power in the country of Yugoslavia. The student movement Otpor! attacked his regime with a sense of courage and audacity that inspired others to join the fight. This movement undermined police and army loyalty to Milosevic and forced him to call early elections. When Milosevic refused to accept his defeat at the polls, the people responded with a general strike. Serbs descended on the capital to seize the parliament in a triumph for democracy. Milosevic was arrested and made to stand trial for crimes against humanity in 2001.
Broken Promises: the High Arctic RelocationDVD; NFB.33252:30 min.In 1953, the Canadian government relocated seven Inuit families from Northern Quebec to the High Arctic. They were promised an abundance of game and fish and were assured that they could return home in 2 years if things didn't work out. In reality, they faced hunger, extreme cold, illness, alcoholism and poverty, and would remain there for thirty years. Evidence points to the government's wish to strengthen Canada's sovereignty in the Arctic as playing a part in the decision to relocate. National Film Board (NFB).
Buddhism and Black BeltsDVD31729 min.The martial arts of Japan have been strongly influenced by the meditation practices of Zen Buddhism. Though Japan is not a very religious country, the ancient Buddhist traditions still influence society. This video, filmed in Japan, looks at the connection between Buddhism and day-to-day activities and the value of meditation for our own lives.
Building a Culture of DialogueCDCDR-10313:56 min.CEOSS's Forum for Intercultural Dialogue creates a culture of dialogue, pluralism and acceptance and engages groups in discussion of controversial topics both in Egyptian society and globally.  It has produced this short documentary about the nature and importance of its work.
Bully DanceDVD; NFB ShowPeace series.54310:20 min.This film uses animated characters and dance music to portray the process of bullying. Like the dance beat pulsating through the film, the bully's intimidation of a smaller victim is unrelenting; no one stops the dance until serious harm is inflicted. While the film offers no simple solutions, it does compel viewers to take stock of their actions and find ways to end peer abuse. This film is part of the Show Peace series of animated films without words designed as tools for conflict resolution. National Film Board (NFB).
Burning Rivers: Guatemala’s Environmental and Social CrisisDVD; Includes manual.20828 min.Guatemala's rainforest is the largest remaining in Central America but its future is in danger. This educational documentary explores the links between poverty, human rights abuses and the state of the environment.
Business of HungerVHS4128 min.Multinational corporations involved in agribusiness now grow more food in Asia, Africa, and South America than ever before. Most of it is exported and more people are hungry than ever before, as a result. Single crops, such as peanuts, deplete the soil. Local farmers do not earn enough to purchase fertilizers, so the capacity of the land to sustain its people declines. The social and economic consequences are explored in this program.
Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product CertificationDVD1457 min.This video explores ways of making trade fair through product certification and labeling. The film looks at timber and coffee to find out how certification works and whether it helps the world's poor and its lands. The documentary takes viewers to Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, the USA and Canada to explore new ways of making globalization work for everyone.
By Any Means NecessaryDVD38660 min.This documentary presents Adelard Blackman of the Buffalo River Dene Nation, Saskatchewan. The video's theme is Treaty No. 10, issued in 1906 by the English Crown and representatives of the Native-Canadians. This agreement allowed the native people the right to hunt, fish and trap on their inhabited land. Following the arrest of traditional hunters hunting close to a military base along with the clear cut logging and extraction of oil and gas by large corporations, the native people believe the Canadian Government is ignoring Treaty No. 10. At present, the Buffalo River Dene Nation is preparing a lawsuit against the Canadian Government that they will present to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
By Their Own HandsDVD77822 min.Situated in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, the rural community of St. Andrews is known for its wealth of volunteers and ambitious community initiatives. By pooling resources, ideas, and talents, St. Andrews has been able to build a variety of new infrastructure and community services. This video explores some of the reasons why this has been possible.
Calmeadow (CTV News)VHS493 (Storage)3:20 min.CTV news clip that features Calmeadow and its goals.
Calmeadow: Investing with PeopleVHS492 (Storage)21:44 min.The Calmeadow organization holds a public breakfast with Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the founder and managing director of the Grameen Bank, Bangladesh.
Canadian Cooperative Association – Of Dignity and Self-RelianceDVD3113 min.This is the story of partnership, particularly for growth and development between cooperators in Canada and the developing world through the International Development Program of the Canadian Cooperative Association.
Canadians Beyond Our BordersVHS22923 min.
Canso, Nova Scotia: A Seaside PortraitVHS304 (Storage)11 min.This tourism video produced by the Town of Canso presents a brief overview of the history and features of this region.
CapitalismVHS046 (Storage)25 min."Capitalism" explores the origins of this economic system, its relationship to the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, and its further development in the United States. We meet Adam Smith, the Scottish philosopher. The nature of capitalist enterprise today is discussed. The standard of living and the process of innovation in a capitalist economy are also examined.
Capturing Reality: The Art of DocumentaryDVD43897 min.Documentary challenges perceptions and inspires critical reflection on our world.  Directors, including Errol Morris, Nick Broomfield and Werner Herzog, reflect on their craft.  With insight and clips from essential works, this video is a lively view of contemporary cinema unlike any other.
Caribbean Fishing Co-OperativeDVD35237 min.This is the story of the Northern Fishermen Society Limited, which was formed in 1960 and is one of the most succesful fishing cooperatives in all of the Carribbean.
Caribou and People: A Shared Future2-DVD set350This DVD set contains a teacher's disc and a student's disc. The teacher's disc contains a guide including background information, lesson plans, activities, student hand-outs, assignments and answer keys, and multimedia.  The student's DVD contains most of the same material except the answer keys.  This set was written for high-school students learning about environmental science, wildlife management and social studies courses.
Casablanca CallingDVD85670 min.A social revolution is under way in Morocco. For the first time, Moroccan women are trained and employed as official Muslim leaders or morchidat. Charged with teaching an Islam based on tolerance, compassion and equity, they provide support and guidance to communities, especially to girls and women. The film follows three morchidat on rounds to schools and other sites to provide advice on marriage and employment; champion education for girls and women; caution against early marriage, and help resolve personal problems. This documentary demonstrates how women's empowerment through moderate Islam is transforming a nation.
CBQMDVD32266:36 min.To its listeners across the Mackenzie Delta, CBQM is more than a simple radio station. Citizen-run CBQM has been serving the Teetl'it Gwich'in community of Fort McPherson for almost three decades. The video celebrates the vital role of storytelling and music within this culture, while detailing a portrait of life in a northern town.
CCDB Community Development Program, BangladeshDVD23320 min.Gives a description of issues that will arrise during a community development program. This program was sponsored by People's Participatory Plan (P.P.P.)
Cease! Fire!DVD; Part of a compilation from Kaw Lah Films.74049 min.Talks between the Karen National Union (KNU) and State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) give hope for peace across Karen State, Burma. But what lies behind this promise of peace for the Karen?
Cecil’s JourneyVHS; NFB.54754 min.This film tells the story of Rohan Fernando, who immigrated to Canada from Sri Lanka when he was 5. Now 26, he returns to Sri Lanka on a nine-week trip to take photographs, the basis for future artistic work. Instead, he finds an intricate web of family relations binding him to caste, family and country, raising deep-seated questions about his own identity and self-image. National Film Board (NFB).
Chako, “To Become”: Coming of AgeDVD56220 min.Chee Mamuk, Aboriginal Program, BCCDC, brought six youth from different Nations together for a month of coming of age training. The youth made drums, regalia, and worked on a wall size carving together. Guest speakers came to share traditional teachings around balanced living, respect, coming of age...and also talked about risks of todays drugs, alchol, HIV, Hepatitis and STDs.
Challenge for ChangeVHS; NFB.9424 min.The 'Challenge for Change' program presents the belief that film and video are useful tools for initiating social change and eliminating poverty. National Film Board (NFB).
Challenges IIVHS4324 min.This program documents the role of the Canada World Youth Organization in providing travel exchange programs. In the program, we see several groups of Canadians who spend time in countries such as Togo or Sri Lanka, living and working with people their own age. In return, the students then visit and work in a community in Canada. Students from both countries discuss their feelings about their experiences and their attitudes about international cooperation.
Challenges In Arid LandsDVD59412:50 min.Techniques used by U.S.C. Canada for dealing with dessertification in Douentza region, Mali.
Charles Forest, Cure FondateurVHS; NFB. In French.45830 min.1959 NFB film about Fr. Charles Forest of Larry's River and his work in the Antigonish Movement. National Film Board (NFB).
Charting a New CourseVHS; Manual available.11921 min.This film provides an introduction to community economic development in Cape Breton. The activities of four community-based organisations illustrate an alternative to reliance upon government or conventional market forces to revitalize a depressed local economy. Both the successes and the struggles of the organisations are presented.
Chetanalaya: Caring People & PlanetDVD40229:20 min.This video provides a look at Chetanalaya, a non-profit organization based in Delhi and Haryana, India. The organization reaches over one million people through its programs including child rights, environment, youth development, women empowerment, community development, and community-based health and rehabilitation.
CheticampDVD; Includes manual.213c20 min.People in the Acadian town of Cheticamp in Cape Breton, realizing that their power was limited as a small minority group, worked together diligently for survival. Economic cooperation and a keen awareness of cultural identity became the underpinnings of the Cheticamp cooperative complex. Solidarity, leadership and an intense appreciation for their culture have made Cheticamp a model of community economic development.
Children of Soong Ching LingVHS4329 min.This Canadian documentary is about UNICEF's efforts to improve child survival and preventative medicine in the Republic of China, featuring young children with whom students can easily identify. The film also discusses the pros and cons of single-child families, in the Chinese context.
Chile: Obstinate MemoryVHS; NFB.41852 min.Filmmaker Patricio Guzman returns to Chile after a decade in exile, to show Chileans the films he made about the Allende years that were banned by the Pinochet regime. Guzman's friends gather to watch the films, recognizing themselves in the footage, along with the youthful faces of the many "disappeared". Young people react with shock as they confront their country's painful history for the first time. National Film Board (NFB).
China from the InsideDVD8064 hrs.China is quickly becoming a world power yet much of the country and its people remain a mystery to those outside its borders. This video explores various areas of China including Tibetan temples, Communist Party meetings, a village election, court rooms, newspaper offices, a women's labor camp and a country wedding. Viewers will discover China as a country undergoing extreme growth while facing massive obstacles.
Circle of Friends: CoadyDVD48327 min.This video presents a variety of cooperatives that have been developed as a result of Moses Coady's influence and the Antigonish Movement. It discusses the benefits and advantages of cooperatives and what each cooperative has tried to accomplish.
Citizen KingVHS615 (Storage)120 min.In exploring the last few years of his life, this PBS documentary traces Martin Luther King's efforts to embrace causes beyond the civil rights movement, by becoming a champion of the poor and an outspoken opponent of the war in Vietnam.
City Life Series, Part 13: Patently ObviousDVD66127 min.Protection of intellectual property is the lifeblood of today's knowledge economy. But while the benefits to the pharmaceutical or telecommunications giants are plain, what relevance do World Trade Organization regulations have for developing countries? In the Indian state of Gujarat, Professor Anil Gupta travels from village to village seeking out grassroots inventors and helping them document their work and protect it with patents. Particular focus is given to village healers. Gupta's work helps these traditional knowledge keepers earn more money as well as respect and interest from the next generation.
City Life Series, Part 20: Lines in the DustDVD66327 min.In a village in northern Ghana, a group of men and women discuss their daily chores with the help of a chart they've drawn in the dust. In the Eastern Ghats of India, villagers use theater and mathematics to discuss growing cotton. What these two villages have in common is "Reflect", a program aiming to reach the 900 million illiterate adults across the world. Reflect uses participants' own knowledge and experience as starting points for learning, and instead of importing textbooks from the outside, participants create their own learning materials.
City Life Series, Part 3: The Health ProtestorsDVD65927 min.In 1978, the World Health Organization promised to deliver basic health care for the world's population. Today, in many developing countries, health care is enjoyed only the by wealthy. Doctors, health professionals, and civil rights activists met in Dhaka in December 2000 at the People's Health Assembly to draw up demands for health care in a new People's Health Charter. This program follows the process to the final publication of the charter on the last day of the Assembly.
City Life Series, Part 8: My Mother Built This HouseDVD1727 min.There are four million homeless people in South Africa who live in slums or squatter settlements. Government programs are building houses for these people, but it's a slow process. One group that is making a difference is the South African Homeless People's Federation. The members, most of whom are women, save money to add to their government grants, allowing them to build larger houses. The group is helping women and their families realize their dream of living in real homes of their own.
Coady International InstituteDVD48213:20 min.General overview of the work of the Coady Institute.
Coady International Institute: Corporate VideoDVD4826:45 min.General overview of the work of the Coady Institute. It features commentary from St. Francis Xavier University President, Dr. Sean Riley and University Vice President and Director of the Coady International Institute, Mary Coyle.
Coady International Institute: Radio Canada news featureDVD4822:30 min.A profile shown on CBC's French language network in July, 1998. It features interviews with Coady participants Nancy Kireu, I'Tedal Al Khateeb and Mohammad Guthigar.
COEP: Mobilizing OrganizationsDVD; In Portuguese with English subtitles.55511:20 min.This film presents COEP, the Committee of Entities Struggling Against Hunger and For Life. This organization grew out of people's movement in Brazil in the 1990's, against poverty and hunger. COEP is a national network of private and public affiliates which works against hunger and to promote citizenship and participation.
Coffee Comes Alive: How Can Your Purchases Make a Difference?DVD73624 min.This documentary, set in the mountains of southern Mexico, examines the lives of coffee producers and how a consumer's coffee choices can make a difference. This film contrasts the practices of conventional versus fair trade coffee production. It explores the success of one Mexican Fair Trade Coffee Co-op (UCIRI) and the potential of others, illustrating how fair trade purchasing can empower and improve the lives of third world producers living in poverty.
Coffee With a Taste of FairnessVHS43021 min.Produced by Oxfam Quebec. Film describes fair trade coffee and the Just Us! Coffee Co-op.
Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy3-VHS set; Companion book "The Commanding Heights", 337 Y44c.6146 hr.This PBS documentary series tells the inside story of our new global economy and what it means for individuals around the world. Filmed on five continents, the powerful narrative combines film footage with stories and interviews with world leaders and thinkers. Based on the book The Commanding Heights by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw.
Common GroundVHS4121 min.This video explains the effects of agribusiness on the traditional farming way of life in the Maritimes, as well as in Africa and Central America. The program offers cooperation and self-reliance in agriculture as a viable substitute for the agribusiness model.
Common Grounds: Giving Coffee A New FlavourDVD43352 min.This video concentrates on the Mexican people and their main sources of income - coffee. It explores the poor living conditions that these people endure because of the small income that they receive from their hard work. The video also examines a small cooperative in Nova Scotia, named Just Us, who is willing to pay the Mexicans a fair rate for the coffee.
CommunismVHS046 (Storage)7 min.This program examines the theories, goals, history and practice of Communism. Communism, a response to the deplorable conditions in which most labourers lived and worked during the first two decades of the Industrial Revolution, is based on the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
Community Based Rehabilitation in Solomon IslandsDVD29530:20 min.
Community Based Worker Systems 2006DVD2719 min.The Africa Institute for Community-Driven Development (Khanya-aicdd) practices community-based management (CBM). CBM is about communities being involved and active in managing their own development. The intention of Khanya-aicdd's CBM practice is to encourage community members to participate in their own development, acquiring the skills and resources to assess their well-being and then to develop actions that change their environment to improve their livelihoods. This video takes a look at Community-Based Worker Systems being implemented in South Africa, Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda.
Community Forestry: the Language of LifeDVD43122 min.The First Regional Community Forestry User Group Workshop, 22-27 May 1995, organised by ICIMOD.
Community Organization – The “How To” Videos: Accessing the MediaDVD; Discussion Guide included.51112 min.This video attempts to train your group how to focus a message, pitch a story or event, follow up on press releases, and deal with journalists on site to maximize the coverage you receive. The video uses actual examples of how church and community groups successfully approach the media and the resulting coverage they receive. Top reporters and newsroom editors give tips on what they are looking for and the constraints under which they operate. Discussion Guide included.
Community Organization – The “How To” Videos: Recruiting New MembersDVD; Discussion Guide included.51112 min.This video attempts to teach groups the basic techniques of intentionally identifying, contacting, interviewing, developing relationships and recruiting new members. The video shows how and why people join organizations and the most effective approach to recruiting members.
Community Organization – The “How To” Videos: Running Good MeetingsDVD; Discussion Guide included.51112 min.This video attempts to teach your group the basic elements of running good meetings, including pre-planning, starting and ending on time, developing and sticking to agendas, and dealing with naysayers.
Community Organization – The “How To” Videos: Taking Action… Making ChangeDVD; Discussion Guide included.51116 min.This video shows how community organizing is an integral part of the democratic process. It ties current community organizing with great organizing efforts of the past, and emphasizes that organizing is a viable occupation and career. This video describes community organizing as seen through the eyes of four young organizers.
Condoms, Fish, and Circus TricksDVD78048 min.Shot in Malawi, South Africa and Zambia, this video on HIV/AIDS takes a look at the people who are dying, those who are caring for them, and why this disease has had such a devastating impact on African society. The surge in AIDS patients has led to young people talking about sex and challenging traditional concepts of sexuality. Through performances in a street circus young people are spreading the message of AIDS prevention.
Conservations on Lifelong Learning: B. Allen QuigleyDVD82954:28 min.An in-depth conversation with leaders in the field of adult and continuing education. Through these conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.
Conservations on Lifelong Learning: Budd HallDVD83043:29 min.An in-depth conversation with leaders in the field of adult and continuing education. Through these conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.
Constitute!DVD33933:11 min.This video profiles the history of women's activism in constitution-making. The Ad Hoc Committee of Women and the Constitution changed Canadian history on February 14, 1981. Interviews, speeches, songs and images of that day in the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa are shown. The film looks at citizen engagement in democracy in Canada, Afghanistan, Rwanda and South Africa.
Constructing Reality: Shaping RealityVHS; NFB.266 (Storage)71 min.Series of six videos and manual. This series compiles excerpts of Canadian archival and contemporary documentary films for the purpose of studying the conventions, the techniques, the power and the social impact of this form of communication. Includes a resource book with film descriptions, background notes, interviews with filmmakers, technical notes and terminology. This video questions what are the critical choices to be made in the process of constructing and editing non-fiction films? This video concentrates on images, words, sound effects, music and silence--the tools that filmmakers use to create an experience for the audience. National Film Board (NFB).
Constructing Reality: The Candid Eye?VHS; NFB.268 (Storage)110 min.Series of six videos and manual. This series compiles excerpts of Canadian archival and contemporary documentary films for the purpose of studying the conventions, the techniques, the power and the social impact of this form of communication. Includes a resource book with film descriptions, background notes, interviews with filmmakers, technical notes and terminology.  This video's questions include: Does a documentary really reflect reality? What difference does the presence of the camera make for those who are under its scrutiny? Should the filmmaker be an uninvolved reporter or an engaged participant? What ethical issues are involved? National Film Board (NFB).
Constructing Reality: The Politics of TruthVHS; NFB.267 (Storage)73 min.Series of six videos and manual. This series compiles excerpts of Canadian archival and contemporary documentary films for the purpose of studying the conventions, the techniques, the power and the social impact of this form of communication. Includes a resource book with film descriptions, background notes, interviews with filmmakers, technical notes and terminology.  This video deals with conventions of authenticity, the creation of propaganda, the status of docudramas with their mix of fact and fiction and the biases involved in the construction of television news programs. They are particularly relevant issues in light of the growth of "reality-based" television offerings, docudramas, "infotainment", and the increasing proportion of people who receive their information and view of the world from broadcast news. National Film Board (NFB).
Constructing Reality: Voices of Experience, Voices for Change, Part 1VHS; NFB.269 (Storage)80 min.Series of six videos and manual. This series compiles excerpts of Canadian archival and contemporary documentary films for the purpose of studying the conventions, the techniques, the power and the social impact of this form of communication. Includes a resource book with film descriptions, background notes, interviews with filmmakers, technical notes and terminology.  This video explores whose stories get told in the media? Who tells them? What role has documentary filmmaking played in giving people a voice in their society? Presented here are voices from the margins who challenge mainstream portrayals of their situation. National Film Board (NFB).
Constructing Reality: Voices of Experience, Voices for Change, Part 2VHS; NFB.270 (Storage)80 min.Series of six videos and manual. This series compiles excerpts of Canadian archival and contemporary documentary films for the purpose of studying the conventions, the techniques, the power and the social impact of this form of communication. Includes a resource book with film descriptions, background notes, interviews with filmmakers, technical notes and terminology.  This video explores the poetry of motion: Must documentaries always be about serious social issues? Can they also be a source of sheer aesthetic pleasure? This video pays homage to the vitality and exuberance of life. National Film Board (NFB).
Constructing Reality: What is a Documentary? / Ways of StorytellingVHS; NFB.265 (Storage)111 min.Series of six videos and manual. This series compiles excerpts of Canadian archival and contemporary documentary films for the purpose of studying the conventions, the techniques, the power and the social impact of this form of communication. Includes a resource book with film descriptions, background notes, interviews with filmmakers, technical notes and terminology. This video is an overview of the topics represented in the series. Documentaries are mediated constructions, and not always a clear reflection of reality. This is followed by a discussion of how a film is developed from the initial idea, through the manipulation of sound and images, narration, and other choices that fashion stories in film and video. National Film Board (NFB).
Consuming Hunger: Part I – Getting the StoryDVD32929 min.Three part series. If the Vietnam conflict was a "television war" then the starvation in Ethiopia was a "television famine". Our thoughts and feelings about it and responses to it have been completely shaped by television images.  This video explores why it took so long for Western television to cover the famine.
Consuming Hunger: Part II – Shaping the ImageDVD33029 min.Three part series. If the Vietnam conflict was a "television war" then the starvation in Ethiopia was a "television famine". Our thoughts and feelings about it and responses to it have been completely shaped by television images.  This video shows how the media, particularly the programmes and promotions of World Vision and LiveAid, portray Africans as helpless, hopeless recipients of Western assistance.
Consuming Hunger: Part III- Selling the FeelingDVD33129 min.Three part series. If the Vietnam conflict was a "television war" then the starvation in Ethiopia was a "television famine". Our thoughts and feelings about it and responses to it have been completely shaped by television images.  This video reflects on the portrayal of the homeless and hungry in the United States.
Conversations on Lifelong Learning: Aimee HortonDVD84331:36 min.An in-depth conversation with leaders in the field of adult and continuing education. Through these conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.
Conversations on Lifelong Learning: Jack MezirowDVD84030:40 min.An in-depth conversation with leaders in the field of adult and continuing education. Through these conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.
Conversations on Lifelong Learning: Patricia CrantonDVD84140:13 min.An in-depth conversation with leaders in the field of adult and continuing education. Through these conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.
Conversations on Lifelong Learning: Stephen BrookfieldDVD83930:27 min.An in-depth conversation with leaders in the field of adult and continuing education. Through these conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.
Conversations on Lifelong Learning: Susan ImelDVD84242:30 min.An in-depth conversation with leaders in the field of adult and continuing education. Through these conversations, renowned adult educators share thoughts about their early professional lives, philosophies and theories, life work and views of the future.
Conversations with Women from the Third WorldVHS; Manual available.9619 min.Women from Nigeria, Kenya, and India speak about women's issues in their countries. The video ends with Indian women organizing to improve their lives.
Co-operative CommunityDVD514:30 min.Nova Scotia co-operatives.
Co-operatives at Work: Tignish and VicinityDVD17412 min.A wide variety of co-operatives services in Tignish, PEI, are briefly described. These include a co-operative fishery, store, feed mill, saw mill, blueberry fields, and credit union. Community services are provided co-operatively through a clinic, training centre and group home for mentally challenged people and a community centre that preserves the Acadian heritage in the community.
COOTRAM: Building CitizenshipDVD; In Portuguese with English subtitles.5556 min.This film tells the story of COOTRAM, or the Manguinhos Free-lancers Cooperative, which grew out of an initiative between FIOCRUZ, a government institution in Brazil, and residents of a nearby slum area. The cooperative provides services to FIOCRUZ, and jobs and income to the residents. The initiative is supported by COEP.
Counting Our Victories: popular education and organizingVHS384 (Storage)29 min.Two groups of women activists use a variety of popular education methods to raise questions and further their work. Women from Canada, Guatemala and Nicaragua discuss the value of popular education.
Courting JusticeDVD39171 min.This film profiles seven of South Africa's women judges who are working towards transforming South Africa from an apartheid to a human rights-based constitutional democracy. They speak about their experiences from the court room, their chambers, homes and communities in which they lived during apartheid. In telling their stories they show their commitment to the justice system and its own transformation.
Creating a Future that WorksVHS501 (Storage)38:50 min.How can we create new jobs that will generate the kind of growth needed for a prosperous society, preserve our social fabric and provide our young people with a promising future? What are the forces that are shaping the jobless recovery in the new economy? How can we create a more productive society in which we can all participate? What can individuals and communities do to make a difference? This video features a group of panelists that discuss these questions.
Credit for KikaikelakiVHS67630 min.This video documents the community development process in the remote, rural West Africa village of Kikaikelaki.
Credit Union National InitiativeVHS58817 min.The National Service Entity is a central issue concerning the future of Canadian credit unions. It's a way to expand credit unions and for them to function at a national level.
Credit Unions and You (Irish League of C.U.)VHS55Discusses the role of the credit union - how it works.
Crude Sacrifice: You Can’t Reclaim HumanityDVD29241:02 min.This video looks at how the community of Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta is affected by the exploitation of CaNada's Tar Sands and how the government is dealing with local concerns. The town is situated near the Earth's second largest freshwater delta and people can no longer drink the water or eat the fish and game from it.  This video examines the environmental and health issues surrounding the world's largest construction project.
Cry of the Forgotten LandVHS290 (Storage)26 min.New Guinea, the second largest island on earth, is home to a thousand distinct people and languages. Since annexation by Indonesia in 1963, it has been off limits to journalists. This film, made clandestinely, is about the Moi who are engaged in a desperate struggle to halt the destruction of their homeland by international logging companies. This film carries their message of protest to the outside world, and portrays the unique cultures, landscapes, and wildlife of the country.
Cuba: The Accidental Revolution (Part 1)DVD76546 min.This video examines Cuba's response to the food crisis created by the 1989 collapse of the Soviet Union. The collapse threw Cuba's economic system into crisis and left Cuba unable to feed its population. As a result, Cuba turned to organic farming and subsequently created a sustainable agriculture.
Cuba: The Accidental Revolution (Part 2)DVD76646 min.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba lost the foreign exchange needed to pay for drugs and medicines. As a result, much of Cuba's medicine today is based on medicinal plants made available to patients through a network of medical clinics.
Cultural Boundaries and Cyber SpacesVHS53230 min.This video is an innovative education and training tool for individuals or groups addressing women's advancement within specific cultural boundaries. Leading women in politics, law and education from the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere describe their unique experiences and perspectives on women's empowerment and leadership in their communities, and ways in which they use information and communication technologies to organize and educate.
Cultures of ResistanceDVD48873 min.Director Lara Lee has encountered growing numbers of people who committed their lives to promoting change. From Burma, where non-violent monks take on a dictatorship, to Brazil, where musicians transform guns into guitars, and places in between. This video celebrates the people standing up the exploitations and violence with artistic expression and creative activism.
Curitaba Toward The FutureVHS57916 min.Curitaba, Brazil is considered by many to be an international model of how to develop and sustain the ideal metropolis. With numerous urban projects relating to mass transportation, waste disposal, creation of employment and career training, ecologically conscious projects and health and education, Curitaba demonstrates how the individual's quality of life can be improved at a municipal level.
Dakshina KannadaVHS; PAL FORMAT.689110 min.This is a two-part video which explores the effects of industrialization on the small community of Dakshina Kannada, located on the west coast of India.
Daniel LengusurangaVHS414 (Storage)35 min.Presentation by Coady participant (DI91) on adult education in Kenya.
Darwin’s NightmareDVD735106 min.More than forty years ago, a species of fish was introduced into the waters of Tanzania's Lake Victoria resulting in the extinction of the native fish stock. Its ecological impact aside, the Nile Perch is in high demand in European restaurants. The film examines the export of fish to Europe on the same cargo planes responsible for the import of weapons and arms. It looks at the lives of the Tanzanian people who must survive on the carcasses of discarded fish left behind. The film looks at the negative effects resulting such as epidemics, civil wars, homelessness and drug addictions.
Daughters and Sons: Preventing Child Trafficking in the Golden TriangleDVD76825 min.This film examines the efforts of human rights activist, Sompop Jantraka, to combat child sex slavery. Jantraka has devoted his life to combatting trafficking at its source by convincing families that education is a better alternative to selling their children.
Dead in the WaterDVD74252 min.Currently, one in four people on earth don't have access to clean drinking water. Many governments lack either the resources or the will to provide this commodity to their citizens. Recently, a number of companies have focussed on this issue as a business opportunity. Often with the involvement of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), these companies have attempted to privatize what many consider a public trust. This video investigates the results of these efforts at privatization in several locations and outlines the consequences.
Dead Mums Don’t CryDVD1650 min.In many African countries, more than half a million women die during pregnancy or childbirth each year. The film follows Grace Kodindo, an obstetrician in the impoverished country of Chad. One in eleven women in Chad will die during pregnancy or childbirth. An investigation shows that a few poor countries have succeeded in reducing maternal mortality. One reason is that influential people cared enough to make the issue a priority.
Deadly Embrace: Nicaragua, The World Bank and the International Monetary FundVHS447 (Storage)30 min.This film combines footage of people's lives and their struggle to survive with a clear analysis of structural adjustment, the debt crisis, and free trade that applies to most Third World countries.
Democracy a la MaudeDVD; NFB.42061 min.Head of the Council of Canadians, social justice activist Maude Barlow has challenged the winner-take-all philosophy driving the global economy. This film shows Barlow as she battles for social programs and inspires Canadians to retake control over their communities and their nation. This is both a primer for social activism, and a political biography of Barlow's transformation from a stay-at-home mother to a feminist political activist.
Democracy in the Workplace: Three Worker Owned Businesses in ActionVHS459 (Storage)27 min.This film follows three worker-owned co-operatives and shows what it is like to work collectively, manage a business and deal with problems in a democratic way. The 3 co-ops are: a bakery/cheese shop, a grocery store, and a printing press.
Demythologizing Economics, Tape #1VHS476Introduction: From the origins of the Bretton Woods system through the onset of the debt crisis. Produced by the Center of Concern.
Development in the Islamic World and the Philosophy behind ItVHS5660 min.Dr. Jamal Badaur's presentation at Coady, August 21, 1989. He discusses his topic under 5 headings: 1) The role of the Muslim individual in development, 2) His relationship with others, 3) Culture, 4) The use of resources, 5) A holistic approach to development.
Dignity: African Women in CrisisDVD435a25 min.Situation of Liberian, Somali, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Mozambican refugees and Eritrean returnees. Produced by UNIFEM.
Dinner for TwoDVD; NTSC & PAL VHS; NFB ShowPeace series.5417 min.Peace in the rain forest is disrupted when two chameleons get stuck in a conflict. This film uses animated characters to tackle conflict in lively, humorous and provocative ways. It shows that amidst the chaos that differences create, there are still paths to reconciliation. This film is part of the Show Peace series of animated films without words, designed as flexible tools to explore conflict resolution. National Film Board (NFB).
Discoveries on the Farmers’ Track: A Day in the CountryDVD33840 min.A film about the Dutch agricultural knowledge and information system, focussing on the interactions between the people involved.
Discoveries on the Farmers’ Track: The System and the SoilDVD33850 min.A film about village life and family relations in Benin, that provides information about agriculture in that country.
Divali FestivalVHS4920 min.This program documents the celebration of the Divali festival, the Festival of Lights, by the Hindu Community of Nova Scotia, in their temple in Auld's Cove, N.S.
DNA and DollarsDVD; NFB.2547:30 min.This video goes behind the scenes in clinics and laboratories of Canadian genetic research and into the lives of patients who have donated their DNA in the hope of finding treatments or cures for diseases. In the midst of this hope, questions are raised as to the ownership and patenting of human genetic materials. National Film Board (NFB).
Doing it OurselvesVHS363 (Storage)21 min.This video accompanies a manual on train women to establish self-help groups for the promotion of their own health and well-being. The video shows the programmes developed by rural women in Southern Ontario.
DominoesDVD; NFB Show Peace series.54510:07 min.The tiles of this game are animated to illustrate an oddly shaped domino's struggle to belong. The film gives a new spin to the domino theory as the characters learn about openness, flexibility, cooperation and sharing. This film examines the tendency to exclude those who are different from us. National Film Board (NFB).
Dove Days: Journeys with Pakistan’s Insan Street TheatreDVD78247 min.This video documents the exchange between Pakistan's Insan Street Theatre troupe and Canadian high school teens. The Insan Foundation-Pakistan is an organization dedicated to eliminating child rights violations. The troupe is comprised of former child labourers who volunteer with the organization to teach citizens the importance of allowing children to learn.
Dr. Ronald Coleman: Health, Environment and Sustainable CommunitiesVHS68789 min.Dr. Coleman presented his lecture at the People's School on Health, UCCB, Sydney, Nova Scotia, on April 29, 2000. The lecture was titled "Healthy people, healthy society: how do we measure progress?". Dr. Coleman is the director of GPI Atlantic, a non-profit research group which is constructing an index of sustainable development for Nova Scotia. This index, the Genuine Progress Index (GPI), consists of twenty social, economic and environmental components.
Drawing InsightDVD46730 min.This documentary provides a visual overview of the growing relationship between UNICEF messages and animation -- from the 1960s when animation was first used for fund-raising, to the present day, as it is used to pass along life-saving messages.
Drawing the TigerDVD92498 min.Filmed over seven years, this documentary takes a view of one Nepalese family's daily struggle to survive off of subsistence farming. When their daughter receives a scholarship to study in Kathmandu, the family's prospects suddenly improve as they rest their hopes and dreams on her shoulders. She promises to return, eager to try to break the cycle of poverty and free her family from their hand-to-mouth existence. But when she doesn't come home, the family is forced to face their fate.
Dream People of the AmazonDVD17232 min.This documentary tells the story of the Achuar, indigenous people living in a remote part of the Amazon rain forest in southeastern Ecuador. Overcoming their shyness of the outside world, they share their knowledge, customs, and spiritual beliefs. They explain how their dreams have protected their forest and their society.
Dreams Come TrueDVD62This presentation opens with an interview with Cardinal Sin. The remainder of the program portrays situations which have allowed the dreams of the Santa Cruz Mission to be realized.
Drum!DVD23575 min.This powerful combination of music, dance, rhythm and song tells of the arrival, settlement, struggles and ultimate coming together of four of North America's founding cultures as seen through the lens of our First Nation's experience.  The video features musicians, dancers, drummers and singers from the Black, Acadian, Aboriginal and Celtic cultures.
e2 Design (Season one)DVD808180 min.An original six-part series that explores the vitality of the environment through ecofriendly architecture. - The Green Apple: demonstrates how a skyscraper can be a model of environmental responsibility. - Green for All: follows architect and activist Sergio Palleroni on his mission to provide design solutions to humanitarian crisis regions. - Green Machine: follows Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley as he strives to make the city the "greenest city in America". - Gray to Green: takes the notion of reduce, reuse, and recycle by turning Boston's Big Dig waste into spectacular residential design. - China: From Red to Green?: finds a sustainable solution in Steven Holl's Beijing project. - Deeper Shades of Green: presents remarkable people such as Ken Yeang, Werner Sobek and William McDonough who are changing the face of architecture and environmentalism.
e2 Design (Season two)DVD809180 min.This six-part video features designers and drivers of change in the world of sustainable architecture. Each episode explores the potential of the built environment to help reverse our global climate crisis. - The Druk White Lotus School - Ladakh: Can the designers of this school in Ladakh, India, preserve the region's cultural identity for future generations? - Greening the Federal Government: Could architect Thom Mayne's new San Francisco Federal Building be the prototype for tomorrow's workplace? - Bogotê¡: Building a Sustainable City: Enrique Peê±alosa, the former mayor of Bogotê¡, Colombia, transformed the city into a model of sustainable urban planning. - Affordable Green Housing: Developer Jonathan Rose puts sustainable homes within reach of New Yorkers living in public housing. - Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands: Dutch planners create a sustainable development in Amsterdam's abandoned dockyards. - Architecture 2030: Architect-turned-activist Ed Mazria founded Architecture 2030 as a commitment to a carbon-neutral building sector by the year 2030.
e2 EnergyDVD810180 min.This six-part video suggests that a more environmentally safe future is possible. - Harvesting the Wind: In Minnesota, wind energy is a source of local power and income for farmers. - Energy for a Developing World: Founded by Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus, the Grameen Shakti organization distributes small solar systems and portable bio-gas systems to rural Bangladeshis. - Paving the Way: In America, nearly 70 percent of oil is consumed by cars. Can efficient automobile design reverse the environmental damage caused by our cars? - Growing Energy: After the oil crisis in the 1970s, Brazil created a successful domestic ethanol industry. - State of Resolve: Could California's progressive energy policies initiate a nationwide shift toward cleaner energy? - Coal and Nuclear: Problem or Solution?: Developments in carbon sequestration and nuclear technologies may offer solutions to the world's increasing demand for power.
Earth KeepersDVD37182:30 min.Mikael Rioux, a young activist committed to the environment, travels the world on a quest for solutions to the problems faced by our planet.  He meets the men and women behind innovative projects for the future of society.  This video, with its modern visuals and sound, is a vibrant plea to end apathy.
Ebola War: The Nurses of GuluDVD84546:40 min.This video tells the story of Ugandan nurses who volunteered to combat Uganda's first Ebola outbreak in October 2000. Despite the deaths of their colleagues, discrimination and inadequate medical supplies, the nurses persevered, saving hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.
Ecotourism: Ideas Fair PresentationDVD68616:13 min.This is a presentation developed by Coady participants in 2002. The students present their information in the form of news feature 'Out and About', interviewing participants from Bangladesh, Haiti and the Philippines. The ecotourism development of each country is explored.
Effective Instruction of Native Adults: Building Culture into ProgramsDVD; British Columbia Learning Resources Branch20413 min.Emphasizes the importance of promoting Native values, attitudes and beliefs in schools.
Effective Instruction of Native Adults: Community-Based EducationDVD; British Columbia Learning Resources Branch20412 min.Deals with Native communities getting involved in the development of the school curriculum.
Effective Instruction of Native Adults: Native Learning/Teaching StylesDVD; British Columbia Learning Resources Branch20414 min.
Egypt: We Are Watching YouDVD21552 min.This documentary spotlights Egypt's new democracy and highlights the importance of citizen participation in shaping and securing it. In 2005, President Mubarak announced that Egypt would hold multi-party presidential elections. At the same time, three women activists started a grassroots campaign to empower the public and hold the government accountable. They film the election process, capturing violence and voter fraud, and broadcast the footage on their website.
Elbow Room / DistancesDVD; NFB ShowPeace series.5438:20 min.This short animated film presents quirky characters who "rewind" situations and start over when tensions get out of hand. It is suitable for conflict resolution training in the classroom and workplace, helping ensure that conflicts get resolved rather than escalate. It is part of the National Film Board (NFB) Show Peace series.
Em i Graun Blong Yumi: Popular Theatre & the Melanesian EnvironmentDVD28932 min.Theatre troupes in three Pacific island countries, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, use drama to inform people living in rural villages about environmental issues.
Empowering the PowerlessDVD; Produced by the Madras Social Service Society, South India.23131:20 min.
Empty Harbors, Empty DreamsVHS5159 min.This documentary examines the economic position of the Maritimes in Confederation, and exposes the fiscal betrayal of Atlantic Canada by Ottawa and Central Canada since 1867.
Enabling Millions of People to GrowVHS53412:49 min.This tape describes credit unions and the function of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).
Encounter with Saul Alinsky – Part I : C.Y.C. TorontoDVD35729 min.A group discussion with Saul Alinsky and student community organizers, in which Alinksy's strategies for Alinsky's experiences in community activism in the US are examined for their relevence to the C.Y.C.'s activities in Canada.
Encounter with Saul Alinsky – Part II : Rama Indian ReserveDVD35732 min.Saul Alinsky describes his strategies for grassroots organizing, and these ideas are discussed in terms of their relevance for the strategies native Canadians are employing to fight for indigenous rights.
Encounter With Violence: Urban Community Perceptions In ColombiaDVD59126 min.This video shows how researchers use & adapt participatory methods to learn about violence. Here, 21 researchers using participatory urban appraisal conduct a World Bank study in various parts in Colombia.
End of a MillenniumVHS; NFB.37758 min.On the eve of the 21st century, scientists, students and artists come together to express their faith in a holistic universe, linking global survival to global solidarity. This issue is embraced by people representing such diverse fields as genetics, philosophy, ecofeminism, meditation, and astrophysics. National Film Board (NFB).
Enemies of HappinessDVD32859 min.In 2005, Afghanistan held its first parliamentary elections in 35 years. Among the candidates for assembly seats was Malalai Joya, a 27-year-old woman who had spoken out against warlords at the Grand Council of tribal elders in 2003. This video portrays this extraordinary woman and the way she won the hearts of voters, as well as a glimpse of life and politics in war-torn Afghanistan. (59 min.)
EntrepreneurshipVHS497 (Storage)1 hr., 43 min.Documentary on the successful entrepreneurs in Canada, with particular focus on Cirque de Soleil.
Entrepreneurship You Can Bank OnVHS126
Eternal SeedDVD60643 min.With insightful interviews and rare footage from India's agricultural industry, this keenly observed film by Meera Dewan depicts Indian women's struggles to use traditional farming practices instead of chemically-based agriculture. Comparing the practices of women who consider seeds sacred with multinational companies' use of sterilized hybrids, this evocative analysis celebrates the scientific basis of women's native traditions in a provocative look at the evolving meanings of healthy land use.
Exodus: Stories of Refugees and Migrants Fleeing War and PersecutionDVD909115 min.Since 2011, millions of people have fled their homes in Syria and other countries, helping to fuel Europe's largest migration crisis since World War II. This film draws on video footage filmed by refugees and migrants inside sinking dinghies in the Mediterranean Sea, in the trucks of human traffickers, and in the countries they hope to call home. The video exposes the world of human trafficking, how countries are handling the influx of people, and the challenges these refugees and migrants face every day.
Exposure: Environmental Links to Breast CancerDVD; Accompanied by the booklet "Taking action for a healthy future."55953:40 min.Exposure explores how toxins and radiation in the environment are affecting our health. It examines women's health, focusing on breast cancer and the possibilities for reducing cancer.
Eyes on the Prize : America’s Civil Rights Movement : Volume 1DVD710120 min.A 7-volume documentary series on the civil rights movement that explores the struggle for racial equality and social justice during the years 1954 to 1985. (Approx. 14 hrs.) Awakenings (1954-1956) Fighting Back (1957-1962)
Eyes on the Prize : America’s Civil Rights Movement : Volume 2DVD711120 min.A 7-volume documentary series on the civil rights movement that explores the struggle for racial equality and social justice during the years 1954 to 1985. (Approx. 14 hrs.) Ain't Scared of Your Jails (1960-1961) No Easy Walk (1961-1963)
Eyes on the Prize : America’s Civil Rights Movement : Volume 3DVD712120 min.A 7-volume documentary series on the civil rights movement that explores the struggle for racial equality and social justice during the years 1954 to 1985. (Approx. 14 hrs.) Mississippi: Is this America? (1962-1964) Bridge to Freedom (1965)
Eyes on the Prize : America’s Civil Rights Movement : Volume 4DVD713120 min.A 7-volume documentary series on the civil rights movement that explores the struggle for racial equality and social justice during the years 1954 to 1985. (Approx. 14 hrs.) The Time Has Come (1964-1966) Two Societies (1965-1968)
Eyes on the Prize : America’s Civil Rights Movement : Volume 5DVD714120 min.A 7-volume documentary series on the civil rights movement that explores the struggle for racial equality and social justice during the years 1954 to 1985. (Approx. 14 hrs.) Power! (1966-1968) The Promised Land (1967-1968)
Eyes on the Prize : America’s Civil Rights Movement : Volume 6DVD715120 min.A 7-volume documentary series on the civil rights movement that explores the struggle for racial equality and social justice during the years 1954 to 1985. (Approx. 14 hrs.) Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More (1964-1972) A Nation of Law? (1968-1971)
Eyes on the Prize : America’s Civil Rights Movement : Volume 7DVD716120 min.A 7-volume documentary series on the civil rights movement that explores the struggle for racial equality and social justice during the years 1954 to 1985. (Approx. 14 hrs.) The Keys to the Kingdom (1974-1980) Back to the Movement (1979-1985)
Faat KineDVD750121 min.Faat Kine is an independent single mother and successful business woman who runs a gasoline franchise. As she reflects back on her life, her mother's life and the future of her daughter, we recognize the difficulties facing women, the attitudes and institutions that have constrained them, as well as the possibility for change emerging from today's youth. Senegalese film director Ousmane Sembê¨ne critiques the failure of the generation of men who have led Senegal since independence while celebrating the success of people like Faat Kine who could point the way for the revitalization of Africa.
Face to Face: Interview with Collen MupinduVHS140
Faces Of MicrocreditVHS58430 min.Film funded by The Access To Credit Media Project. Shows how having access to small loans from banks has helped people all over the world, namely South Africa, Bangladesh and India. 1997.
Facilitation Techniques in TrainingVHS; Includes workbook.6454 min.This training video explores situations and alternatives to common training problems. It looks at different training styles and their effects on groups. It defines facilitation in practical terms, and demonstrates the use of facilitation skills under different situations.
Faith of the Century: A History of Communism2-DVD set.8123 hrs., 38 min.Using propaganda films and archival photos, this video explores the mysteries of communism, a political system that may be one of the most unjust and bloodiest in history. The first DVD covers the early years (1917-1939) and the second DVD covers the final years (1940-1993).
Faith Without Fear: Irshad Manji’s QuestDVD; NFB.74454 min.In this video, Irshad Manji seeks to reconcile her faith in Allah with her love of freedom. She calls on her fellow Muslims to stop blaming others and reform themselves. This video offers a closer look at one of the world's great religions from the perspective of a dissenting woman who is deeply engaged with her faith. National Film Board (NFB).
Family Configurations in the Third WorldVHS; Manual available.9718 min.A variety of family types in Third World settings are portrayed. The film suggests some of the reasons for the dramatic rise in female-headed households in recent years, and the special problems facing women single heads of households.
Father Jimmy’s Heirs: A CED AlbumDVD48215 min.For years, Father Jimmy Tompkins encouraged the people of Nova Scotia to make a better life for themselves. This encouragement led to the Antigonish Movement, which promised a future in which everyone could participate. This film is an overview of the resulting Community Economic Development movement that's sweeping Nova Scotia today.
Favela RisingDVD74582 min.Anderson Sa; is a former drug-trafficker who becomes a social revolutionary in a Rio de Janeiro slum. Through hip-hop music, the rhythms of the street, and Afro-Brazilian dance he rallies his community to counteract the violent oppression enforced by teenage drug armies and sustained by corrupt police. Just as Anderson's grassroots AfroReggae movement is at the height of its success, a tragic accident threatens to silence the movement forever.
Federacion Argentina Apoyo FamiliarVHS509 (Storage)30 min.FAAP (Argentina Federation of Familiar Support) is an international NGO that has been working in family support for the last ten years. They run child day-care centres for families of limited resources. FAAF has an interesting approach towards the poor families, having the children act as links between the NGO and their families, so that FAAF can solve work problems of their parents, and carry out workshops on family issues, such as nutrition, preventive health care, crafts, etc. They are currently running centres in Argentina and Latin America. **This film is in Spanish.**
Feed the Green: Feminist Voices for the EarthDVD91637 min.This video challenges the cultural imagination surrounding the destruction of the environment and its impact on femicide and genocide. It features a variety of feminist thinkers, including Vandana Shiva and Starhawk, who discuss the parallels between men's violence against women and violence against Earth, the impacts of European colonization, and the effects of environmental damage felt by those who face racial and socioeconomic inequalities.
Feeding AbundantiaVHS43227 min.
Feeding AbuntantiaVHS43228 min.Roundtable debate about food security in the mythical country of Abuntantia. June 1995.
Feminism Inshallah: A History of Arab FeminismDVD92155 min.This documentary recounts Arab feminism's largely unknown story, from its birth in Egypt by feminist pioneers up through viral Internet campaigns by today's young activists during the Arab Spring. Moving from Tunisia to Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, the filmmaker tracks the progress of Arab women in their march to assert their full rights and achieve empowerment.
Femmes Aux Yeux Ouverts (Women with Open Eyes)VHS; French with English subtitles.274 (Storage)52 min.This film from Togo presents portraits of contemporary African women in four West African countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Benin. Topics include the movement against female genital mutilation, education on sexually transmitted disease and the use of condoms, and the development of an organisation to assist women market traders. The film shows that women are organising at the grassroots level to play a prominent role in Africa's current opening to democracy.
Femmes du Niger (Women of Niger)VHS; French with English subtitles.25126 min.This film brings to light some curious interpretations of democracy in African societies. In Niger, a traditionally Islamic country where polygyny is authorized, fundamentalism and tradition mingle to deprive women of democratic rights. Chronicling human rights concerns of women in Niger, the 1992 elections are examined, where many men voted by proxy for their wives and daughters. Examples of abuse and intimidation against women speakers and women's groups are described. These acts have stimulated revolt among women and many dynamic women's associations stand firm against efforts to silence them.
Festival of Games and Imagination: PakistanDVD82022:48 min.This documentary follows the lives of children living in refugee camps close to the Pakistan/ Afghanistan border. These children have suffered traumatic experiences both before and after being moved from their homes to refugee camps. It examines the impact of bringing play and creative experiences to their lives.
Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets ActionDVD16997 min.Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper sets out to discover the power that is released when spirituality and activism meet. He discovers that individuals are taking action from the heart, igniting a new global movement of positive, compassionate action. Featured spiritual activists include Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker; Buddhist peace activist and monk Thich Nhat Hanh; and actor turned activist Daryl Hannah.
Fighting for Survival: the Pastoral Land Rights Movement of Northern TanzaniaDVD52521 min.For thousands of years, two semi-nomadic tribes, the Maasai and the Barabaig peoples have been living in harmony with nature in the drylands regions of Tanzania. In recent years, the country's government has been trying to institute new uses for these lands with little regard for the indigenous minority peoples who have existed successfully there for so long. This video documents the resulting struggle of these groups and highlights the solutions that they are attempting to implement.
FINCA International: FINCA Village BankingThree films produced by FINCA40926 min.Presents an overview of how FINCA savings and credit programmes work with examples of how these programmes have helped women develop microenterprises.
FINCA International: Gertrude’s StoryThree films produced by FINCA40926 min.A case study of a woman's grocery market in Uganda.
FINCA International: Maksuda’s StoryThree films produced by FINCA40926 min.A case study of a woman's clothing enterprise in Krygyzstan.
Finisterre: Celtic Spain & France: Journeys to the End of the EarthVHS61390 min.Finisterre (means end of the earth) is a Celtic music adventure to the two most remote and remarkable corners of the Celtic World, Brittany in France and Galicia and Asturias in Spain. Explore the landscape, cultures and people. In northern Spain, the beautiful green countryside with ancient Celtic hillforts, the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostella and the exotic Celtic music featuring Galicia's dynamic bagpiper, Carlos Nunez, (the 7th Chieftain) & Asturias's wonderful group Llan de Cubel. In France, Brittany's Celtic music and culture are thriving. Visit the largest Celtic music festival in the world, Lorient and travel through magnificent countryside, dance festivals, etc. In Brittany we meet an unusual assortment of musicians, and hear the music & thoughts of Brittany's legendary Celtic rock musician bagpiper and Celtic Harpist Alan Stivell.
FIPYME – PeruVHS4963:40 min.A small documentary about the non-profit organization FIPYME in Lima, Peru.
Fire in the BloodDVD; PAL FORMAT88384 min.A tale of medicine, monopoly and malice, this film tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs for the countries of Africa and the global south after 1996 resulting in millions of unnecessary deaths. This video examines the true story of the coalition which came together to stop the 'crime of the century' and save millions of lives in the process.
First Harvest: AGA KHAN RURAL SUPPORT FOUNDATION PROGRAMVHS8333 min.This film stresses the fact that in N. Pakistan most families worked agriculture independently of one another. Then they formed a village organization through which they worked together, even the women became involved, and together they were able to gather their "first harvest".
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 1: Cree Hunters, Quebec DamsDVD; NFB.34723 min.In 1974, a Cree family winters on the land. Twenty years later, the Cree are still fighting the James Bay Hydro projects. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 1: KWA’NU’TEDVD; NFB.34719 min.Three Micmac and Maliseet artists work with wood, pencil, paper, stone and quills. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 1: Standing AloneDVD; NFB.34720 min.Pete Standing Alone, at age 50, reflects on his life and the life of the Blood, of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 1: The Last Mooseskin BoatDVD; NFB.34717 min.A Shotah Dene family builds a 30 ft. long boat and travels downriver to Fort Norman. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 2: Hunters and BombersDVD; NFB.34722 min.The Innu of labrador fight NATO to end training flights by bombers that disrupt their hunting camps. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 2: Magic in the SkyDVD; NFB.34720 min.The Innuit resist the violence and materialism of southern "TV culture" by making their own programs. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 2: Voyage of RediscoveryDVD; NFB.34725 min.An angry young man is tried for assault. He is banished to an island to discover himself, a traditional Heiltsuk response to offenders. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 3: Commandos for ChristDVD; NFB.34720 min.The Ayoreo of Paraguay, sought out by missionaries, fall prey to poverty and death. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 3: Last Days of OkakDVD; NFB.34726 min.An influenza epidemic, brought to Labrador abord a missionary supply ship, devastates the Inuit community of Okak in 1918. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 3: PotlatchDVD; NFB.34722 min.The Canadian gov't suppressed the Potlatch. The Kwag'ulh people resisted. Today the Potlatch is part of self-government. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 3: Time ImmemorialDVD; NFB.34722 min.The Nisga'a have been resisting the seizure of their lands in the Nass Valley for 130 years. In 1972 they won a Supreme Court decision confirming their title to the land. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 3: UraniumDVD; NFB.34723 min.First Nations communities near uranium mines feel the impact of sixty years of radioactive pollution. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First Nations: the Circle Unbroken – Volume 4: Education As We See ItDVD; NFB.34720 min.The alienation experienced by many students in residential schools is compared with life in contemporary schools run by First Nations communities. Series comprised of thirteen 20-minute programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on 4 videos. Some of the films have been shortened from the original for classroom use. Includes a teacher's guide. National Film Board (NFB).
First ScientistsDVD67546 min.Scientific disciplines like astronomy, ecology, engineering, zoology, and even artificial intelligence have all been influenced by the knowledge learned by the First Peoples of North America. They are the First Scientists of North America and their contributions are slowly being recognized by today's scientific community. This video explores the science and the people behind some of the greatest scientific achievements of our time.
Fish Smoking Projects2-DVD set.1533 hrs.Visit of Dr. A.A. MacDonald to Kromantse and Ankaful.
Five Billion YearsVHS477 min.This video traces the evolution of North America from the earth's geophysical beginnings, through the genesis of the first living organisms, up to the arrival of man, whom it highlights as being a newcomer to Planet Earth.
Flight for FreedomVHS14248 min.Interviews with several Canadians involved with literacy.
Following the Rhythms: Transition & Tradition of the Van Gujjars of the Western HimalayasCDCDR-10538 min.For centuries the Van Gujjars have herded their buffalo between the forests of Uttaranchal and the mountain pastures of the West Himalayas of India following the rhythm of the seasons.  Reliant on buffalo for their livelihoods, the Van Gujjars are challenged by the demands of modern forestry.  Their well-preserved forests are coveted as National Parks, where there is no place for them.
Food ChainsDVD83683 min.This powerful video presents the true story of one small group of workers overcoming corporate greed to end slavery and abuse in America's fields.
Food Forward2-DVD set.908390 min.This video collection presents innovators and pioneers who are transforming the way we grow and eat our food. Farmers, chefs, teachers, scientists, fishermen and ranchers across the country are providing alternatives to help combat America's growing food challenges. Many of their techniques suggest a return to more traditional and sustainable methods of farming, fishing, and ranching.
Food or FamineVHS4323 min.Prepared in cooperation with the United Nations' "Freedom from Hunger Campaign", this film documents methods of increasing food production by the use of fertilizers and chemicals to improve seed, and control pests and weeds.
Food, Inc.DVD60394 min.This video exposes how our food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. It reveals the truth about what we eat, how it's produced and who we have become as a society.
Footprints in the Sands of TimeVHS; Manual available.9822 min.This video includes a brief history of women in Sri Lanka, discussions with women's groups and interviews with prominent Sri Lankan women. Development programs and organizations are presented.
Forbidden ForestDVD; NFB.10269 min.The government of New Brunswick has handed the management of millions of acres of Crown land to six multinational corporations. Two activists, Jean Guy Comeau and Francis Wishart, urge companies to practice responsible forestry, and lobby the government to secure a community-based forest policy-one that is environmentally sustainable and that produces more jobs than the capital-intensive, mechanized techniques used today. National Film Board (NFB).
Forbidden VoicesDVD82296 min.World-famous bloggers Yoani Sanchez, Zeng Jinyan and Farnaz Seifi are not frightened of the dictatorial regimes in their home countries of Cuba, China and Iran. These fearless women stand for a new networked generation of modern rebels. This video follows these young women on their dangerous journey and traces their use of social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to denounce and combat the violations of human rights and freedom of speech in their countries.
Forest Managers of the Hindu Kush-HimalayasDVD42240 min.Women and men from informal forestry user groups, community-based organisations and NGOs share their experiences with participatory forest management. They articulate key lessons and outline future strategies for sustainable management of the forest resources. Issues include: enabling policies, rules & regulations, enhancing women's roles in decision-making, advocacy and networking and the need to strengthen local institutions.
Forgetting VietnamDVD91890 min.One of the myths surrounding the creation of Vietnam involves a fight between two dragons whose intertwined bodies fell into the South China Sea and formed Vietnam's curving S-shaped coastline. This video commemorates the 40th anniversary of the end of the war and draws inspiration from ancient legend and from water as a force evoked in every aspect of Vietnamese culture. The encounter with the ancient and the new in a time of rapid globalization creates a space where local inhabitants, immigrants and veterans remember yesterday's stories to comment on today's events.
Forgive Us Our DebtsDVD70350 min.This documentary explores today's reality: the poorest nations of the south owe more than 485 billion dollars to northern lenders. It investigates the grassroots movement that has confronted the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and G8 lenders, demanding that they cancel the debts of the poor. This film visits the impoverished nation of Nicaragua to see the impact their indebtedness has on the poorest members of society.
Forgiveness: A Time to Love & A Time to HateDVD597168 min.This film explores the act of forgiveness through a wide range of stories, from adultery and personal betrayal to the post-genocidal reconciliation of nations. In focusing on specific instances of affliction, this video studies the impacts of forgiveness.
Fort McKay First Nation (Fort McKay, Alberta)DVD379b29 min.This video follows Aboriginal women who are creating social and economic change in Fort McKay.  This video is a case study produced for the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program, Coady International Institute.
Four Million Threads: The Garment Workers of BangladeshDVD89826:12 min.Monira left her village to marry a man she barely knew and now works in a Dhaka garment factory. She's one of millions of women who have joined Bangladesh's garment trade industry. Take a journey into the world where clothes are made: the women in the workforce, the managers on the top floor, and the disaster that changed them all.
Four PortraitsVHS5029 min.This film is about four families, all new Canadians. In some ways their problems are as diverse as the different parts of the world from which they come. However, they share in the many upheavals of emigration. A Chilean family, a 24 year old Sikh, an Antiguan store manager, and a Russian ballet master - they also share the strong conviction that their future in Canada will be bright.
Four Women of Egypt: Redefining ToleranceDVD; NFB.41990 min.Four friends who share the goals of human dignity and social justice, each adopt different approaches. Muslim, Christian, or non-religious, their visions of society range from wanting a secular or socialist state to an Islamic one. These four women will not demonize one another. They listen to one another's views and argue openly, without ever breaking the bond that unites them. National Film Board (NFB).
Fr. Ramon Gonzales: presentationVHS; Poor sound quality.68596 min.Fr. Ramon Gonzales, a former Coady graduate, presents his experiences while working in the cooperative sector in the South American country of Colombia. He represents the SEPAS organization - Social Pastoral of the Diocese of San Gil and Socorro.
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White MaskDVD77452 min.This video explores the life of Frantz Fanon, a theorist of the anticolonial movements of the 20th century. The film contains interviews with family members and friends, documentary footage, and readings from his work.
Freedom SummerDVD871115 min.In the summer of 1964, known as the Freedom Summer, hundreds of student volunteers joined with organizers and local African Americans in an effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in Mississippi. They canvassed for voter registration, created Freedom Schools, and established the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party with the goal of challenging the segregationist state Democratic Party at the national convention. Freedom Summer was marked by violence, the burning of churches, and the bombing of homes and community centers. This documentary highlights the long-term efforts by both activists and citizens in Mississippi to organize communities and register black voters even in the face of intimidation, physical violence, and death.
Friends in Village Development, BangladeshDVD23320 min.Examples of programmes provided by FIVDB to empower the rural poor
From SunupDVD31328:40 min.This is a story of women of black Africa--their strengths & courage, struggles, concerns and challenges. It pictures the efforts of these women to survive and prosper, reflecting the condition of women everywhere, especially the poor. Produced by Flora M'mbugu and shot in Tanzania, this film portrays women's multiple roles as provider, mother, water-carrier, wood-gatherer, cook and entrepreneur. Finally, it dramatically illustrates that hope lies in women's support of each other.
From the Field: an Introduction to Participatory Action ResearchVHS354 (Storage)40 min.This film follows a Canadian dairy farmer's experiences in Mexico with the "campesinos" (subsistence farmers). The priniciples, processes and dilemmas of participatory action-research are explored.
Gambia ProjectVHS77This is an interview of Halifax West High School exchange students, which was done in The Gambia.
Gandhi2-DVD set.737191 min.Winner of 8 Academy Awards, this video is based on the life of Gandhi, a man who fought for a nonviolent, peaceful existence and ultimately, a nation's independence. It is a story about activism, politics, religious tolerance and freedom.
Garbage DreamsDVD21679 min.Filmed over four years, this documentary follows three teenage boys growing up in the world's largest garbage village located on the outskirts of Cairo.  It is home to 60,000 Zaballeen (or Zabbaleen), Egypt's 'garbage people'.  For generations, the residents of Cairo have depended on the Zaballeen to collect their trash, paying them minimal wages. In 2003, the city replaced the Zabelleen with multinational garbage disposal companies. Faced with the globalization of their trade, the teenage boys are forced to make choices that will impact their future and the survival of the community.
Gems of Hope in BangladeshDVD19510 min.The Gems of Hope organization enables women to obtain small loans to increase the family income. In exchange for the loan, this organization provides women with the training needed to develop a business and promote sustainable living. It encourages women to rise above traditional beliefs and become independent.
Gems of Hope in BoliviaVHS495 (Storage)10:20 min.'Gems of Hope' is a Canadian microfinance institution which provides small loans for the small business sector of Bolivia with the intention of increasing the profit margin so people's lives may be better.
Gender AnalysisVHS18112 min.Defining the role of women and men is key to the success of agricultural development projects: therefore, this film explains how to apply gender analysis methodology to ensure that the concerns of both women and men are properly addressed.
Gender on the AgendaCDCDR-106This CD accompanies the book, Gender on the agenda (305.3 Al49g).  It contains the film 'Bund File', a film on social tragedy, and a powerpoint presentation.  The presentation includes additional material to the book.
Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie CouricDVD91292 min.Katie Couric travels across America to meet with scientists, physicians, and experts to answer questions about gender and gender identity. This documentary examines the roles of science, society and culture with regard to gender, and sheds lights on stories of struggle, understanding, ignorance and love.
Gentle But Radical: Korean Theologian Chung Hyun KyungDVD45132:45 min.This video follows Chung as she meditates with a Buddhist monk, teaches feminist theology, watches Shamanist and Confucian rites, visits the poor, worships with other women, etc.
Ghosts of RwandaDVD695120 min.This documentary marks the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. This video presents firsthand accounts of the genocide from those who lived it: the diplomats who thought they were building peace; the Tutsi survivors; and the UN peacekeepers in Rwanda. The film features interviews with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, and former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake and well as interviews with the Hutu killers themselves. The aftermath of the genocide is also examined.
Girl RisingDVD834103 min.This video highlights a movement that is spreading around the world promoting the education of girls. Educating girls in the developing world can transform families, communities, and countries and break the cycle of poverty in just one generation.
Global Village or Global Pillage?DVD47726:46 min.This film shows constructive ways ordinary people around the world are addressing the impact of globalization on their communities, workplaces, and environments. It shows that through grassroots organizing combined with mutual support around the world, ordinary people can empower themselves to deal with the global economy.
Globalization & Human RightsVHS63357 min.This film examines an emerging conflict in a new world order between those making macro-economic decisions and those struggling to cope with the impact of those decisions. At the core of the program is the ongoing debate over whether or not human rights concerns should be linked to economic policies. It follows global agencies like the IMF and World Bank, transnational corporations like Nike and Shell Oil.. It also documents the response of workers and labor organizations, citizens' groups, and human rights activists to the rapidly changing world order, and features footage of the Global March Against Child Labor. U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, billionaire businessman/philanthropist George Soros, and South African Deputy President Thabo Mbeki, are joined by such human rights figures as Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, Chilean writer Ariel Dorfman, and Amnesty International Secretary General Pierre Sane, as well as by labor leaders like AFL-CIO president John Sweeney, in assessing the impact of globalization on human rights and democracy.
Globalization in the Philippines: Two videos by Joey LozanoDVD75920 min.Two videos that expose injustices against indigenous minorities in the Philippines. 1. Rule of the gun in sugarland: This video presents the story of the Manobo villagers' peaceful and legal efforts to claim their ancestral land and the abuse they endured because of it. 2. The road to pineapple: This video reveals the impact of the for-export pineapple industry on the indigenous T'boli people.
Globalize This! Women’s Rights in DevelopmentDVD65237:30 min.In 2002, over a thousand women from around the world gathered in Mexico for Re-inventing Globalization, the 9th international forum of the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID). Out of that event comes this DVD, a tool for teaching, thinking, learning and debating globalization and its effects on women's rights.
Good FortuneDVD86173 min.This video explores how international efforts to alleviate poverty in Africa may be undermining the communities they aim to benefit. Through portraits of two Kenyans battling to save their homes from being destroyed by development organizations, the film presents the real-world impact of international aid through the people it is intended to benefit. The stories of human perseverance suggest that the answers for Africa lie in the resilience of its people.
Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise2-DVD set8596 hrs.Following a long civil war, join scientists and conservationists as they re-wild the million-acre paradise of Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park. Emmy Award-winning wildlife cameraman Bob Poole shares how scientists tracked the park's lions, elephants and crocodiles, and helped to transport herds of animals to replace the ones lost during the war.
Gotta Make This Journey: Sweet Honey in the RockDVD87858 min.This video profiles the a cappella activist group, Sweet Honey in the Rock. Singing to end the oppression of Black people worldwide, Sweet Honey embraces musical styles from spirituals and blues to calypso, and concerns ranging from feminism to ecology, peace and justice.
Grabbing the Tiger by the TailDVD35518 min.Accompanies book of the same title by David Kelleher & Kate McLaren (658.406 K28g). This set is about managing organizational learning and change. Workable approaches to strategic management, culture change in organizations and organizational redesign are addressed.
Grace, Milly, Lucy … Child SoldiersDVD90173 min.In Uganda, more than 30,000 children have been abducted by rebel troops over the past twenty years and forced into armed conflict. Many of these child soldiers are girls. When they return from captivity, these girls struggle to be accepted in their communities and make their voices heard. This film blends personal accounts with scenes from the daily lives of these women.
Grameen Bank Film Series: A Bank for the PoorDVD17323 min.Overview of Grameen Bank's activities in improving the economic and social conditions of the landless rural poor in Bangladesh. A combination of credit and training enables the clients to start their own small enterprises. One of a series of seven films relating to aspects of the Grameen Bank. (total time: 2 hrs.)
Grameen Bank Film Series: A Time for ChangeDVD17322 min.A film summarizing Grameen Bank's role in income-generation, health, education, agriculture and social security. Since 79% of the clients are women, particular attention is paid to reducing discrimination against women. One of a series of seven films relating to aspects of the Grameen Bank. (total time: 2 hrs.)
Grameen Bank Film Series: Fighting a DisasterDVD17313 min.This film describes the Grameen Bank's role in providing emergency relief and financing to rebuild homes and businesses in Bangladesh. One of a series of seven films relating to aspects of the Grameen Bank. (total time: 2 hrs.)
Grameen Bank Film Series: Future for the ChildrenDVD17315 min.A description of how the Grameen Bank aids in providing literacy and skills training for children in Bangladesh. One of a series of seven films relating to aspects of the Grameen Bank. (total time: 2 hrs.)
Grameen Bank Film Series: Housing for the PoorDVD17316 min.An overview of Grameen Bank's housing loan plans to help fulfill the Second National Women's Workshop goal of improving housing in Bangladesh. One of a series of seven films relating to aspects of the Grameen Bank. (total time: 2 hrs.)
Grameen Bank Film Series: Shaheeda’s LifeDVD17313 min.A descrption of how one woman, after being abandoned by her husband, became self-reliant by starting a small business with a Grameen Bank loan. The situation facing women in rural Bangladesh is examined. One of a series of seven films relating to aspects of the Grameen Bank. (total time: 2 hrs.)
Grameen Bank Film Series: Trainers Training ProgressDVD17317 min.An analysis of the organizational structure of the Grameen Bank. Integral to the Bank's success is the training of centre chiefs for each village. Instruction includes methods, supervision, bank regulations, health care, and increasing awareness to overcome violence/discrimination against women. One of a series of seven films relating to aspects of the Grameen Bank. (total time: 2 hrs.)
Grameen Bank: World Food Day TeleconferenceDVD19516:30 min.This video explores the poverty in Bangladesh and how village banks are helping women provide for their families.
Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign LaunchDVD23735:44 min.This video contains the press conference announcing the 'Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign', launched by the Stephen Lewis Foundation on March 7, 2006, on the eve of International Women's Day. This campaign raises awareness and mobilizes support in Canada for Africa's grandmothers.
Granny PowerDVD87378 min.Founded in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1987, the Raging Grannies is a movement of funny, creative, courageous and hip older women who use song and satire to protest injustice, demonstrate against war, and promote environmental awareness.
Grassroots Development: Lessons from India’s Environmental CrisisDVD42728 min.This film is a thought provoking look at how action by people at the local level offers hope for regenerating the environment and improving quality of life. Indigenous people are among the most directly affected by environmental crisis.
Grounds for a Movement: A Look at Fair Trade CoffeeDVD64924 min.Fair trade is gaining recognition as a legitimate response to globalization. Fair trade coffee puts more money in the hands of farmers by eliminating the middle-men on the chain of coffee trading. This film explores the motivation of the movement and asks if large roasters are jumping on the bandwagon to capitalize on consumer demands.
Grupos SolidariosVHS20311 min.This film focuses on the self-employed poor in Latin America. Reference is made to the World Council of Credit Unions and other organisations who lend money to the poor.
Half a World Apart…and a Lifetime AwayVHS; NFB.40452 min.A chronicle of Assembly of First Nations Chief Ovide Mercredi's 1995 trip to India to learn about the Gandhian philosophy of nonviolent resolution of political grievances. Mercredi meets Gandhians, including Gandhi's grandson, Rajmohan, who have practiced what the Mahatma set out as a means of forging that state. In exploring Gandhi's teachings, Mercredi confirms his belief in the necessity to pursue paths of nonviolent political action and social/economic reconstruction. National Film Board (NFB).
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide2-DVD set.5853 hrs., 52 min.Inspired by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book of the same name, this film takes on the moral challenge of the 21st century: the oppression of women and girls worldwide. Take an unforgettable journey with six actresses/advocates to meet some of the most courageous individuals of our time, who are doing extraordinary work to empower women and girls everywhere.
Hand-heldDVD; NFB.437128 min.This video features storytelling created by young mothers who have experienced homelessness.  The photographic images they created led to a Toronto-wide tour of their work and to a public declaration of their rights and needs.  In a project called Street Health Stories, the women documented the lives of several homeless people.  This DVD includes the team's film Unexpected, a video dialogue between homeless mothers and healthcare professionals who deliver babies. National Film Board (NFB).
Hands of HistoryDVD; NFB.27652 min.This film profiles four Aboriginal women artists. Rena Point Bolton is a master weaver of baskets and robes. For Rena, the role of the artist is to make the spiritual and cultural tangible. Doreen Jensen is a carver, button blanket maker and printmaker who educates people in the meaning and significance of the art of the Northwest coast. Joane Cardinal-Schubert explores the legacy of colonialism through her combinations of aboriginal and western art forms. Jane Ash Poitras sees the artist as healer, her art reflecting her spiritual quest. National Film Board (NFB).
Harry Belafonte: Sing Your SongDVD884104 min.This film examines the life of singer/actor/activist Harry Belafonte. From his rise to fame as a singer and his experiences touring a segregated country to his crossover into Hollywood, Belafonte's career personifies the American civil rights movement. Belafonte is revealed to be an activist who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., mobilized celebrities for social justice, participated in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and took action to counter gang violence, prisons and the incarceration of youth.
Harvesting Hope in Northern Manitoba CommunitiesDVD25036:41 min.This documentary tells the stories of Aboriginal people struggling to access healthy food in Northern Manitoba communities. In spite of restrictive policies and a lack of government support, community members are reintroducing traditional practices around food.
Has God Forsaken Africa?DVD; NFB.78852 min.This video examines the lives of five young Senegalese men hoping to emigrate at any cost. The five men meet daily in the capital of Dakar hoping to find help for their situation. National Film Board (NFB).
Heads & TalesDVD70511:30 min.This video, from Southern Africa AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS), is a series of short film clips designed to speak to young people about the daily reality of HIV/AIDS. The clips depict youth in southern Africa who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The video is designed to destigmatise HIV/AIDS and build understanding and tolerance.
Healing Africa: The Havana PrescriptionDVD46842 min.Cuba's program of providing medical help to poor communities around the world is well known. This film gives a detailed account of the influence of Cuban medicine on the development of healthcare in South Africa.
Healing the SkyVHS55216:38 min.This video discusses the depletion of the ozone layer and the increase in UVB radiation.
Health For SaleDVD77553 min.This video questions the position of the world's largest pharmaceutical makers and whether they are obstacles to creating a healthier world. This film reveals that large drug companies invest almost nothing to treat the diseases afflicting the majority of the world's population. The video calls into question whether global markets and corporations can be trusted to serve the interests of a majority of the earth's population.
Heart of Sky, Heart of EarthDVD82498 min.This film follows six young Maya in Guatemala and Chiapas through their daily and ceremonial life.  As giant corporations stop at nothing to extract all resources, these Maya are determined to resist the destruction of their culture and environment. They believe they are the guardians of the Earth.
Help With the Harvest: the Role of Co-operatives in the New VietnamDVD39015 min.Produced by the Canadian Co-operative Association.
Himalayan MegaquakeDVD89653:39 min.On April 25, 2015, an earthquake rocked Nepal and the Himalayas, wiping out villages and leaving thousands dead. This PBS film features stories of the Nepalese people living near the epicentre and of survivors trapped on Everest. Through eyewitness footage, interviews, and graphics, NOVA examines this earthquake to learn about it, and how to rebuild to survive the next big one.
HIV/AIDS and Livelihoods: Experiences in Mainstreaming from MalawiDVD58225 min.The Shire Highlands Sustainable Livelihoods Programme has set out to modify its work to ensure that the most vulnerable in communities are not left out of development processes. It highlights the need to place HIV/AIDS and its effects at the centre of the development program to minimize its impact on people at the community level. It shares experiences of mainstreaming through interviews and shows the spin-offs of increased community mobilisation, and raises key issues for planners and policy makers.
HIV/AIDS Harm Reduction: Effective Approaches for Law EnforcementCDCDR-104This video is a harm reduction training video provided by the Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Project.  It depicts law enforcement's attempt to eliminate illegal drug use and to provide education on the subject.
Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley StreetVHS561 (Storage)58 min.Holding Ground is at once a cautionary tale of urban policies gone wrong and a message of hope for all American cities. Through the voices of committed residents, activists, and city officials, it shows how a Boston neighbourhood was able to create and carry out its own agenda for change.
Holding Our GroundVHS11250 min.Filmed in the squatter community of Labangon in Cebu, Philippines, this film is the inspiring story of a group of women who have organized collectively to pressure their government for land reform, to establish their own money-lending system, and to create shelters for street kids. It is a story of grassroots organizing that can be a model in both hemispheres.
Honouring Traditional KnowledgeDVD41331 min.This video highlights the role of Elders and traditional knowledge.  Under the Elders' guidance the video was made from footage taken at an Elders Ma'wiomi (gathering in Mi'kmaq) held August 12-14, 2010 at the Glooskap Heritage Centre in Millbrook First Nation. This Ma'wiomi united Elders from four Aboriginal cultures of the Atlantic region, the Mi'kmaq, the Wolastoqiyik, the Innu, and the Inuit.
Hope for the FutureDVD23844:11 min.This video records the journey of a group of young Canadians and their teachers to Belgrade, Serbia. Inspired by the documentary Teaching Peace in a Time of War, these youth formed the group "Students for Teaching Peace" and set out to do something meaningful. Armed with video cameras and journals, they encourage Serbian children with their joyful positive nature.
How to Manage a Credit ProgrammeVHS16660 min.Various aspects of establishing loans are presented: determining needs of clients, calculation of interest rates, monitoring repayments, accounting and measuring success of the programme.
How to Start a Food Buying ClubDVD39010 min.This film describes the purpose and benefits of a co-operative food buying club. It includes a brief summary of the steps taken in club formation, and looks at the responsibilities involved, materials needed, expenses, scheduling, and ordering processes of a successful co-op.
How to Survive a PlagueDVD847110 and 85-min. versionsFaced with their own mortality, a group of mostly HIV-positive young men and women took on Washington and the medical establishment in the early years of the AIDS epidemic. This film depicts the story of how activism and innovation turned AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition.
Hunger : Not so far AwayVHS12020 min.The audience is taken through three stories from Ethiopia, Brazil and Ghana in search of answers to questions about world hunger. Common myths are challenged, and poverty, war, environment, human justice and economic issues are introduced. The thrust is that Canada is more closely connected to both the problems and the solutions than we may think.
Hush of Silence – The Haiti Project: A Land of BeesDVD079a42 min.A student of agriculture from the Port-au-Prince Faculty of Agronomy makes his first field trip and pays an impromptu visit to an old farmer, Gillus Desir. Gillus shows him around his land and he recounts the agricultural history of the vicinity from the times of slavery until the most recent times. One of a series of 4 videos which record peasant life in Haiti in the mid 1980s. They demonstrate the complex indigenous knowledge of the peasants and some of the conflicts and tensions between the indigenous systems and the overall state and "modern" production techniques.
Hush of Silence – The Haiti Project: Conversation with Daniel AlestorDVD079a45 min.With the agronomist, Alex Ballande, Daniel recounts his farming experience from the time of his childhood, the psychological and socio-economic experience of a young peasant, the choices he has to face to build up some capital and bring together the means of production he requires to attain his objectives. One of a series of 4 videos which record peasant life in Haiti in the mid 1980s. They demonstrate the complex indigenous knowledge of the peasants and some of the conflicts and tensions between the indigenous systems and the overall state and "modern" production techniques.
Hush of Silence – The Haiti Project: OctoberDVD079b47 min.A work group of six women are planting beans in the misty, early morning. As they work, they talk, exchanging thoughts about sickness, death, funerals, work, land, inheritance, money, men, women's lives and religion. At the same time, the film depicts the acute agrarian crisis in which the natural milieu, the society and individual human beings are all exhausted. This is the result of trends which are at work in so many parts of the world, and are major features of modern history. One of a series of 4 videos which record peasant life in Haiti in the mid 1980s. They demonstrate the complex indigenous knowledge of the peasants and some of the conflicts and tensions between the indigenous systems and the overall state and "modern" production techniques.
Hush of Silence – The Haiti Project: St. Jules in His Garden of YamsDVD079b55 min.St. Jules is planting yams. He explains to the agricultural worker why he plants yams in a mixed crop and the other choices his yam cultivation implies. He describes many features of his field, his farm, and his locality, and paints a detailed picture of the technical and social aspects of the agrarian situation he knows first hand. One of a series of 4 videos which record peasant life in Haiti in the mid 1980s. They demonstrate the complex indigenous knowledge of the peasants and some of the conflicts and tensions between the indigenous systems and the overall state and "modern" production techniques.
I Am A Child: an ILO Film on Child LabourDVD38253:30 min.Few human rights abuses are so unanimously condemned while being so widely practiced as child labour. This film unveils the intolerable situation of some of the world's youngest and most vulnerable workers and brings to light the efforts of governments, representatives of civil society and private citizens working for the eradication of child labour worldwide. Includes stories from Kenya, Thailand and Brazil.
I Am A GirlDVD85288 min.In the world today, girls are more persecuted than anyone else. Being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage than any other group on Earth. This video profiles girls from Cambodia, Afghanistan, New York City, Australia, Cameroon and Papua New Guinea to underscore the need for education for young girls. The film reveals what it means to grow up female in the 21st century with resilience, bravery and hope.
If Given the Opportunity: Trickle-Up ProgramVHS507 (Storage)25 min.Founded in 1979, the Trickle Up Program provides a way for people with the lowest income to start their own businesses and take their first step up out of poverty. The organization empowers the world's neediest people in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the United States, to realize their potential and strengthen their communities.
If Hope Were EnoughVHS48037 min.This film documents how women victims and survivors of crimes have suffered in situations around the world and examines the options available to women for justice. It presents the International Criminal Court as one of the promising avenues of justice that women can access in the future and the possibility of bringing changes at the national level.
IFHIMVHS; In French.57430 min.This is a video on the I.F.H.I.M. (Institut de formation humaine integrale de Montreal). This "reeducation" institute welcomes people from all over the world and from various backgrounds to help them improve the skills they seek depending on their particular circumstance. It includes in large part, testimony from students and graduates of I.F.H.I.M..
Images of the Gender Role in Two ILO Projects in Asia and AfricaDVD; Includes manual.31226 min.This video explores ways of reaching, consulting and involving women in project planning. Factors that influence the process of monitoring and assessing women's actual and potential participation in different projects are examined. Included are questions for use in group discussions.
Imagine 2012: International Conference on Cooperative Economics Disk 1: Disk 2: Disk 3: Disk 4:4-DVD set.844The first international conference on Co-operative Economics was held during the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives in conjunction with the International Co-operative Summit. The two events were co-hosted by Desjardins, the International Co-operative Alliance and Saint Mary's University. The Imagine 2012 conference brought together world-class economic thinkers and co-operative leaders from all over the world. Disk 1: Conference opening (44 min.) Stephano Zamagni: Why did cooperatives disappear from economic thought? (50 min.) Neva Goodwin: What is the new economic theory and why do we need it? (40 min.) Disk 2: Ron Colman: What is progress and how do we measure it? (50 min.) Richard Wilkinson: How bad is income inequality and why does it matter? (52 min.) William Rees: Are prosperity and sustainability compatible? (45 min.) Peter Victor: Are there limits to growth? (31 min.) Disk 3: Thomas Homer-Dixon: What drives innovation, adaptation and resilience? (50 min.) David Erdal: How is worker ownership related to the health of communities? (42 min.) Vera Negri Zamagni: Is bigger better? New opportunities for cooperatives (46 min.) John Fullerton: What is the role of financial capital in the new economy? (55 min.) Disk 4: Claudia Sanchez-Bajo: Is the debt trap avoidable? (50 min.) Stephen C. Smith: What is the role of cooperatives in the new economy? (24 min.) Elinor Ostrom tribute video (15 min.) Closing of the conference (44 min.)
In A Distant PlaceDVD39018 min.This film describes how the C.C.W.I.P. (Chinese-Canadian Women's Income Project) is helping to encourage woman to become agents of change in their own communities.1999.
In All Its FullnessDVD84916 min.The Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) works with locally-based organizations in some of the world's poorest countries. The organization supports communities as they work their way out of poverty and build sustainable livelihoods. This film follows four MRDF partners, focusing on the ways that people's lives are being changed.
In Danku the Soup is SweeterDVD23030 min.This is a CUSO-supported project providing small loans for women's income-generating projects in rural North Ghana.  Examples of food processing enterprises are described.
In My CountryDVD813103 min.In 1996, the South African government established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate human rights abuses under apartheid. Covering the sessions are two journalists who present to the world these extraordinary stories about courage, compassion and the redeeming power of love. Based on the book Country of My Skull, by Antjie Krog.
In My Father’s ChurchDVD32549 min.This film explores the intersection of homosexuality and religion from the perspective of individuals who have much at stake.  The film focuses on "Charissa", a lesbian who wants a church wedding.  Her father, the local pastor, would be risking his career if he performs the ceremony.
Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier StoryDVD; NFB.74690 min.In 1975, FBI agents illegally entered the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Gunfire erupted and one Native American and two FBI agents were killed. Following a large manhunt, three men were arrested and only one, Leonard Peltier, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. From the beginning, Peltier's case has been controversial. Many people believe that Peltier is an innocent man. This video examines the case and the real story of what may be one of the most outrageous abuses of justice in American history. National Film Board (NFB).
IndiaVHS; With commentary.10A guided tour of the DAYALBACH AGRICULTURAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, founded in 1959 on 55 acres of almost barren land, in Ujire, Karnataka State.
India (Video 1)VHS95We appear to be cutting into an interview with a group of men, and shift to an interview with a priest who became interested in credit unions as a means of solving the problem of debtedness. This priest had solicited the Institute's help through seminars. Note: Beginning of tape is blank.
India (Video 3)VHS095bThis tape shifts from one gathering of people to another. It makes reference to Coady seminars and how the methodology taught there was adopted by their organization in their education programmes. The latter part of the tape glimpses one of Rieky's consultations in Thailand in December 1989.
India: People’s Multipurpose Development SocietyVHS33This society was organized in mid 1976 by the Harijans themselves. The film relates more about this society's work.
India: People’s Multipurpose Development Society (Video 2)VHS095aThe first part of this tape concerns the early days of the group until about 1984. Most of the main speeches are given in an Indian dialect, while the latter part has a translator. The latter part gives glimpses of programmes in action, such as The Milk Co-operative, run by women, and The Water Project.
India: Vasavya Mahila Mandali Atheist Centre – PART I: ActivitiesVHS92This program gives courses geared to developing women's self-respect and confidence. It allows us to see the various courses offered at the Centre.
India: Vasavya Mahila Mandali Atheist Centre – PART IIVHS092aThis section dwells on: 1) a symposium on " Women's role in a changing society", held in 1987. 2) a seminar on "Women in Development". 3) a core-group workshop on " The Implementation of Training Strategies and Employment among Rural Women".
India’s DaughterDVD91762 min.This documentary tells the story of the brutal gang rape on a Delhi bus of a 23-year-old medical student, who later died of her injuries. This film pays tribute to this young woman and exposes the way in which societies around the world and their patriarchal values have spawned such acts of violence against women.
Indigenous Plant DivaDVD2849:10 min.Cease Wyss of the Squamish Nation reveals the remarkable healing powers of plants growing in urban areas of downtown Vancouver.  She believes plants carry wisdom communicated through color, texture and form.  She has been listening to the unspoken language and is now passing this ancient sense of connection to her own daughter.
Inform the World 2000 South AfricaVHS57320 min.This film portrays the compelling need for libraries in South Africa and the passionate determination of community librarians. This film touches on many important issues including the potential damage done to libraries by "book dumping" and sustainable alternatives that support African publishing.
International Coalition of Women CreditDVD50521:45 min.This video is from Bolivia and features a woman and her family who make costumes for a living. Her small business has made a profit and she has been able to increase the number of employees that she hires. The video documents her work and studies her way of life and how she survives.
International Labour Standards on Women WorkersVHS340 (Storage)18 min.Part of the Information Kit on International Labour Standards and Women Workers produced by the International Labour Organization.
Introduction to Our Global EnvironmentDVD39912 min.This film presents brief overviews of the interrelated problems of climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, population growth, and over consumption. Suggestions for social, political, economic and personal changes are highlighted.
Introduction to the Arab WorldVHS5348 min.This video is divided into three sections: 1) Overview - which discusses the unique characteristics of each of the regions of the Arab world, 2) Islam - which presents the historical background of the religion, and explains some of its basic tenets, 3) Arab society today - addresses the major social, cultural, political, and economic concerns of Arabs today.
Invoking JusticeDVD50085 min.In southern India, family disputes are settled by Jamaats, all male bodies which apply Islamic Sharia law to cases, without allowing women to be present or defend themselves.  In 2004, a group of women established a women's Jamaat which grew to a network of 12,000 members spread over 12 districts. Despite resistance, they have settled thousands of cases, ranging from divorce to wife beating and brutal murders.  This film follows several cases, exploring how the women's Jamaat has acquired power through both communal education and the leaders' investigation of the crimes.
Iron Ladies of LiberiaDVD14477 min.In 2006, after surviving a civil war and a corrupt government, Liberia elected the first female head of state in Africa, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Sirleaf faced the task of lifting her country from debt and devastation. She assembled a team of women and appointed them in positions such as police chief, ministers of finance, justice, commerce and gender. This video is an example of the political power of women's leadership and diplomacy.
Irrigation in the Andean Community: A Social ConstructionVHS489 (Storage)23 min.This video focuses on the successful participatory processes for gender-balanced community-based rural development in Licto, Ecuador.
Is the Crown at War With Us?DVD335c96 min.This film by Alanis Obomsawin recounts the conflict between federal fishery officers and the Mi'gmaq fishermen of Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church), New Brunswick. The film, in presenting the case of the Mi'gmaq, provides a historical context for the events.
IsililoVHS256 (Storage)5 min.This film focuses on two concerns: the future for the children, and how things have changed but remained the same for most South Africans. Concerns about violence in the townships and deplorable conditions in their surroundings are expressed.
Islam InterpretedVHS4928 min.This film explains the foundations of Islam and the origins of the various groups within the religion. It also shows how the revival of Islamic tradition, with its emphasis on non-Western styles and methods, provides a direction to the people of Islam today.
Islamic African Relief AgencyVHS21915 min.This is a short presentation in Arabic, on the Islamic African Relief Agency's activities in Sudan. Included are descriptions of the Agency's work with displaced persons and refugees, its women's programs, education programs, orphanage, and work with street kids.
Issues in Credit Program Design and ImplementationVHS; Manual available.18260 min.This film describes how to use the case study teaching method. The utilisation of case studies enables students to apply the skills they already possess in problem solving, and encourages them to learn from each other.
It’s Our Money: Where’s It Gone?DVD1918 min.Developed by the International Budget Partnership, this documentary focuses on the work of MUHURI (Muslims for Human Rights). MUHURI assists communities to participate in monitoring the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in Mombasa, Kenya. The CDF allocates approximately one million dollars annually to each member of parliament to spend on development projects but provides no independent oversight or account of the funds. This video follows Kenyan citizens attempting to do something about it.
JananiVHS38948 min.This film looks at the hardship faced by a poor family and the work of the mother to help the family survive. English subtitles.
JapanVHS4775 min.Split into five parts, this video describes the geography, climate, culture, entertainment, and government of Japan. I: Geographical features of Japan and the two natural disasters which often occur there. A look at the three largest cities, communication, seasons, and events celebrated in each season.(15 min.) II: We meet two young girls: Hiroko is a junior high student who enjoys kayaking; Eriko writes to her pen pal in North America. Traditional food, and the impact of western sports.(15 min.) III: The governmental system of Japan is explored through an election campaign. Common expressions in the Japanese language, the traditional art of making paper, its use of seals, and two traditional forms of theatre are shown in this potpourri on Japan. (15 min.) IV: We see the seasonal festivals and their relationship to the people in Japan. (15 min.) V: Traditional crafts practised in Japan, as well as Japanese high tech solutions to problems such as mailing letters, building robots, and recycling garbage. (15 min.)
Java JiveVHS642 (Storage)39 min.Coffee, the most important commodity on world markets after oil, has given birth to a unique café culture, fuelled by the powerful kick of the world's number one psychoactive drug, caffeine. This film charts the cherished bean from plantations in Central America, to the manic trading floor of the New York Coffee Exchange into the cafés of North America.
Jayshree Vyas: presentation to Coady participantsVHS68460 min.Jayshree Vyas has been the managing director of the SEWA Bank in India for the past fourteen years. On September 21, 1999, she gave a lecture on the SEWA Bank and explained Coady's relationship with the organization.
Jerusalem: Within These WallsVHS4857 min.This documentary relates the historical and archaeological past of the ancient city of Jerusalem to the modern-day state of Israel and the current situation in the Middle East.
Joanna Macy: The Work That Reconnects2-DVD set.7224 hr., 21 min.This 2-DVD set presents the teachings and methods of The Work That Reconnects, empowering people to respond with truth and creativity to the social and ecological crises facing our planet. A powerful tool building on Macy's book Coming Back to Life, this DVD-set will appeal to workshop facilitators and participants as well as to anyone with an interest in personal transformation.
Journey for SurvivalDVD6114:50 min.This video examines the vital importance of a pure, plentiful supply of water to people throughout the Third World. It also illustrates UNICEF programs in various countries to provide safe, dependable water sources, through irrigation, well-drilling, desalination, and so on.
Journey into Buddhism Dharma River : Prajna Earth: Vajra Sky Over Tibet3-DVD set.714 hrs., 15 min.These three documentaries present legendary places in Southeast Asia and Tibet, including the spiritual wonders of Laos, Thailand, Burma, Bali, Cambodia, Java, and Central Tibet. Dharma River:The Buddha image reverberates through this video and in temples, caves and shrines. The film explores the different cultural representations of this universal icon of inner peace and its relevance. Prajna Earth:This documentary explores the lost civilization of Angkor in Cambodia, including the largest temple in the world, the Angkor Wat. It continues to sacred sites, travels through Hindu Bali, witnesses trance dancers in the jungles of Java, and discovers the seven level mandala wonder of Buddhist Borobudur. Vajra Sky Over Tibet:This video travels through Himalayan terrain, visiting temples, monasteries and festivals.  The power of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism resonates in its sacred shrines including the Jokhang Temples and the empty Potala Palace, home of the Dalai Lama.
Journey through TimeVHS4711 min.This is an action packed animation film, which traces the evolution of man from the tiny tree-climbing primate of 50 million years ago, to the homo sapiens of today.
Journey to the Occupied LandsDVD6690 min.This video examines the Israeli-occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza and explores the issues of land ownership, Israeli settlements, the realities of Israeli military justice, and daily life under Israeli occupation.
Judique FishermenDVD27851 min.This video tells the story of life in the small community of Judique, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Fishing is the main source of income. The video depicts the lives of the local citizens over the last two decades. It also introduces the viewer to the religious, social and family aspects of the community.
K’alemi Dene School (N’dilo, Northwest Territories)DVD379c20:17 min.This video is grounded in the ancestral culture of its community. The school exists because of dedicated women who knew their children would benefit from education.  This video is a case study produced for the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program, Coady International Institute.
Kanehsatake: 270 Years of ResistanceDVD; Alanis Obomsawin Collection341119 min.Abenaki filmmaker, Alanis Obomsawin, presents a perspective of the 1990 Oka crisis that was not available through the media. We are able to follow the events from behind Mohawk lines--the interactions among the Mohawk protesters, negotiations with the military and provincial police, as well as appreciate their spiritual beliefs and pride in their ancestry that governs their unyielding determination to protect their land. Background information is presented to place this crisis in historical context.
Karen Education SurvivingDVD; Part of a compilation from Kaw Lah Films.74029 min.Kaw Lah's first film examines the struggle of Karen State communities to provide schooling for their children despite ongoing and intensified Burma Army oppression.
Karibu (“Welcome” in Swahili)DVD31326:40 min.The family may be the most important social unit in East Africa. However, as young people move away from their villages to big cities, the strength and support families offered are lost. This video, filmed in Kenya, shows the traditional family, the challenge of the city and the ways in which parishes in Nairobi are trying to become welcoming families to newcomers.
Keepers of the FireDVD; NFB.27655 min."No people is broken until the hearts of its women are on the ground." In this film aboriginal women let their hearts speak. These are the voices of "warrior women"--those who have been on the front lines of some of the most important struggles aboriginal people in Canada have faced recently. Storytellers, dreamers, healers and fighters are represented from the Mohawk, Haida, Maliseet and Ojibwe. National Film Board (NFB).
KM. 207, By the Roadside: The case of Hector ReyesDVD77942 min.In September 2003, Hector Reyes, a plantation worker, is kidnapped by orders of his employer. His disappearance occurs while the government is supposedly committed to human rights and in mediation of the land conflicts which have increased throughout history. This video retraces part of the history of the Nueva Linda Group in its struggle for justice and brings light to the management of Reyes's case by the Oscar Berger government.
Knowledge from the NorthDVD20958:50 min.Two case studies on participatory action research are presented. The film describes education and curriculum development among the Dene of the Canadian north, and the indigenous peoples of Australia.
Kusoma (We Are Learning)DVD435a21:30 min.South African women travel to Swaziland for training in leadership, business and credit. Produced by UNIFEM.
Kwa’nu’te’: Micmac and Maliseet ArtistsDVD; NFB.52841:08 min.Kwa'nu'te' is a peace chant that invokes the power of creation, a way of bringing back and honouring those spirits that share their visions of healing in a wounded world. The eight Maliseet and Micmac artists from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia who are portrayed in this film all share this spiritual conciousness. National Film Board (NFB).
Labelled: Mentally IllDVD77131 min.This documentary explores the lives of individuals who suffer with mental illness and promotes awareness of the stigma associated with it.
Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard CohenVHS; NFB.18944 min.Produced in 1965, this is an informal portrait of the Montreal poet, novelist, and songwriter Leonard Cohen. He is seen reading his poetry to rapt audiences and relaxing with family and friends. National Film Board (NFB).
LaDonna Harris: Indian 101DVD85363 min.This film presents the life of Comanche activist and national civil rights leader LaDonna Harris and the role that she has played in Native and American history since the 1960s. Harris became a voice for Native people and this video celebrates her work to strengthen and rebuild indigenous communities and train emerging Native leaders around the world.
Land and Ritual Among the Angami NagaVHS; PAL FORMAT.42323 min.Most parts of Nagaland are under swidden or jhum cultivation. Once blamed for causing land and forest degradation, it is now being acknowledged as a sustainable practice. The film highlights the dominant role played by women in swidden agriculture. The Naga women have more rights than women in the Indian plains, but significant inequities persist. The film touches upon the links between indigenous knowledge and the cultural identity of the Angami Nagas, who are adapting their traditional religion with Christianity that was introduced 100 years ago.
Last ChanceDVD57085 min.This video follows the stories of five asylum seekers who flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence. It champions the cause of sexual minorities who refuse to deny their core identity and demonstrates the reality of people who assert their differences against all odds.
Last Mooseskin BoatVHS & DVD050, 34729 min.This documentary records the passing of a tradition of the Shotah Dene of the N.W.T. In this program, Gabe Etchinelle returns to the mountains of his youth to build one last mooseskin boat, now preserved in a museum in Yellowknife, a tribute to an earlier way of life.
Lateral ViolenceDVD3019:38 min.Through the eyes of leaders in the Aboriginal community, this documentary-drama takes a look within our own Nations, communities, organizations and families.
Laxwesa Wa: Strength of the RiverVHS; NFB.344 (Storage)54 min.Filmmaker Barb Cranmer, a member of the 'Namgis First Nation, explores the rich fishing traditions of the Sto:lo, Heiltsuk and 'Namgis peoples of Canada's West Coast. Cranmer presents rarely heard stories of tradtional fishing practices and documents native peoples' efforts to build a sustainable fishery for the future. National Film Board (NFB).
Le Diagnostic Participatif A DouentzaDVD; presented in French.59415 min.Participatory diagnostics program undertaken by U.S.C. Canada in Douentza, Mali.
Le Malentendu ColonialDVD75273 min.This film examines European colonialism in Africa through Christian evangelism. The film investigates the role of German missionaries in the 1904 genocide of the Herero people. It also looks at the 1884 Berlin Conference, where the colonial powers divided Africa amongst themselves. The film reveals how colonialism destroyed African beliefs and social systems and replaced them with European values. Also highlighted is the role of African Christians in Namibia's struggle for independence and in the greater African Renaissance.
Leading in a Time of Change : What it will take to lead tomorrowDVD; Workbook included.66842 min.Watch the conversation between Peter Drucker and Peter Senge as they talk about the importance of learning to lead change for all organizations. In their discussion Drucker and Senge reveal how you can: - Develop systematic methods to look for and anticipate change - Focus on and invest in opportunities rather than problems - Phase out established products and services - Balance change and continuity - Motivate and retain top performers and create a mind-set among employees that embraces positive change.
Leading to Choices Series: Communicating For ChangeDVD; Includes manual.66918 min.Women activists from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East explore strategic ways of communicating their message to diverse audiences. This video focuses on two crucial aspects of communication: developing media messages and conducting media interviews.
Leading to Choices Series: Developing Effective Advocacy CampaignsDVD; Includes manual.66941 min.Activists from the Women's Learning Partnership's partner organizations in Malaysia, Morocco, Palestine, and Jordan share their experiences with implementing advocacy strategies, building coalitions, and organizing campaigns to fight violence against women.
Leading to Choices Series: Learning to Facilitate InteractivelyDVD; Includes manual and overview.66930 min.This video showcases facilitation techniques used by the Women's Learning Partnership's partners to conduct grassroots leadership training workshops for women in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Participants discuss methods for creating learning environments. Trainers share the challenges and successes they have experienced in making horizontal leading an effective means of promoting women's empowerment and human rights.
Learning from BorobudurDVD065b35 min.This film allows the viewer to understand the stories carved in stone of the ancient monument, the Borobudur Temple. The film also helps one to understand the process pilgrims went through until they reached enlightenment. Many of these stories are still relevant today.
Legacy for EfrainVHS24519 min.From the Andes of Bolivia to the killing fields of Cambodia, struggling families are finding new hope through livestock--goats, cows, water buffalo & llamas--which provide food and income. Produced by Heifer Project International.
Lepchas of Sikkim–A Vanishing Tribe?VHS; PAL FORMAT.52420 min.This film examines the Lepcha tribe of the mountains of Sikkim: their culture, religion, and history, as well as the influence of Tibetan, British, and Nepali immigrants to their traditional lands. Produced by IDIMOD.
Leper: Life Beyond StigmaDVD79722:32 min.This video provides a glimpse into a remote community of lepers in Nepal. Citizens speak about their relationship with leprosy, to other communities, and to the stigmas and misunderstandings which surround this disease. The community members explain how they have built new lives for themselves and recreated family within this society.
Lesson PlanDVD46976 min.This documentary features interviews with the original students and teacher of the 1967 Third Wave experiment, an exercise in fascism.  History teacher Ron Jones, developed this experiment and within one week, the Third Wave took on a life of its own, and the students unknowingly re-enacted the roots of the Third Reich.
Letters from PyongyangDVD86328 min.Canadian-Korean filmmaker Jason Lee illustrates his Father's story of a family torn apart by the Korean War. The father and son travel to the North Korean capital in search of long-lost relatives. Combining footage from the North, archival images and family photographs, this film explores the tragic subject of families divided by the political conflict in the two Koreas.
Liberating Co-opsDVD; Companion Book, 334.09599 L615.36853 min.Four co-operatives in the Philippines overcome opposition from co-op leaders and staff to enable women members to realize their potentials, and to address gender issues within their organizations. Translating their awareness into action, they prove that pursuing the gender agenda brings benefits to both the women and the co-ops through increased membership, deposits, savings, loans and income.
Life 3 Series, Part 6: It Takes a VillageDVD66023 min.In 1991 a cyclone struck the district of Chakaria in western Bangladesh. Foreign aid flooded into the region in the wake of that disaster, but in what is still a conservative Muslim region the aid bred dependency and mistrust. What was needed in Chakaria was a real experiement in community participation, one in which the villagers could decide what kind of health services were necessary, and then take it upon themselves to facilitate those services. This video tells the story of the experiment.
Life 4 Series, Part 1: The Millennium Goals: dream or reality?DVD65827 min.At the turn of the new millennium, the world looked forward to an end to absolute poverty, avoidable disease, oppression of women, and children without education. The United Nations embodied these hopes in a series of eight targets - the Millennium Development Goals. This video explores the ambition and scope of each of the individual goals and the obstacles to their achievement.
Life 4 Series, Part 15: Brazil’s Land RevolutionDVD66223 min.In Brazil, almost half of the agricultural land is owned by just one percent of the population. Brazil's president, Luiz Ignazio Lula da Silva, has announced plans to resettle more than 100,000 landless families this year (2004), and promised an extra US$500 million towards agrarian reform over the next two years. This video visits the Northeastern state of Bahia to report on an initiative, which encourages the landless to club together to buy up land, with low-interest government loans.
Life 4 Series, Part 21: Reel to Real: Balancing ActsDVD2123 min.In 1994, government leaders signed an agreement aimed at improving the lives of women worldwide. This video explores how women from very different cultures are taking on the status quo. Stories look at how Afghan women refugees are returning to start over in Kabul; the female entrepreneurs of Nigeria who are denied recognition of their contribution to the economy; a teenager try to get an education in Pakistan; and the 'inherited widows' of Kenya.
Life 4 Series, Part 24: In The Wake of WarDVD2424 min.The video follows Philippe Mvuyekure who has spent five years living in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Now, he is going home to Burundi along with thousands of refugees. They believe that the ten-year civil war between the Hutu rebels and the Tutsi-dominated army has come to an end. To assist returning refugees, Burundi is introducing innovative peace and reconciliation projects. The goal is to start a grassroots movement to bring peace to the country and its citizens. This program examines the future for Burundi.
Life 4 Series, Part 26: The HospiceDVD2823 min.The Mother of Mercy Hospice in Lusaka, Zambia provides a place for patients with HIV/AIDS to die with dignity. This film follows the work of the staff and volunteers at the hospice and in the surrounding villages. The courage of patients, the staff support and the dignity of how they all deal with death gives an account of the face of AIDS in modern Africa.
Life 4 Series, Part 27: Slum FuturesDVD66423 min.Bombay (Mumbai) is India's financial capital. According to Mumbai's city housing authority, eight out of the 12 million people in Mumbai live in the slums. Mumbai's slum dwellers are a proud community and the city is also an important microcosm of how slums are developing around the world. Globally one in six people live in slums. At the current rate of growth, UN-Habitat predicts that by 2030, one in every three people in the world could be living in a slum.
Life and DebtDVD72486 min.Jamaica is an example of the effect of economic globalization on the world's developing countries. Restructuring policies put forth by organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have crippled Jamaica's efforts toward self-reliant development while enriching the lenders. Featuring interviews with former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley, Deputy Director of the IMF Stanley Fisher and President of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide, this film portrays the relationship between Jamaican poverty and the practices of international lending agencies while driving home the consequences of globalization.
Life on the LineDVD36018 min.This film follows the activities of the Karen guerrillas to fight the Slorc army in Burma. The development of offshore oil resources by transnational companies has led to the construction of a pipeline through Karen territory to Thailand. The Karen accuse Slorc forces of burning villages and killing citizens who live in the path of this pipeline. The Karen fight back by disrupting pipeline construction.
Life on the ReserveDVD44242 min.This video highlights the challenges of living on a reserve, as well as the hope the people have for their community.  This documentary focuses on the impoverished conditions present in Northern Ontario at Gull Bay First Nation reserve.
Life Series, Part 17: Regopstaan’s DreamDVD67224:51 min.Many years ago, the Bushmen were evicted from the Kalahari by the apartheid government of South Africa who said they were "too westernized" to cohabit with the wild animals in the National Park. Regopstaan Krupier was an elder in the Khomani clan of the Bushmen who initiated the right to regain control of their ancestral lands. This video follows the story of his son, Dawid Krupier's campaign to make the dream come true.
Life Series, Part 18: Untouchable?DVD65728 min.Veerasamy lives in a small village in southern India where all the inhabitants are dalits - outcasts or 'untouchables' as they're known in India. Families of dalit people exist as bonded or slave labourers. Human rights organizations are now taking up the dalits' cause and calling for the end of this discrimination.
Life Series, Part 7: The Seattle SyndromeDVD65624:45 min.How would you react if you could make money out of growing cocoa beans, but were punished for turning it into chocolate? That's how many people in the Third World feel when they face import controls for turning their raw materials into manufactured goods. Now they're also running up against the Seattle Syndrome - an alliance of liberals and protectionists who want more restrictions on trade to fight poor wages and working conditions. Is the Seattle Syndrome a justifiable way of fighting globalization?
Lifecycles: A Story of AIDS in MalawiDVD58256:30 min.Of the 24 million people living with Aids in Africa, more than 1 million live in Malawi. The impact of this disease is apparent in all facets of society. Lifecycles explores witchcraft, sex, poverty, death and religion and how these things have been forever changed by HIV/AIDS.
Listen to the Earth and You Will LearnNote:287 (Storage)20 min.This film is recommended for use in stimulating discussion on environmental concerns.
Little Caughnawaga: To Brooklyn and BackDVD23956:46 min.While Mohawk steel workers were building Manhattan skyscrapers, Mohawk women sustained a vibrant community in the heart of Brooklyn. This video looks at the neighbourhood's busiest times through the 1920s to the 1960s.
Lives Worth LivingDVD91454 min.This historical documentary explores the Disability Rights Movement and features Fred Fay, who suffered a spinal cord injury as a teenager. Fay fought for decades for equal rights and opportunity for the disabled, and advocated for programs allowing the disabled to live independently. Leaders of the movement narrate the story of the drive for civil rights that resulted in some of the most important civil rights legislation in the United States' history.
Living in Two WorldsDVD44324 min.Young native people explore the meaning of being a native in a modern world while traditional elders highlight the past and the meaning of being managers of the land. This video presents a glimpse of native people as they see themselves and as they struggle to maintain their identity in both the old and the new worlds.
Local Futures: Beyond the Global EconomyDVD65530 min.Following on from Ancient Futures: Learning From Ladakh, this video challenges the belief that globalization is the best choice. It argues for a reduction of distance between consumers and producers so as to strengthen local economies and the communities they support.
Local Perspectives on DevelopmentDVD400b72 min.Produced by local filmmakers in Kenya, Namibia, Nicaragua, Thailand and Viet Nam, this program provides thought-provoking insights from a community perspective into the challenges facing children. Distributed by UNICEF.
Long Road to Justice: The Viola Desmond storyDVD40144:21:00Viola Desmond was born in 1914 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  In 1946, while waiting for her car to be fixed, she visited a local theatre.  The theatre had a discrimination policy and African Nova Scotians weren't allowed to sit on the main level.  Viola sat on the main level and when she refused to leave, police arrested her and she spent the night in jail.  She was convicted of defrauding the Province and given a fine, which she paid. In 2010, the province of Nova Scotia granted an official apology and free pardon to Desmond, now deceased, for her courageous stand again racism.
Looking After Our LandVHS22098 min.This video and accompanying book (631.6/C869l) are about the main lessons to be learned from new approaches to soil and water conservation in sub-Saharan Africa. Case studies from Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Mali, show how, in the wake of many failures, some success has been achieved in projects where the participation of local people has been recognized as the crucial issue.
Looking for JusticeDVD76929 min.This video examines the reality of life for Guatemalan coffee farmers.  It looks at how one Mayan farmer's movement is using Fair Trade coffee to fund their human rights activism and change the lives of people in Guatemala.
Los Informales: The Other EconomyDVD11814 min.A film by Accion International which describes the role of the informal sector in Peru's economy. Since informal businesses are not registered with the government, they are not eligible for bank loans. Thus, organizations such as Progresso are now providing credit to micro-enterprises, so that their economic potential to the national economy may be realized.
Losing The LandDVD38152 min.The problems of drought, desertification and land depletion in Kenya is presenting challenges to pastoralist peoples. This film describes the lifestyle of nomadic pastoralists and the effects drought has had on their lives. They also face the pressure to give up their way of life and settle in one location. Once fertile lands are being exhausted due to lack of proper contracts between tenants and landlords.
Loud, Proud and ProsperousDVD35917 min.This film features women with disabilities in Zambia and Zimbabwe who are participating in cutting-edge microcredit programs. Through interviews with disabled businesswomen and at their places of enterprise, the video promotes new, more accurate images of women with disabilities in developing countries as micro-entrepreneurs supporting themselves and their families, and agents of economic development.
Mabou Fights BackDVD85020 min.In 1986, the Canadian government privatized the postal service and approved the closure of nearly 5000 rural post offices. The loss of the post office located in Mabou, Cape Breton, would have been devastating to the local economy. Rallies were held, petitions were signed, letters were sent and people organized. Canada Post brought in their public relations people to pacify the community. A compromise was reached after the community's efforts generated national attention and overwhelming support. They were allowed to run the post office themselves as a community owned and operated business, with Canada Post subsidizing the operations.
Made in DagenhamDVD826113 min.Rita O'Grady is the leader of the 1968 Ford Dagenham strike by sewing machinists which led to the advent of the Equal Pay Act. Working in terrible conditions for long hours, the women at the Ford plant finally lose their patience when they are reclassified as 'unskilled'. They take on their corporate paymasters, and finally the government itself.
Made in IndiaDVD60555 min.Produced by Patricia Plattner, this powerful documentary is a portrait of the now-famous women's organization in India, the Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA), that holds to the simple yet radical belief that poor women need organizing, not welfare. It offers union membership to the illiterate street women who sell vegetables or who pick up paper scraps for recycling -- jobs that most men don't consider real work. A stunning success, SEWA now has a membership of more then 217,000 and its bank has assets of $4 million. Plattner's documentary is an important look at the power of grassroots global feminism.
Maestra (Teacher)DVD85533 min.In 1961, over 250,000 Cubans joined their country's National Literacy Campaign and taught 707,000 other Cubans to read and write. Almost half of these volunteer teachers were under 18, and more than half were women. This video explores the experiences of eight women who helped eradicate Cuban illiteracy within one year. This documentary includes one of the first Cubans of her generation to call herself a feminist and one of the first members of Cuba's LGBT community.
Mahatma: Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 1869-19482-CD set.CDR-108138 min.Produced by the Gandhi Films International, this is an abridged version of the documentary biography "Mahatma".
Make Your Own JobDVD58717 min.Talks about self-employment, new employment and the benefits of small loans.
MAKGOMO: Hope and Hardship in the new South AfricaVHS494 (Storage)12:35 minThis video depicts the struggle of South African women during the Apartheid and how they gradually gained control over their lives after Nelson Mandela was elected. This video presents the attempts of South African women to provide for themselves and their children through small business.
Making Lost Dreams Come TrueDVD79410:19 min.The Phoebe Education Fund for AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (PEFO) is an organization that began in 2003 in Uganda. The organization believes that AIDS orphans can have a future with investments in their education. Many orphans are raised by their grandparents and one of PEFO's projects is to provide proper shelters for these families. This video depicts the work of volunteers and communities in rebuilding the homes of grandparents who are no longer able to do it themselves.
Malcolm DecidesVHS3820 min.Malcolm decides how to use his gift certificates by employing a decision - making process whose steps are: defining the problem, listing alternatives, stating criteria, evaluating alternatives, and making the decision.
Mama WahunziDVD60457 min.In Kenya and Uganda, there is a staggering demand for more than 200,000 wheelchairs annually, and of the 250 produced only one percent go to women. This uplifting film by Lawan Jirasuradej follows three disabled East African women who were trained with an American organization and learned to build wheelchairs for themselves and their community. Their inspiring stories of courage and hard work reveal how they combated stereotypes of disability, gender and poverty, and became self-sustaining entrepreneurs by providing a local solution to an international development problem.
ManawanDVD, booklet55666 min.In 1970 the Atikamekw people of Manawan, Quebec collaborated with Alanis Obomsawin to develop a multimedia educational kit.  It presented young Canadians with a new kind of Aboriginal ethnography and history, one created and controlled from within.
MandelaVHS224135 min.A dramatization of Nelson Mandela's life from his co-founding of the African National Congress which organized South African blacks against apartheid, to his unjust trial for treason and lengthy imprisonment.
Mandela: Son of Africa, Father of a NationDVD; Includes cd, book, map.117118 min.This documentary follows Nelson Mandela from his early days and tribal education to his election as South Africa's first black president. In addition to the documentary, there is a Mandela original soundtrack and a book containing images and photos depicting the life of Nelson Mandela. A National Geographic map of South Africa detailing Nelson Mandela's history is included.
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media2-DVD set; NFB.19095 min.Borrowing from the title of one of Noam Chomsky's 30 books, this film is an ambitious attempt to provide insight into the internationally acclaimed linguist, author and radical political philosopher. Recent and archival footage of Chomsky's interviews, lectures and media appearances portray themes and ideas elaborated by Chomsky over a quarter century. National Film Board (NFB).
Many Though OneDVD31628:45 min.In Cairo, Catholics worship in seven different rites which are reminders of the ancient church history, art and tradition. Priests, bishops and laypeople explain the practices and beliefs of their respective rights.
MariaVHS2046 min.This film tells the story of immigrant women employed as factory workersfor Glenda Fashions, Montreal. It is the story of their struggle to form a union which would enable them to better their working conditions.
Maritime MontageDVD48330 min.This film (~1954) explores the positive results of the Antigonish Movement in the fishing community of Canso, Nova Scotia, and the farming community of Summerside, Prince Edward Island. As well, Moses M. Coady is present and explains his reasons for the Antigonish Movement.
Martha of the NorthDVD29683 min.In the mid-1950s, lured by promises of a better life, Inuit families were displaced by the Canadian government and left in the Far North. Martha Flaherty and her family lived through one of CaNada's most dark and little-known historical events.
Martin Luther King Jr. – I Have a DreamDVD5760 min.On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech to a crowd of more than 200,000 civil rights protestors gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Two months earlier, President John Kennedy has sent a civil rights bill to Congress, but it was struck down. Kennedy realized he was powerless to stop the civil rights movement so he embraced it instead. Nearly a year after the march on Washington, Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Act banned racial discrimination in public places, in public education and enforced the constitutional right to vote.
McKnight PresentationDVD4733 hr., 32 min.John McKnight's 1 day presentation in Antigonish, October,1999, in which he discusses his ideas on assets-based community development.
Me & the MosqueDVD; NFB.1552 min.Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. In North America, a large number of converts are women. Ironically many mosques force women to pray in a separate area away from the men, and some mosques do not even permit women to enter the building. In this video, journalist and filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz visits mosques throughout Canada and talks with people about equal access for women. National Film Board (NFB).
Meena: Three WishesDVD400a15 min.Meena dreams that a genie grants her three wishes--that everyone is healthy and will never again get sick from poor sanitation and water. When Meena wakes, she must make her dream come true.
Meena: Who Is Afraid of the Bully?DVD400a13 min.Meena's friend Rita is picked on everyday while walking to school. So, Meena decides to beat the bully at his own game and show the bully that he is the ultimate loser and it would be better if they were all friends. Produced by UNICEF.
Meeting of NationsDVD15729:28 min.During the 1700's the Mi'kmaq, Maliseet and Passamaquoddy signed a series of treaties with the British Crown. The intent of the treaties was to live in peace and friendship. This video chronicles the history of this relationship and gives insights into the evolving nature of the spirit and intent of the treaties.
Membertou First Nation (Sydney, Nova Scotia)DVD379d28:27 min.Membertou was a small reserve forcibly relocated in the 1920s. Since then it has become an economic power in the region. This case study explores Membertou's transformation from a welfare reserve to one of Cape Breton's economic giants.  This video is a case study produced for the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program, Coady International Institute.
Men are Human, Women are BuffaloDVD80229 min.This film combines interviews and shadow puppetry to tell the stories of five women who suffered domestic violence in Thailand, a country with a high incidence of violence against women.
Menezes, Casimir: India (DI88)VHS127
Menezes, Casmir: India, (DI88)VHS127
Merchants of Doubt .DVD + Blu-ray88193 min.This film takes audiences on a ride into the heart of conjuring American spin. It exposes a secretive group of people who present themselves in the media as scientific authorities while spreading maximum confusion about well-studied public threats ranging from toxic chemicals to pharmaceuticals to climate change.
Message of the Baobab TreeVHS25324 min.The baobab tree is described by many as the prince of the savannah. Yet, too often today baobab trees are dying in the face of indiscriminate ecological destruction. This witty drama brings a last warning from the baobab tree to humankind, and shares suggestions for ensuring a healthy future.
Micro-Credit: The Business of SurvivalVHS508 (Storage)57 min.Micro-credit has become so successful that it is being used in the United States to help low-income people help themselves. Private, nonprofit organizations are the major creators of micro-credit. Micro-Credit travels to three Latin American countries-Bolivia, Guatemala, and Colombia-and to two U.S. locations-Chicago and North Carolina-to show how these programs are working.
Micro-enterprise as a Means of Empowerment: An International WorkshopVHS40816 min.In 1995, South Asia Partnership (SAP) hosted a workshop in Sri Lanka attended by representatives of many NGOs involved in microenterprise development, including SEWA, Sarvodaya, BRAC, Calmeadow and Coady.
Mi’kmaq Family: Migmaoei OtjiosogDVD335a32 min.A Mi'kmaq woman returns to Cape Breton to show her children their First Nations roots by attending the summer gathering at Chapel Island-a Mawio'mi. Each year St. Anne's Day is celebrated here. People share stories and gain spiritual and cultural strength from the richness of their heritage.
Mirrors of Ourselves: Tools of Democratic Reflection for Groups of Children and YouthDVD67322 min.This video describes participatory methods that were developed by Children's Environments Research Groups (CERG) to enable children in Nepal, aged 8 to 16 years, to look critically at the functioning of their clubs. These clubs assist in the advancement of democracy and children's rights.
Mission Statement and Objectives, with Paul MohnVHS; Director Education Series.36This session deals with the importance of a mission statement, is important to all directors because it clarifies and provides direction. If you really want to have an understanding of where you are and where you want to go, the mission statement will help you do that.
Mobilizing Community AssetsVHS; 2-video set.450 (Storage)4 hr.Drawing on the success of the book "Building Communities from the Inside Out" by John Kretzman and John McKnight, this video training program presents 6 modules. The authors present clear, practical ways to mobilize the capacities of local residents, the power of citizens' associations and the resources of local institutions to rebuild strong communities.
Mohawk GirlsDVD; NFB.70253 min.This video depicts the lives of three teenage girls living on the Kahnawake Native reserve near Montreal. It explores the issues of identity, culture and family and reveals the hope, despair, heartache and promise of growing up Native in the 21st century. National Film Board (NFB).
MomentumDVD; NFB.40319:45 min.A video collage of images portraying the landscape and culture of Canada, accompanied by a music soundtrack. No narration.
Momentum SmudgeDVD; NFB.71712:12 min.Christians have cathedrals, Muslims their mosques. For Native Canadians used to praying in natural settings, the world is a sacred space. In Aboriginal spirituality, the use of drumming, singing and smouldering sweet grass can draw unwanted attention in the city. This video presents how a group of Aboriginal women celebrate their rights to worship in the city. National Film Board (NFB).
Monday’s GirlsVHS286 (Storage)49 min.This documentary looks at a traditional women's "initiation rite" through the contrasting experiences of two women, one from a rural village, the other from the city.
MondragonVHS; Includes manual.213e13 min.Established 30 years ago, the Mondragon Experiment in the Basque region of Spain is recognized as the most successful workers' cooperative in the western world. This video traces the evolution of the Mondragon model of Don Jose Maria and the establishment of the technical school where training and education are promoted.
Monuments or Living Structures (South Africa)VHS140
Mopiopio, The Breath of AngolaVHS25554 min.In Angola, music is a key part of life. This film shows the streets, dance halls and concerts in Luanda, revealing an incredible range of music. The musicians talk about their lives and musical roots, about their enthusiasms and their dreams for the future of the country. The film shows how tradition and newer international influences affect modern African culture.
Moses CoadyDVD; NFB.034, 05157:30 min.Moses Coady, who was called many things in his lifetime, proved to be the most effective social reformer Canada has known. He went into the villages, organized the people into groups, helped them set up credit unions and cooperatives, and freed them from the semi-feudal conditions they lived in. Today, people come from all over the world to study his methods at the Coady International Institute, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. National Film Board (NFB).
Moses Coady: Beyond The MountainDVD58144 min.Produced by History Television in 2002, this is a biography of the life and exploits of Dr. Moses Coady. It follows his beginnings in Cape Breton, through seminary to his career at St.F.X., highlighting his love of people and his drive for social progress that would be felt throughout the world. The film includes interviews with his colleagues at the Extension Department who participated in the Antigonish Movement.
MosqueDVD31929 min.News reports from the Middle East have made Americans more aware of the importance of Islam, but 900 million Muslims and their faith are still a mystery to many. This programme, filmed in Cairo, Egypt provides non-Muslims with a respectful introduction to Islam.
Mother Earth / La Terre notre MereVHS; NFB.19211 min.This short, evocative, poetic film celebrates life on our planet. Powerful reference to the forces that threaten the earth and all its inhabitants offer us points for reflection. Haunting visual images, selected from 50 years of NFB productions, speak without words. National Film Board (NFB).
Mothers Courage, Thriving SurvivorsDVD11352 min.This documentary looks at how the Rwandan women got back on their feet following the genocide of 1994. These women have worked tirelessly toward the reconstruction of Rwanda. They have imposed changes at every level of the social and political spectrum, including in the National Parliament. They prove to the world that poverty is not a necessary consequence of fate.
Multimedia Story of Women’s Worlds 2011DVD37496 min.This video features highlights from the 2011 Women's World congress held July 3-7th at Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada.
Muriel Duckworth Practising PeaceDVD16446 min.At 90 years old, Muriel Duckworth was still protesting NATO bombings and armed interventions. Her commitment to peace and social justice is immeasurable. Through archival footage, interviews and personal encounters, this documentary explores Muriel's relationships and beliefs that support her fierce attachment to life and to the well-being of humanity.
Music by PrudenceDVD58633 min.This film tells the story of Prudence, a young Zimbabwean woman who, together with her band, overcomes the odds, and in her own voice conveys to the world that 'disability does not mean inability'.
My Name is KahentiiostaDVD; Alanis Obomsawin Collection34130 min.Alanis Obomsawin, producer of Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance, presents a profile of a young Kahnawake Mohawk woman who was arrested during the 1990 Oka crisis. This film follows her involvement in the standoff, her arrest, and her reassertion of her role in the aboriginal resistance movement to achieve self-determination.
My Own Private Lower PostDVD90732:11 min.Duane Gastant' Aucoin embarks on a journey with his mother to understand the effects that the Lower Post residential school had on her life. While he did not attend the school, he realizes it has had a deep influence on his life. In this film, mother and son visit the school and talk about family life. Together they discover their own strength as they explore the experience through discussion, legend and dance.
Myles Horton & Highlander: 100 Years of Fighting for JusticeDVD5218:14 min.This video presents a history of the life of Myles Horton and the Highlander Center.  Text and photos are set to music representative of each time period.
Myles Horton, Paulo Freire and Friends Gather at HighlanderDVD5351 hr., 43 min.This tape presents an informal meeting at the Highlander Folk School on Dec. 5 1987, when Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and Highlander founder Myles Horton met with local students and adult education workers to discuss adult education and related topics.
Nada’s RevolutionDVD92260 min.In the wake of the Arab Spring, this documentary presents a portrait of a young, post-revolution Egyptian woman fighting for her freedom and independence in a society caught between old traditions and modernization. Amidst the political turmoil that has paralyzed Egypt for almost three years, Nada struggles to establish herself as an independent women and theater professional as she sets out to make her old dream come true - to work with children's theater.
Nanabozhung: We are the SolutionDVD89080:38 min.After the imposition of the Indian Act, being forced to live on reserves and the forced re-education in residential schools, can the Batchewana First Nations continue to survive as a people in this urban environment? Can we afford to allow their culture to die when it puts the preservation of the environment above all else?
Narmada: A Valley RisesDVD29390 min.This film documents the people's resistance to the building of the Narmada Dam in India. It shows the mobilisation and non-violent struggles of the indigenous rural people as they use Gandhian-inspired approaches. It also shows the government-backed supporters of the dam responding with their own mobilisation and techniques aimed at undermining the Gandhian methods. The people's movement has led to the World Bank withdrawing support for the dam, although the Indian Government continues its support.
Native Women: PoliticsDVD73124 min.The video presents several of the nation's Aboriginal female leaders and their views on issues such as rebuilding a balanced self-government. An examination of the Indian Act and Bill C31 demonstrate their consequences on Native women.
Native Young: Legacy: The Residential SchoolsDVD89229:46 min.Told through the eyes of a native punk rock band, this video explores the lingering effects that residential schools still have on generations of First Nation communities. It challenges difficult and confusing Canadian political views and highlights other challenges faced by many native people in Canada. The band members' experiences of living on reserves are featured while the band's music provides a musical backdrop for the film.
Nepal – Water ProjectDVD6124:10 min.The water potential of this country is enormous, however, few of its people have access to it. To provide for this basic need, the Government of Nepal enforced a Safe Drinking Water Policy. Several agencies, including Lutheran World Service have come up with water schemes that are mostly implemented by local skills. This film deals with a Lutheran water scheme along with others.
Nepal: Where the Legends LiveDVD44929:50 min.This video is presented in two sections.  It appears to be a tourism video.  It presents the Nepali landscape, local customs such as sports, festivals and parades.  The culture and various types of employment are also shown.  The Nepali language is spoken throughout the film.
NeriaDVD259103 min.This drama follows the life a woman and her husband who work together to build a secure life for their family. When the husband dies without a will, Neria's brother in law takes over the house, car, bankbook and children claiming that tradition entitles him to his brother's possessions. After many struggles, Neria realizes she has legal rights, and succeeds in the end in reclaiming her family and home.
Nero’s Guests: The Age of InequalityDVD91556 min.Thousands of farmers have committed suicide in India over the last several years. Sadly, the mainstream media rarely reports either the suicides or the cause. This documentary tells the story of India's agrarian crisis and the growing inequality seen through the work of the Rural Affairs Editor of the The Hindu newspaper, P. Sainath. Through sustained coverage of the farm crisis, Sainath and his colleagues compelled the government to take notice and act.
New Dawn EnterprisesDVD; Includes manual.213a20 min.This business based in Sydney, Nova Scotia, is organized as a community development corporation to initiate, develop and establish ventures that contribute to the local community economically, socially and culturally.
No Easy Walk : EthiopiaVHS26252 min.Africa's oldest nation also became the first to free itself from colonial domination. The film begins with the Ethiopian victory over the Italians in 1896 at the Battle of Adowa, a victory that paved the way for Emperor Menelik's modernization program (a telephone network, railways and an educational system.) Using photo archives and newsreels the producers document the reign of Haile Selassie, the Mussolini invasion and Italian occupation, and the road to independence.
No Easy Walk : KenyaDVD26152 min.This film traces the history of Kenya's opposition to white rule, from the arrival of settlers in the 19th century to the Mau Mau revolution in 1952. We see the growing frustration of the Kenyans and their leader Jomo Kenyatta. Eyewitnesses speak of the old colonial laws restricting black movement and access to land. They describe the evolution of the Mau Mau and its characterisation in the European press.
No Easy Walk : ZimbabweVHS25257 min.In March 1886, the Ndebele people of what was then called Rhodesia rose in armed rebellion against European settlers such as Cecil Rhodes who had taken over much of the land to mine gold and other minerals. The first rebellion ended in defeat and it took another 84 years and a guerrilla war in the 1970s before independence was gained. This video traces that struggle and portrays the lives of Robert Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, Ian Smith and others.
No Longer SilentVHS10957 min.Prejudice against women in India is exemplified by customs like the centuries-old dowry system. Recent abuses of the dowry system have turned this tradition into socially sanctioned terror: excessive dowry demands, extortion of goods through physical and mental harassment of brides and their families, and a growing number of dowry-related murder, most commonly "bride burning". The film takes a revealing look at some aspects of this discrimination, and at the determined efforts of some Indian women to bring about change.
No More Tears SisterDVD; NFB.69354 min.Set during the violent ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, the documentary explores the life of human rights activist Dr. Rajani Thiranagama. Rajani, part of a generation of political activists of the 1960s and 1970s, was assassinated at the age of thirty-five. Fifteen years after her death, her sister Nirmala, a former Tamil militant and political prisoner, decides to break her silence about Rajani's life and her slaying. National Film Board (NFB).
No Nukes is Good Nukes!: The Legacy of New Zealand’s Grassroots Anti-Nuclear MovementDVD77050 min.Using eyewitness accounts with archival footage and still photography, this film traces concerns for a Nuclear Free Pacific - protesting against French testing at Moruroa, and the Peace Squadron's actions against visiting nuclear ships to local ports. After years of concern about the effects of nuclear testing in the Pacific region and increasing opposition to vessels carrying nuclear weapons to New Zealand, the Nuclear Free legislation was passed by an Act of Parliament in 1987. This film celebrates the 20th year since that event.
No Spare PartsVHS288 (Storage)22 min.Appropriate technology is examined in Ghana where recycled metals are used for automobile repairs, agricultural implements, food processing machinery, and saw mills.
No Turning BackDVD; NFB.40647 min.Following the Oka crisis in 1990, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples was created. This film follows the Commission's journey to meet with aboriginal people across Canada, weaving the passionate and articulate voices of Indian, Inuit, and Metis with the history of the relationship between First Nations peoples and the Canadian government. National Film Board (NFB).
NosotrosVHS510 (Storage)52 min.This video presents the horrific experiences of a few of the Central American communities affected by Hurrican Mitch, and shows us the exceptional organizational and reconstruction efforts that led to the courageous rebirth of communities throughout Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Not Far from BolgatangaVHS4429 min.This is a case study of a new technology being introduced in a Third World country. With Canadian support, 2500 wells were drilled in Northern Ghana. This documentary records the social changes and the problems of transferring even simple technology to another culture.
Nothing is Lost: Grassroots Management Training in AfricaVHS63111:30 min.
Nothing Like ChocolateDVD825Two versions: 55 min.; 68 min.This film tells the story of Mott Green and the Grenada Chocolate Company he founded, a farmers' and chocolate-makers' cooperative. Claiming to be the smallest in the world, this solar-powered workers' co-op provides a viable model for creating sustainable communities in the global South and beyond.
O CanadaDVD; NFB.4032:15 min.Canada's national anthem combined with contemporary and archival film footage from the National Film Board (NFB).
Objectives (with Frank Hardesty)VHS37This session examines the necessity of objectives for organizations.
Oceans Apart: Working TogetherDVD3115:20 min.This film compares the formation of co-ops in Nova Scotia and the Philippines. Included is footage of Tony Scoggins' class of 1992 visiting an Antigonish area co-op, as well as Mr. Scoggins' pontifications on co-operative philosophy.
Of Hopscotch and Little GirlsDVD48652 min.All too often, through poverty, perversion, spite, ignorance or superstition, adults shatter the hopes and dreams of young females by denying them the right to an education, entering them into forced labour, subjecting them to mutilation, sexual abuse and other injustices. This film explores the lives of girls in different cultures and how much of their childhood has been stolen from them.
Ojigkwanong: Encounter with an Algonquin SageDVD; NFB; with subtitles.54826 min.Ojigkwanong is the Algonquin name of William Commanda, who was born in Quebec in 1913, and who lived a life of poverty and alcoholism until, while seriously ill in l961, he had a vision that would transform his life and those of his people. He imagined a Circle of Nations, and began by reconciling the Algonquins and the Iroquois. Since then he has devoted his life to the reconciliation of peoples and cultures, spreading a message of healing, forgiveness and tolerance.
On Their Own Terms: The Worker Co-operative Experience in Nova ScotiaVHS5430 min.This tape describes the worker co-op experience in the province. There are inter-views with the members of four worker co-ops in northeastern Nova Scotia, all of the co-ops were less than 4 yrs. old at the time of taping.
Once Upon a BoyDVD67823 min.This video presents the story of a boy and the development of his masculinity from childhood to adolescence.  It highlights the different issues that a young man must face to become a man, including domestic violence, homophobia, and relationships.
Once Upon a GirlDVD67720 min.This video present the story of a girl who questions factors that influence the way she thinks and acts.  It is an educational tool for reflecting about the challenges girls and young women face as they grow up and can be used to discuss gender, health and youth development.
Once Upon a TimeDVD31629 min.Traditions enable past generations to pass their wisdom on to the future. Such is the case in East Africa. This video captures the storytelling traditions of Kenyans as they pass on their legends and wisdom in a fast-changing world. The legacy of diviners, healers, poets, storytellers and singers is finding a home in the Church in Africa.
One World, One EconomyDVD51870 min.This film is an overview of the International Monetary Fund, followed by three case studies intended to illustrate economic issues and the way in which they have been addressed by three countries - Mexico, Poland and Ghana - working in close cooperation with the IMF.
Open SecretDVD39336 min.This video depicts how the Ugandan people, civil society organizations, political leaders and government agencies have breached the wall of silence surrounding the HIV epidemic, reduced HIV-related stigma and denial, and so made HIV/AIDS an "open secret".
Opportunity for SuccessVHS504 (Storage)7 min.This video presents Opportunity International, an organization that attempts to provide jobs for the poor. The video is set in the Philippines and documents the results that its work has produced.
Orange RevolutionDVD785106 min.The 2004 Ukrainian presidential election was influenced by vote fraud which resulted in a win for the candidate supported by the post-Soviet regime. The Ukrainian people protested in the capital of Kyiv, blockading government buildings and demanding a new election. This video depicts the story of the people united to defend their vote and the future of their country.
Orchids: My Intersex AdventureDVD37256 min.This documentary traces filmmaker Phoebe Hart's voyage of self-discovery across Australia as an intersex person, formerly termed hermaphroditism. Hart seeks to understand her own story and the stories of others affected by this syndrome.
Organic PropheciesVHS, NFB.634 (Storage)44 min.Windmill Point Farm in southwestern Quebec is a 70-acre island of hope in a sea of industrial agribusinesses that poison the surrounding land. This film chronicles Ken Taylor's innovative approaches. Not only does he farm without GMOs, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, he also grows heirloom nuts, vegetables and fruits, helping to preserve our vital heritage. National Film Board (NFB).
Orphan Generation / These Are Our ChildrenDVD39350 min.These Are Our Children (10 min.) is an appeal to political leaders, planners and aid donors to support local communities in meeting the basic needs of AIDS orphans. The Orphan Generation (40 min.) focuses on the struggles of one Ugandan village to cope with the deepening orphan crisis. Local development and social workers explain how the needs of these children can be met--and their rights protected--by support for community-based organizations rather than institutional care.
Our Common Future (The Brundtland Report)DVD10212:40 min.Short Version:  Calls for fundamental commitment of governments and institutions to implementing recommendations for sustainable development.
Our Fires Still BurnDVD89356:45 min.This documentary examines the lives of contemporary Native people role models. It reveals how Native people heal from the past, confront the challenges of today while keeping their culture alive and make significant contributions to society.
Our Health…Our StruggleDVD20625 min.This film examines the importance of the Community-Based Health Programme, CBHP, managed by the people in the Philippines.
Our Lady’s HomeVHS1307:30 min.Orphanage, Fr. Rocky.
Our LandDVD065a58 min.This film deals with the Dayaks of Western Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Our NationhoodDVD335b96 min.Alanis Obomsawin chronicles the determination and tenacity of the Listuguj Mi'gmaq people to use and manage the natural resources of their traditional lands.
Owners of the Water: Conflict and Collaboration Over RiversDVD; Development Studies Collection10133:08 min.A central Brazilian Xavante and a Wayuu from Venezuela (both prominent politicians), and a US anthropologist explore an indigenous campaign to protect the Rio das Mortes river from the effects of uncontrolled Amazonian soy cultivation.  The video highlights a civic protest that brings attention to deforestation and excessive use of agritoxins in unregulated soy cultivation.
P.M.D. Rural Development Programme (Arokiasamy)3-VHS set.75Part I, Part II.
Padre Pablo (Rev. Harvey Steele): Fighter for JusticeVHS; Converted version.6953 min.This is a powerful documentary profile of the outspoken Canadian priest, Rev. Harvey Steele, who established co-ops in the Dominican Republic, and who risked political consequences in his bid to help the poor.
Pandemic: Facing AIDSDVD42842 min.This video follows stories of people living with AIDS in countries around the world, revealing the heartaches and triumphs of coping with a stigma and effects of the devastating disease. Treatment, prevention, education, mother-to-child transmission, the stigma of AIDS, and harm reduction are among the issues explored in the video, as well as the many obstacles and opportunities faced by the individuals in the film.
Participatory BudgetingDVD27715 min.This video illustrates participatory budgeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  In 2003, the citizens of Sao Paulo were invited to participate in the municipality's budget process.
Participatory Communication for Community DevelopmentDVD53345 min.Participatory communication offers an approach to community development where the power to identify issues and bring about change lies within the hands of community members, not development practitioners. This video show three participatory communication projects undertaken in Nepal.
Participatory Research with Women FarmersDVD19722 min.
Participatory Rural AppraisalVHS13021:20 min.This video follows an NGO group as they attempt to educate villagers on watershed maintenance by means of a Participatory Rural Appraisal exercise in Garuda Village, Karnataka, India. Seasonality analysis, rainfall charts, vegetation and food studies are used in this process.
Participatory Techniques in Action Participation and the World Bank’s Work: Learning to Get Better at It .) The Poverty Experts: A Participatory Poverty Assessment in Tanzania Groundwork: Participatory Research for Girls’ EducationDVD83795 min.These three videos contain examples of World Bank experience in participatory approaches: - Participation and the World Bank's Work: Learning to Get Better at It: footage of participatory projects and interviews with World Bank staff sharing their opinions about participation and how the Bank is addressing this issue. (28:40 min.) - The Poverty Experts: A Participatory Poverty Assessment in Tanzania: documents a participatory study in Tanzania, where 85 poor communities were actively involved in an assessment of the nation's poverty. (36:46 min.) - Groundwork: Participatory Research for Girls' Education: presents a participatory rural appraisal exercise on girls' education in The Gambia. The film shows how outside researchers can help a community analyse its own problems and develop solutions. (29:55 min.)
Participatory Training for Water/Sanitation ProjectsVHS22225 min.This video, which accompanies Lyra Srinivasan's book entitled Tools for Community Participation (363.72/S34t), details an approach to community participation that has been used in training in dozens of countries. The approach has been widely used by PROWWESS/UNDP to expand women's involvement in water and sanitation projects, but it can be adapted to almost any training situation. The film takes us through the entire process.
Partnerships for WatershedsDVD43113:15 min.Film discusses watershed concerns using a voluntary approach. Includes comments from people who have been involved in "Partnerships for Watersheds".
Paths of Development: Behind the ImageDVD3928:50 min.This series examines development and the economies of Malaysia, Peru and Niger. The nations featured exemplify the diversity that exists among Third world countries, and the similarity of certain problems.
Paths of Development: Bread and Blue JeansDVD3928:50 min.This series examines development and the economies of Malaysia, Peru and Niger. The relationship of the First World of developed countries with developing countries is in the form of aid and trade. While these connections are welcome, Third World nations want to make it on their own without aid. In time, they want the First World to buy their products. What would be the effects on industries and jobs in developed countries?
Paths of Development: Days of Future PastDVD3928:50 min.This series examines development and the economies of Malaysia, Peru and Niger. Although these three countries were subjugated by different colonial powers, the impact was often the same: an emphasis on exports which disrupted the traditional economy and values, and the exploitation of ethnic groups in order to facilitate foreign rule. Even after independence, economic and social problems remain.
Paths of Development: Justice for AllDVD3928:50 min.This series examines development and the economies of Malaysia, Peru and Niger. A major dilemma for Third World countries is how to combine justice with economic growth. Malaysia's answer is to attempt to develop alternative sets of values, Peru's is to evolve new forms of economic ownership, and Niger's is to involve peasants in political decision-making.
Paths of Development: Striking a BalanceDVD3928:50 min.This series examines development and the economies of Malaysia, Peru and Niger. The focus is on the development choices open to these three countries in their efforts to meet the needs of some of their people. Fundamental to these choices and the costs, benefits, and trade-offs that must be weighed to achieve a balance between regions and economic sectors and between different groups of people.
Paths of Development: The Monster MachineDVD3928:50 min.This series examines development and the economies of Malaysia, Peru and Niger. Many Third World nations lack the technology, training and resources to develop certain sectors of their economy. These three countries utilize external help in order to gain greater control of their development destiny.
PaybackDVD90586 min.Based on Margaret Atwood's book Payback: debt and the shadow side of wealth, this film offers an outlook on debt in its various forms - societal, personal, environmental, spiritual, criminal, and economic. This film exposes debtor and creditor relationships and traces how debt influences societies, governing structures and the fate of the planet.
Pe Dentro, Pe Fora, Na Ciranda Do Poder Popular!DVD; Portuguese language, no subtitles.2948 min.The video illustrates the practice of popular education and how people's power is present in everyday life and in everyone, including women, peasants, youth and traditional peoples in Brazil.
Peace Under Fire: Sudan’s Darfur CrisisCDCDR-102This CD, produced by Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), contains a short documentary and publications concerning Sudan with particular focus on the peace process and the Darfur crisis.
Peermade Development SocietyDVD2402 hrs., 15 min.Four films on: Community Development, Kappalavenga, Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, Carpentry Unit.
People are the SkyDVD92394 min.Director Dai Sil Kim-Gibson is the first Korean American filmmaker to be given official permission by the North Korean government to film inside its borders. The director weaves her own personal story as a native born North Korean, with the history of the North/South division and pinpoints the roots of North Korea's hatred of the United States. This video offers political and social history of the relations between North and South Korea.
People of KolevuDVD23029 min.Dramatization of how a small credit union brought hope and development to a fishing village in the South Pacific.
Peoples’ Tribunal on DebtDVD67917 min.The International Peoples' Tribunal on the Debt, with the first of three sessions held February 1-2, 2002, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, highlighted and built on the experiences of local and regional ethical or peoples' tribunals, deepened the understanding on the illegitimate nature of external debt domination and contributed to the launching of a new global campaign intended to broaden support for the legitimate efforts of Southern peoples to break free from debt.
Pete Seeger: The Power of SongDVD68193 min.Known as the architect of folk revival, Pete Seeger is one of the greatest American singer/songwriters of all time.  Criticized for his strong beliefs, he was picketed and protested and banned from commercial television for nearly two decades.  Musicians including Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Maines and Peter, Paul & Mary appear in this documentary and discuss Seeger's influence on American music.
Philippines – To Save a PeopleDVD62Tribal peoples are threatened with extinction having been pushed by the powerful to areas where they can no longer meet their basic needs. Their marginal existence makes them second class citizens in their own ancestral territory. Rich and diverse cultures are dying. 25 years ago, the Santa Cruz Mission began its work to save these tribals and their culture. The film deals with the work of this Mission and that of Food First in their efforts to better the lives of these tribals.
PIACAR – PhilippinesDVD62This film also deals with the fate of the mountain tribals in this country. Some of the film consists of a play which depicts conditions which face these mountain tribals.
Pink SarisDVD64196 min.Sampat Pal was married as a young girl into a family which made her work hard and beat her often.  She fought back, leaving her in-laws and eventually becoming famous as a champion of women throughout Uttar Pradesh, India, many of whom find their way to her doorstep.  This video watches as Sampat Pal launches herself into the center of family dramas, convinced her mediation is the best path for these girls.
Pipelines, Power and DemocracyDVD90388 min.In the face of the environmental threat presented by the tar sands industry, this film reminds us that power doesn't always lie where we think it does. This video follows the journeys of four people who show that it is still possible to effect change.
Place of the Boss: UtshimassitsDVD; NFB.33249 min.This documentary weaves together archival footage and present-day images to tell the story of the Mushuau Innu who were forced to relocate from their traditional lands to Davis Inlet, Labrador, in the 1960s. This resulted in physical dislocation, cultural collapse, and widespread despair. Moving past the news headlines of substance abuse, suicide and rural slum conditions, testimony from elders, band leaders and youth allows the voices of the community to express their own rarely heard point of view. National Film Board (NFB).
Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series5-DVD set.720700 min.This 5-DVD set captures rare and intimate moments with our planet's creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers, this video series takes you on a journey through the struggle for survival in Earth's most extreme habitats. Planet Earth takes you to places you have never seen before, to experience sights and sounds you may never experience anywhere else.
Planting Hope: Wangari Maathai & The Green Belt MovementDVD407 min.This short video focuses on Wangari Maathai and the women of the Green Belt Movement. By teaching rural women to plant trees, Maathai started a grassroots movement that changed the lives of Kenyans.
Playing with FireDVD91958 min.In Afghanistan, women deciding to be actors make a dangerous choice. Banned under Taliban rule (1994-2001), Afghan theatre is experiencing a comeback. Overshadowed by Islamic fundamentalism, a resurgent Taliban, and patriarchal traditions, actresses often face harsh criticism and sometimes viewed as prostitutes. Pressured to abandon their careers, they receive beatings and death threats.  Some are forced to flee the country and some are even killed.
Politics of Food – Parts III and IVVHS138120 min.Part III--Brazil. Part IV--India. Presents two groups, one that receives food aid and another that seeks local solutions.
Politics of PersuasionVHS4529 min.This tells how Torontonian John Bullock turned a local tax protest movement into a slick, media-wise, national lobbying organization that defends the interests of the small business community. The first part of the program deals with Bullock's visit to the Maritimes and discussions on behalf of small businesses.
PotatoesVHS; NFB.4128 min.This documentary deals with the gradual shift from the family farm to corporation-run farms, with all the ensuing problems and personal hardship. It is an incisive evaluation of what is happening in North American and world-wide agriculture today. National Film Board (NFB).
PowerDVD; NFB.48777 min.When Hydro-Quebec announces its intention to proceed with the James Bay II hydroelectric project, the 15,000 Cree who live in the region decide to stand up to the giant utility. A turning point in the campaign occurs in 1990, when a group of Cree and Inuit travel by odeyak (a hybrid canoe and kayak) and dogsled from northern Quebec to New York City. This six-week voyage culminates with an enormous Earth Day rally in New York, focussing international attention on the Cree cause with the end result being the cancellation of the James Bay II project. National Film Board (NFB).
Powerful Presentation Skills: Volume 1DVD283a56:20 min.This is a three volume set presenting the training programme designed by a business communicator to help people develop skills for more effective presentations.  This video demonstrates how to develop objectives and guidelines, how to capture and maintain listeners' attention, and structuring presentations.
Powerful Presentation Skills: Volume 2DVD283b53 min.This is a three volume set presenting the training programme designed by a business communicator to help people develop skills for more effective presentations. This video demonstrates presentation anxiety, use of visuals, seating arrangements, vocal image, presentation styles--reading, memorization, etc.
Powerful Presentation Skills: Volume 3DVD283b40:10 min.This is a three volume set presenting the training programme designed by a business communicator to help people develop skills for more effective presentations.  This video demonstrates gestures, posture, dress, handling audience questions, taping presentations, practicing and developing skills.
PRA in Central Asia: Coping With ChangeVHS; PAL FORMAT.434Produced by IDS.
PRA in Watershed DevelopmentDVD11524 min.Follows the proceedings of a four day Participatory Rural Appraisal exercise conducted by Activists for Social Awareness in Tamil Nadu. This method, developed by Gordon Conway and Robert Chambers, is viewed as a means for villagers to develop a realistic watershed management programme. Village mapping, time line, health chart, seasonality analysis and budget preparation exercises are shown.
Pray the Devil Back to HellDVD; StFX Development Studies Collection; Includes guide.21772 min.This film is the account of a group of women who demanded peace for Liberia, a nation ripped apart by civil war.  The women's historic achievement is documented by interviews, archival images, and scenes of present-day Liberia that together recount the experiences and memories of the women who were instrumental in bringing peace to their country.
Premese AfricaDVD54970 min.Premese-Africa stands for Participatory Rural Education Methodologies and Evaluation Service. The Premese Institute began in 1992, and offers a diploma in community based development by distance learning.
Preserving Our Global EnvironmentDVD39953 min.Population growth, biodiversity loss and global warming are presented in three case studies: a village-based family planning programme in Zimbabwe, a rain forest conservation project by the Kuna Indians of Panama, and an energy conservation project in Massachusetts.
Profit and Nothing But!VHS598 (Storage)52 min.Raoul Peck contrasts the heavily documented illumination of the capitalist system, and its ethos of the will of the strongest, with the devastating reality of his native land, Haiti- "a country that doesn't exist, where intellectual discussion has become a luxury." The film's stark images of the lives of the damned on earth provide a striking backdrop for talk of "triumphant capitalism."
Questions of Difference: PRA, Gender & EnvironmentVHS388 (Storage)120 min.How women and men use, manage and are affected by their natural environment is influenced by their social roles and responsibilities. Participatory rural appraisal can help development workers explore the links between gender and environment. Includes case studies on: mangrove use in Pakistan, drylands use in Burkina Faso and biodiversity in Brazil.
Race Against TimeDVD52354 min.HIV/AIDS is a epidemic of staggering proportions. 36 million people are infected with the virus. Over 21 million have died, nearly 17 million of these in Africa. This film examines the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the greatest challenge of the 21st century, and presents the work of Stephen Lewis, the United Nations Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Africa.
Rags and RichesVHS12915 min.A description of the problems faced by rag pickers--street children in Bangalore, India, and of a development project providing assistance through shelter, health care and education. Fr. Raj.
Rainforest: The Limit of SplendourDVD86252 min.This film compares modern logging with forestry as practiced for 10,000 years by First Nations people. Inspired by his relationship with a Kwaxkwaka'wakw elder, filmmaker Richard Boyce contrasts the tree-farms surrounding his home with an ancient rainforest on the Pacific Coast of Canada. Boyce travels to an area of Vancouver Island where trees, ranging from 1,200-year-old giants to seedlings, thrive along the banks of an ancient river floodplain in the temperate rainforest. Little remains of the civilization that prospered there for 10,000 years.
Rainmakers: AustraliaDVD61925 min.Land rights: Murrandoo Yanner crusades for the rights of aboriginal peoples. He's leading a courageous battle against a multinational mining company that is threatening their historic land rights and traditional way of life.
Rainmakers: GuatemalaDVD62225 min.Jesus Tecu Osorio witnessed the murder of his parents and siblings in 1982 during Guatemala's bloody civil war. Today, he leads a courageous campaign for memorials, exhumations and the prosecution of former military officers.
Rainmakers: IndiaDVD62125 min.Violence against women: Shakuntala Kazmi was born into a low-caste Hindu family and has experienced discrimination all her life. As an activist in the fight for women's rights, she leads a dramatic protest against the male-run lotteries.
Rainmakers: JapanDVD62425 min.The homeless: In Tokyo, Tsuyoshi Inaba works to empower the homeless who live around the busiest subway station in the world. In Japan, where there are no shelters for the homeless, Tsuyoshi's work becomes even more crucial in the cold, New Year's holiday season.
Rainmakers: MozambiqueDVD62325 min.Hearing impaired: Celso Magumbe is deaf and mute. He's leading an inspiring campaign for the rights of the hearing impaired in one of Africa's poorest countries, Mozambique. As a child, he believe that only black people were deaf but now works alongside Europeans to promote his cause.
Rainmakers: PeruDVD62025 min.Urban poverty: Ramiro Garcia grew up around alcoholism, family violence and political oppression. Believing that social change is possible through the arts and humour, he founded his own theatre troupe staging plays for children.
Rainmakers: ThailandDVD62625 min.AIDS:Jongsada Suwanchondee kicked her heroin habit only to discover she was HIV-positive. Through support groups, Jongsada has found new hope and now helps others understand the disease and its impact.
Rainmakers: TurkeyDVD61825 min.Human rights: In Turkey, Yildiz Temurturkan fights for human rights despite the torture and killing of eleven members of her organization. Her courage takes her to the streets of Ankara where she protests police repression and demands a more humane society.
Rainmakers: WinnipegDVD62525 min.Native justice: Rena Mcleod, an aboriginal mother of two has overcome arthritis and a troubled adolescence. Today, she's become an inspiring role model in her fight for native justice and youth.
Rainmakers: ZimbabweDVD62725 min.Gays and lesbians: In Zimbabwe, Tina Machida is fighting for the rights of gays and lesbians despite death threats, and a president who calls homosexuals 'dogs and pigs'. At eighteen, her parents had her raped to change her ways but Tina has fought on.
Rani Ki SenaDVD; English subtitles.11430:37 min.Srijan is a microfinance organization that has initiated a supplementary income program for rural women in India. One such program, cluster dairy farming, is profiled in this video. Maitree in Rajasthan and Sagar Shree in Madhya Pradesh are two examples of women's self-help groups linked to dairy.  This video shows how rural women united to solve their poverty, gender and livelihood issues.
Rape: A Crime of WarVHS (Missing)53859 min.With the former Yugoslavia as a backdrop, this film exposes the hidden crime of rape in wartime. The film includes interviews with four women who were victims of rape in Bosnia. These interviews, as well as archival footage from Nuremburg, Nanking,and Rwanda, are interspersed with images of Western art and culture, which have romanticized, eroticized and legitimized the rape of women. The film also follows the first attempt by an international court to try a defendant for rape as a crime of war.
Reclaiming DemocracyDVD57656 min.This video presents the keynote address by Stephen Lewis at the 2002 Topshee Conference in Antigonish. Lewis is currrently the U.N. Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. He draws on his experiences in this role, as well as his past activities as a politician and Canadian ambassador to the UN. Lewis highlights the political, economic and health challenges facing Africa, and passionately speaks of his frustration with apparent western indifference to these issues.
Reconciliation: Mandela’s MiracleDVD62890 min.This video details the events that lead up to what South Africans have coined 'Mandela's miracle', a strategy that assisted in a peaceful transition from apartheid to a democracy.  It is driven by the idea that even the most terrible tyranny can be overcome through reconciliation, as both the oppressed and the oppressors need to be freed from the clutches of prejudice and injustice.
REFLECT in NepalDVD55122 min.This film discusses the problem of illiteracy in Nepal, an area in which many NGOs have been working. In the early 1990's, however, it was noticed that despite the effort being made, the literacy rate remained low. A number of NGOs came together to discuss the problem, and found that traditional educational processes were not working well. They decided the try to REFLECT method, based in part on Freirean teachings, which emphasizes participatory and democratic learning. Within 3 years, 24 pilot classes had increased to more than 300. Donated by Jagat Basnet (DP2001).
Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil RightsDVD87681 min.Where do black women activists fit into the struggles for equality and liberation during the 1960s and 1970s? This film explores the story of black women's political marginalization, between the male-dominated Black Power movement and second wave feminism, showing how each failed to recognize black women's overlapping racial and gender identities.
Remember AfricvilleDVD19435 min.Africville, a 120-year-old Black community within the city limits of Halifax, was razed in the name of urban renewal in the 1960s. Eighty families were relocated, many of them ending up on welfare or in public housing. Former residents talk about racism, good intentions gone astray, and a community lost forever.
Remote Access: Distant Libraries of the WorldDVD78324 min.This video, filmed in Peru, Kenya and Canada, profiles mobile libraries and the methods used by them to access remote villages and reduce illiteracy.
Resolving Conflict Creatively in the Multicultural CommunityVHS61624 min.Participants from the four Commonwealth regions, experienced in conflict resolution, upgrade their skills and knowledge of the mediation process with workshop leader Kathleen Cleland Moyer. This workshop focuses on intercultural conflict, how cultural misunderstanding contributes to conflict, and techniques to address it. Includes manual.
Resolving Conflict Creatively in the School CommunityVHS61752 min.This workshop, including role-plays with students, parents and school staff, address a range of conflict topics in schools. The facilitator models not only the procedure for win-win negotiation and mediation, but honestly and nonjudgementally addresses when these models are not useful to resolve disputes. Includes teacher's manual and handouts.
Respect the LandDVD10228:25 min.This film tells of the efforts in the Bras d'Or Lakes region of Cape Breton to create jobs without damaging the environment. It illustrates how environmentalists and developers are learning to work together.
Responding to Conflict : GULU: the struggle for peaceDVD607a38 min.This is the story of a community caught between two fighting forces in a civil conflict that has been raging for 13 years and shows little signs of being resolved. The Acholi community in the northern district of Gulu and Kitgum has managed to find ways of surviving the on-going war by actively addressing the trauma of violence with peacebuilding initiatives that are able to function in the midst of the conflict. No time is lost waiting for the end of the fighting to start reconstructing people's lives. These initiatives serve to give back power to ordinary people, enable them to start the mental and psychological healing process and to promote reconciliation from the bottom upwards. This film is the second in a series documenting practical action for conflict transformation and peacebuilding in Africa. It is intended to assist people working for development, human rights and peace to learn from each other's experiences. By its nature, the film is also a challenge to policy makers of international agencies and governments.
Responding to Conflict : Only Through Dialogue: the Somali way to peaceDVD607b28 min.This is a film about how Somalis in Somaliland overcame the legacy of civil war through dialogue and negotiation based upon a firmly established tradition of peacemaking within their culture. It challenges the sterotypes of Somalis as victims and purveyors or war. Instead, it reveals and analyses the internal forces that push conflicting communities into talking with each other in their search for peace. Through a blend of modern and traditional institutions of peacemaking and governance, people in Somaliland were able to move beyond violent conflict. The film is the fourth in a series documenting practical action for conflict transformation and peace-building in Africa.
Responding to Conflict : Practice to Policy: Making the connections: a film about peace building in AfricaDVD607b31 min.Wherever there is conflict there are also people struggling to build peace. This film shows examples of practical peacebuilding from four different African countries -- Kenya, Somaliland, South Africa and Uganda. It challenges the stereotypes of people as passive victims or active purveyors of violence. It shows how community members -- elders, women's groups, young people, ex-combatants and others -- act together to build peace from the bottom up. The focus of this film is on making the links between these grass roots activists and policy makers working at government and international level. There is a need to explore new approaches to policy making, building on existing experience and good practice. This film is the fifth in a series documenting practical action for conflict transformation and peace building in Africa.
Responding to Conflict : Pulling Together: community policing in the new South AfricaDVD607b28 min.This film is about community efforts to build a new relationship between former adversaries in post-apartheid South Africa. It explores the role of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Daveyton, a township community in Benoni, South Africa. The well documented national process of negotiation between the political leadership and the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission did a lot to create the conditions for Peace. But on a community level, members of the police force and the liberation movements, sworn enemies intent on destroying one another, were faced with a different reality. It was up to structures like the CPF to bring together active members of the community and the South African Police Service in an attempt to redefine the role of the police force and the relationship between them. This film documents some of the challenges and some of the achievements within this process. The film is the third in a series examining practical action for conflict transformation and peacebuilding in Africa.
Responding to Conflict : The Wajir Story: a film about conflict transformation in KenyaDVD607a35 min.This is the story of a peacebuilding initiative which started with a group of women in Wajir, northeastern Kenya, spread quickly to all sections of the community, and reached up into government. It is told through the voices of those who took part in it, who mobilised their community to halt escalating violence and who are still struggling to achieve peace and stability -- for this is not a finished event. The film is the first in a series documenting practical action for conflict transformation and peace-building in Africa.
Responding to the ChallengeVHS17912 min.
Return to KiviVHS12511 min.One year after a Canada-Kenya link was implemented in Kivi village, there is hope for the people as they develop their community with the help of Canadians. This follow-up visit to Kivi shows what is being accomplished through an income-generation program for women, skills training, and child sponsorship.
Rhymes for Young GhoulsDVD85788 min.Red Crow Mi'gMaq reservation, 1976: Every Indian child under the age of sixteen must attend St. Dymphna's residential school. This means being at the mercy of the evil agent who runs the school. Teenaged Aila sells drugs and earns enough money to pay her 'truancy tax', keeping her out of St. Dymphna's. But when Aila's drug money is stolen and her father returns from prison, Aila's world is destroyed. Her only options are to run or fight, and Mi'gMaq don't run.
Riding the Great WhaleVHS; NFB.336 (Storage)57 min.In 1975, the James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement launched the construction of North America''s largest hydroelectric project. Phase one of the mega-project flooded 10,000 sq. km. of Cree ancestral land, causing massive wildlife and environmental damage. Phase II would have flooded another 3,400 sq. km. had it not been stopped due to pressure from Aboriginal groups. The conflicts between government, industry, labour, politicians and environmentalists are discussed. National Film Board (NFB).
Rightful PlaceDVD75616 min.In 1974, the Endorois community were evicted from their land by the Kenyan government to make way for a game reserve and tourist resort. Years later, they were again evicted to make way for mineral mining. The Endorois community has taken its claim to the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, demanding recognition as a distinct indigenous group and asserting their basic human rights. This video presents personal stories of members of the Endorois community.
Rights & Wrongs: The Story of Women in IslamDVD502135 min.This film examines how for centuries the Qu'ran has been interpreted by men to suppress women, but in fact when it was written it represented an enlightened approach to women. The various understandings of the Qu'ran lead to different translations, with enormous repercussions for women living in Islamic societies around the world.  The film alternates between the history of Mohammad and his women, and issues facing women in Islam today.  It looks at how feminism works within Islam in the modern era.
Rights/Rites of PassageDVD435b27 min.Profiles of a Managua streetgirl, a New Delhi girl waiting to be married off, a Kingston teen who is pregnant and a girl in Burkina Faso facing genital mutilation. Produced by UNIFEM.
Rise: Revolutionary Women Reenvisioning AfghanistanDVD76213:24 min.Members of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) documented the lives of Afghanis following the post-9/11, American-led military campaign. They interviewed Afghan refugees, victims of violence and abuse, and residents who witness the bombings of civilian homes.
Rita JoeVHS5022 min.This program is from Beaton Institute's "Ethnic Corner" series. In it, Rita Joe, a native of Eskasoni (C.B.), tells stories and demonstrates the handicrafts of her Micmac people.
Rocks at Whiskey TrenchDVD; NFB; Alanis Obomsawin Collection341105 min.On August 28, 1990, a convoy of 75 cars left the Mohawk community of Kahnawake and crossed Montreal's Mercier Bridge straight into an angry mob that pelted the vehicles with rocks. The targets of this violence were Mohawk women, children and elders leaving Kahnawake in fear of a possible advance by the Canadian army. This film looks back at the events surrounding the August 28 attack, and delves into the history of Kahnawake and the consequences of the appropriation of land that have shrunk its territory by more than two-thirds over the last 300 years. National Film Board (NFB).
Role ModelsDVD79124 min.This video explores the lives of four prominent First Nations community leaders who have developed their own innovative methods for telling their stories.
Roots and Wings: a Jewish CongregationDVD31929 min.This video introduces a Jewish congregation and shows the ways Judaism is passed on from generation to generation in a predominantly Christian society in the U.S.
Ropa Americana (American Clothing)VHS; StFX Development Studies Collection.62922:30 min.Film documents the travels of donated clothing from a donor in Toronto, to the purchaser in Costa Rica in a second-hand store. It highlights the controversy of the legitimacy of who is making money in the companies who run charitable donations.
Rosal’s StoryDVD49910 min.This video focuses on the life of a woman living in a Manila slum and the power of a dream to bring dignity to Manila's poor.
Ruby Mines of MogokVHS28046 min.This video explains Ruby mining in Mogok, Mayanmar, 1993.
Rum Business: Conservation, Tourism and the Bedouin of Wadi RumVHS646 (Storage)25 min.The nomadic Bedouin have long depended upon the springs of Wadi Rum, and the area is seen as part of their tribal land. Recent increased tourism led to the growth of Bedouin-owned jeep tour businesses, amidst concerns of the environmental impact. With World Bank loans, the government has expropriated the land as a protected area and is developing its own tourist infrastructure. The Bedouin see this as an assault on their rights, freedoms and livelihoods. Is this just global business masquerading as conservation, or does Jordan have a valid claim to this precious land?
Rx for Survival – A Global Health Challenge3-DVD set.697336 min.Filmed in more than twenty countries and narrated by actor Brad Pitt, this film examines the most critical health threats facing the world today. This six-part documentary series presents the stories of those who are proving that solutions are indeed possible. This series explores topics such as polio, smallpox, tuberculosis, West Nile Virus, malaria, Avian flu, vaccines, penicillin, HIV/AIDS and clean water. (3 DVDs) Disc 1: Disease Warriors Rise of the Superbugs Disc 2: Delivering the Goods Deadly Messengers Disc 3: Back to the Basics How Safe Are We?
Sacred Buffalo PeopleDVD44457:49 min.This documentary teaches us about our dependence on nature and nature's dependence upon us.  It examines the relationship of the buffalo to the Indian people of the Northern Plains of America. Once revered as a spiritual and cultural icon, today the buffalo serves as a living symbol of Native survival.
Sacred Land Scarred LandDVD47917:45 min.Traditional lands of Aboriginal peoples are being exploited for resources, and polluted by industrial wastes. In some cases the people are being displaced, their health is at risk, and their spiritual and cultural connections to their land are threatened. This film visits four communities in different regions of the world, to hear the stories of their struggles to maintain land rights, livelihoods, and cultural identities in the face of corporate intrusion.
Sacrifice: The Story of Child Prostitutes from BurmaDVD79847:28 min.Each year, thousands of girls are recruited from Burma to work in brothels in Thailand. Trafficking of Burmese girls has increased in recent years as a result of political repression in Burma. Thousands of people have been displaced, leaving families with no means of livelihood. This video examines the social, cultural, and economic forces behind the trafficking of Burmese girls into prostitution.
Sakow PmachihowanDVD38560 min.This video depicts the peoples of Fort McKay, Alberta. Applying the teachings of their ancestors, the people demonstrate the processes involved in making snowshoes, fishing nets and moccasins. An in depth look at the preparation of moose hide and meat is also included.
SalmaDVD82190 min.When Salma, a young Muslim girl in a south Indian village, was 13 years old, her family locked her up for 25 years, forbidding her to study and forcing her into marriage. During that time, Salma composed poems on scraps of paper and eventually sneaked them out of the house and into the hands of a publisher. Against the odds, Salma became a famous Tamil poet. Salma's story is one of courage and resilience. She has hopes for a different life for the next generation of girls in an area where change happens very slowly.
Sara….Daughter of LionessDVD400a17 min.Sara is targeted to be circumcised but manages to mobilize the community against this practice. This video can be used by development workers to create awareness and behaviour change against FGM and other health risk customs and to educate people on children's and human rights.
Sara…Saves Her FriendDVD400a22 min.With the aid of her pet monkey, Zingo, Sara uses her decision-making skills to rescue her school friend, Amina, from being sexually abused by truck drivers. This story encourages community discussion on solutions to sexual harassment and HIV transmission. Produced by UNICEF.
Sara: The Special GiftDVD400a16:50 min.Sara is told she can no longer continue her education since her uncle would rather support her younger brother, Tsumi, to stay in school when there is a shortage of money. This animated film from UNICEF-ESARO, Kenya, tells the story of Sara's efforts to continue her education and learn about appropriate technology.
SarabahDVD66760 min.Rapper, singer and activist, Sister Fa is a hero to young women in Senegal and an unstoppable force for social change. A childhood victim of female genital cutting (FGC), she uses her music and persuasive power to end the practice. This video shows the extraordinary resilience, passion and creativity of a woman who challenges gender and cultural norms.
Satya: A Prayer for the EnemyDVD79926:51 min.Since the Chinese invasions of Tibet in 1950, more than one million people have died for their role in demonstrations against the occupation. Tibetan Buddhist nuns have continued this resistance by staging demonstrations for religious freedom and independence. They have been imprisoned and tortured as a result. This video focuses on the testimonies of these nuns and looks to understand the basis for their non-violent actions in their struggle against oppressive Chinese policies.
Saul Alinsky Went to WarDVD; NFB.35657 min.Saul Alinsky, controversial professional organizer, goes to war against the conditions that keep the poor in poverty. The video shows how he helped Black ghettos in the United States find an effective, non-violent method of fighting for their rights. National Film Board (NFB).
Save the Children…Feed the Children!DVD55365 min.This film includes three presentations made to the Canadian Labour Congress by speakers active in the area of child labour: Asmita, Craig Keilburger and Kailash Satyarthi.
Saving Their Corner of the Planet: Local Conservationists in HondurasDVD36545 min.In Honduras, a number of grassroots based sustainable development projects are emerging. Villages that depend on the mangrove swamps for their survival, have organized to fight the destruction of this precious ecosystem by the commercial shrimp industry. In Central Honduras, the Yure Development Cooperative is integrating environmental concerns in their agricultural and community projects. In response to increased chemical use in agriculture, local farmers are developing alternative methods to ensure the productivity of marginal lands.
Scared SacredDVD; NFB.699104:46 min.Award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper visits the 'Ground Zeros' of the planet. He travels to the minefields of Cambodia; war-torn Afghanistan; the toxic wasteland of Bhopal; post-9/11 New York; Bosnia; Hiroshima; Israel and Palestine. This documentary outlines his five-year journey to discover if humanity can transform the 'scared' into the 'sacred'. National Film Board (NFB).
SchistosomiasisVHS76This is a severe endemic disease caused by infestation of worms in man and marked by blood loss and tissue damage, it is found in much of Asia, Africa, and South America.
Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last BurdenDVD38065 min.This video explores the effects of modern education on the world's last sustainable indigenous cultures. It is shot in the Buddhist culture of Ladakh in the northern Indian Himalayas.
Science at the Top of the WorldDVD86643:33 min.Working in remote regions of the Canadian Arctic, scientists are combining space-age technology, fieldwork and traditional Inuit knowledge to create the most detailed picture of the Arctic ever.
Science, Religion & Development: Opening a DialogueDVD42144 min.This film features conversations with scientists, academics and theologians on the effectiveness of development. Participants provide their views on the relationship between religion and science and their impact on development. Includes interviews with Dr. Gregory Baum, Dr. Azizan Baharuddin, Dr. Farzam Arbab, Dr. Promilla Kapur and Father Bill Ryan.
Second OpportunityDVD1967 min.This video begins on October 30, 1988 in Hondurus. It focuses on the microenterprise occuring and the hard work by the people to make a better life for themselves. The next day, October 31, 1988, Hurricane Mitch arrived and ravaged the area and the lives of the people, forcing them to start over once more.
Seeds of Change: farmers, biotechnology, and the new face of agricultureDVD1376 min.This documentary explores the controversy surrounding genetically modified crops and how they have affected the agriculture and rural life in western Canada. The video presents firsthand accounts from those affected by the new crops and features interviews with representatives from agri-business, scientists, and with activists like Vandana Shiva, David Suzuki and Percy Schmeiser.
Selecting Disease Control Priorities in Developing CountriesVHS18336 min.Discussion of cost-effectiveness of treating respiratory-tract infections in the third world.
Selecting Disease Control Priorities: Cardiovascular DiseaseVHS14156 min.Related to material from the World Bank Health Sector Priorities Review. Speakers include: Dean Jamison, UCLA, Sally Stansfield, IDRC, Jose Bobadilla, Health Dept. World Bank.
Self-Employment In CanadaDVD58740 min.Talks about the reasons why the merits of small business in Canada have been overlooked as well as what has served to discourage the growth/emmergence of small businesses at a municipal level. Also discusses the government's approach to the new role of self-employment. 1995.
Serving The Very PoorVHS57825 min.This video show the process of Participatory Wealth Ranking performed by S.E.F. Small Enterprise Foundation) in the village of Ximawusa in northern South Africa. It describes the criteria and calculations used to identify an individual as being among the poorest in the community. This helps S.E.F. in determining who is in most need of a business loan.
Shake Hands With the Devil: the Journey of Roméo DallaireDVD63956 min.Canadian Lt.-General Roméo Dallaire was commander of the UN peacekeeping troops in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. In 2004 he returns to Rwanda to witness how the country has rebuilt from the tragedy, and to confront the memories of his own experiences.
Shameless PropagandaDVD83172 min.Filmmaker Robert Lower has watched every film produced by the NFB during its first six years of existence, from 1939-1945. Using these films and still photos from that era, he recreates the picture of Canada as seen then and looks in it for the Canada we know today.
Shameless: The ART of DisabilityDVD18771:30 min.Art, activism and disability are the starting point for this film's portrait of five individuals. This documentary marks director Bonnie Sherr Klein's return to a career interrupted by a stroke in 1987. Always an activist, she now focuses on disability culture, and the transformative power of art. The flim tracks Klein and a group of artists with diverse disabilities as they prepare for an upcoming disability art and culture festival.
Sharing Knowledge: Communication for Sustainable DevelopmentDVD41515:20 min.Communication processes are essential for achieving sustained, people-oriented development. The video shows FAO-supported development communications in action in a number of countries. Stress is laid on the multiplicity of communication channels that can be used, from interpersonal and traditional media, such as storytellers, to folk theatre and modern electronic media.
Sharing our Voices: Innovative Information Projects in Southern AfricaVHS57223 min.Communities throughout Southern Africa are finding creative ways to preserve and share information. Any community can create a vital information centre without special resources or training. Six projects include: children writing their own library; a museum; community map; students saving indigenous plants; community library with homemade books; donkey-driven "book mobiles."
Sharing the DreamVHS22616 min.An introduction to the work of the CUNA Foundation, an agency sponsored by the US credit union system to promote the development of credit unions in disadvantaged communities. Projects in Appalachia and Jamaica are highlighted.
Sharing The PromiseDVD39011 min.The Canadian Co-Operative Association has been assisting co-operatives and credit unions in developing countries like The Philippines, Costa Rica, South Africa and Colombia. This short film documents some of the successful co-operative movements in these countries. 1995.
Shift ChangeDVD82370 min.This video explores the network of cooperative businesses in Mondragon, Spain as well as examples of such businesses in the United States. The film shares experiences, lessons, and observations from the worker-owners of the new economy.
ShipbreakersDVD61773 min.The shantytown of Alang, India, is a place where people live and work in primitive conditions. Since the early 1980s, thousands of the world's largest ships have been sent to Alang, off the Arabian Sea, to be dismantled, piece by piece.  Selling their ships for scrap, the owners rarely abide by the UN Basel Convention, which bans shipments of transboundary waste.  One worker a day, on average, dies on the job, and many will contract cancers caused by asbestos, PCBs and other toxic substances.  This video is an example of Third World ingenuity meeting 21st century global economics.
Shock WavesDVD; NFB.79052 min.In the Democratic Republic of Congo, journalists at Radio Okapi risk their lives to expose the abuses of power in the country. Shooting in dangerous locations, the filmmakers follow the work of reporters from this independent, UN-backed national radio station. The video provides testimony to the struggle for freedom of expression and democracy in the aftermath of war. National Film Board (NFB).
Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTOVHS4842 hrs., 30 min.A five part television series featuring non-corporate perspective and in-depth analysis on world trade issues, popular resistance and police repression.
Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project: 1982-1988. (Bethangady Taluk of Karnataka State)VHS35Selected families from the poorest of the poor and downtrodden of villages are given support from this project. This film describes some of the programs.
ShutdownVHS3827 min.This film documents the closing down of an American-owned branch plant with all the personal trauma which such a decision causes the workers. The employees discuss the dilemma of working in an economy dominated by foreign ownership, and the lack of government action to protect jobs in American-owned branch plants.
Sidet: Forced ExileVHS257 (Storage)58 min.In the wake of war and famine, over 2 million citizens of Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan have fled their homes, and almost 1/3 end up as refugees in camps in the Sudan. This tells the story of 3 refugee women who are striving to make a life for themselves and their families in exile. It shows individual consequences of war and displacement.
Sierra Leone’s Refugee All StarsDVD72780 min.This video examines the journey of the Refugee All Stars - a group of six musicians who formed a band after being displaced from their home during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The video follows the band members through their tour of local refugee camps, recording sessions and the return to their country for the first time since the war. The band's mixture of beats from West Africa, roots-reggae and Western-influenced rhythm and blues combined with lyrics which condemn war and encourage social change, leads to the band's first American tour.
Signals From the Forest: First Nations’ Observations of Climate ChangeVHS63016:04 min.First Nations' observations of climate change in the northern boreal regions of Canada. Contributers provide insight as to how this effects daily activities such as hunting.
Silent MessengersDVD56393 min.This documentary explores the mysteries of the Inuksuit, stone symbols that mark the landscape of the North. The Inuksuit are sacred signs of the Inuit and their ancestors. The film takes us to Cape Dorset and Igloolik in search of these symbols and their meanings.
Sita: A Girl from JambuDVD80147 min.Sita tells the story of a young Nepalese girl who is trafficked into sexual slavery. Adapted from Bichari Sita, a street drama conceived and performed by village girls in rural Nepal, the film incorporates footage of a performance of the play. The street play sets in motion a story that examines the mystery surrounding the sex trade pandemic.
Six Miles DeepDVD28543 min.On February 28, 2006, members of the Iroquois Confederacy blockaded a highway near Caledonia, Ontario.  This was to prevent a housing development on land within their traditional territories. Their actions are led and supported by the Haudenosaunee clan mothers. They rallied their community, demanded recognition and lead a cultural reawakening in the traditionally matriarchal society.
Slum Children’s Handicrafts ProgrammesVHS12951 min.
Small Fortunes : Microcredit and the Future of PovertyDVD; NFB.69660 min.This video explores the issues of poverty and microcredit as it features interviews with recipients of small loans in locations ranging from India to the Philippines to New York City. The documentary presents the stories of how short-term loans have resulted in dramatic changes in lifestyles for families who otherwise would have no means of lifting themselves out of their poverty. National Film Board (NFB).
Small is Beautiful: Impressions of Fritz SchumacherVHS18930 min.Fritz Schumacher, economist, technologist, and lecturer, came to believe that the modern technological explosion had grown out of all proportion to human need. He championed the cause of "appropriate technology", and founded the London-based Intermediate Technology Development Group. The film brings us into contact with this gentle revolutionary a few months before his death.
Small Miracle of Santa CruzDVD23030 min.Dramatization of how the formation of a credit union brought hope and development to a small Latin American town afflicted by poverty and moneylenders.
Smithsonian World: IslamVHS23This video traces Islamic tradition, culture, and historical background.
So Close to the EarthDVD435a42 min.Peasant women's meetings and summit in South Asia. With Sharon Capeling-Alakija and Chandi Joshi. Produced by UNIFEM.
Sobre “La Tortura”VHS; Explicit descriptions of torture may disturb some viewers.42957 min.Often times victims of torture suffer for the rest of their lives. This video follows the work of the I.R.C.T (International Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims), which has offices all over the world. Included are chilling first hand accounts of torture endured in Chile, Guatamala and Spain. It explains the many faces of torture and the deep emotional and physical destruction it promotes.
SocialismVHS046 (Storage)25 min."Socialism" depicts the economic system which developed as a response to the abuses of workers which took place during the Industrial Revolution in England, and elsewhere in Europe. Robert Owen and his model factory in New Lanark, Scotland. In Sweden, the Social Democrats have implemented a mixed economy in order to improve the standard of living of all citizens, and to promote greater social and material equality.
Soldiers Of Peace: A Children’s CrusadeDVD400c44 min.Five young Colombians volunteer to help with problems of violence in their communities at a great risk of being hurt themselves. They are called the Children's Peace Movement and were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for two years in a row.
Solomon Islands Disabled Persons Leadership Training SeminarDVD29534:50 min.
Something New Out of AfricaDVD31628:40 min.African priests come to the US to join African Americans to bring a spirit of joyful worship to the Church. Filmed in Nigeria & Louisiana.
Sometimes in AprilDVD2140 min.In April 1994, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives during a purge by Hutu nationalists against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Based on true events, this video tells the story of two brothers divided along political lines by the conflict, and explores the courage and perseverance shown by the people of Rwanda.
SonitaDVD92091 min.Sonita Alizadeh is an 18-year-old Afghan refugee in Iran who thinks of Michael Jackson and Rihanna as her spiritual parents and dreams of becoming a rapper. Her fans are the other teenage girls in a Tehran shelter. Her family has a very different future planned for her - as a bride she's worth nine thousand dollars.
Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas MertonDVD3267 min.Producer Morgan Atkinson spent years researching the life of Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and author.  This documentary reveals Merton's life at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, his life in New York City, Redwoods Monastery in California, and Christ in the Desert Monastery (New Mexico).
Soundtrack for a Revolution: Freedom Songs from the Civil Rights EraDVD41683 min.Showcasing songs of protest and inspiration, this documentary explores the history of the civil rights era through archival footage, interviews, and musical performances. Among those interviewed for the film include Congressman John Lewis, former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young, former NAACP chairman Julian Bond, freedom rider Hand Thomas, civil rights organizer Jim Lawson, former King aide Dorothy Cotton, and musical legend Harry Belafonte.  Performances by John Legend, Joss Stone, Wyclef Jean, and The Roots.
Speak Your Mind Special: Manisha Koirala & Wang Lee Hom in NepalDVD; UNICEF.400c27 min.Taiwanese singer Wang Lee Hom and Bollywood star Manisha Koirala explore issues of child labour, exploitation, trafficking and education for children in Nepal. They chat to former carpet weavers and a girl who was a sex slave. They visit an education program for children who cannot afford government schools.
Speak Your Mind Special: Raveena Tandon in IndiaDVD400c24 min.Bollywood actress, Raveena Tandon examines the issue of child labour in India where there is an estimated 20 million working children. She visits Parbani and Bachan Bachao Andolan and last she joins a group of former child labours from the Experimental Theatre Foundation and put on a play to spread the anti-child labour message in their community.
Spies of MississippiDVD87053 min.In the spring of 1964, the civil rights community geared up for "Mississippi Freedom Summer" during which mostly white student activists linked up with mostly black freedom workers to register black people to vote. The state responded by swearing in new deputies, stockpiling riot gear, and expanding the jails. In response, the most powerful men in the state created a secret, state-funded spy agency, the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. During the height of the civil rights movement, sovereignty commission operatives employed black operatives who infiltrated the movement. By gaining the trust of civil rights crusaders, they gathered intelligence on behalf of the segregationist state.
Spirit DoctorsDVD; NFB.70142 min.This video explores the spiritual world of traditional Native medicine through Mary and Ed Louie. The sound recordist of this film, Don Howell, is diagnosed with throat cancer during the filming process. He chooses to be treated with modern medicine and seeks Mary and Ed Louie for guidance and healing. Though many healing practices and ceremonies are considered too sacred to be filmed, the couple decide to allow Don's doctoring to be recorded for the purposes of teaching others. National Film Board (NFB).
Spirit of the Trees : Circle of LifeDVD; NFB.45228:30 min.This six-part series blends together Native voices, art and music from indigenous tribes and nations.  It provides insight into their traditions, all connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth. National Film Board (NFB).This film contains:Circle of Life: Woodland tribes like the Yankton Sioux, Menominee and Objibwe share their perspectives on why cultural diversity and biodiversity are interconnected.  The video explores how the Menominee have created an excellent example of sustainable forestry.
Spirit of the Trees : Continuing TraditionsDVD; NFB.45628:32 min.This six-part series blends together Native voices, art and music from indigenous tribes and nations.  It provides insight into their traditions, all connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth. National Film Board (NFB).This film contains:Continuing Traditions: Native Americans from the Southwest and California share the spirit of the trees through their sacred drums and flutes, looms and weavings, medicines, and their lands and culture.  A traditional drum maker shows the process of drum-making, from finding the perfect tree to finishing a drum.
Spirit of the Trees : Living KnowledgeDVD; NFB.45428:30 min.This six-part series blends together Native voices, art and music from indigenous tribes and nations.  It provides insight into their traditions, all connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth. National Film Board (NFB).This film contains:Living Knowledge: Tribal members from Mashpee Wampanoags, Nansemonds, Pequots, Mohawks and others speak about how they have preserved traditions while embracing today's lifestyles.
Spirit of the Trees : Malama’ AinaDVD; NFB.45528:31 min.This six-part series blends together Native voices, art and music from indigenous tribes and nations.  It provides insight into their traditions, all connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth. National Film Board (NFB).This film contains:Malama' Aina: This video explores the relationship Native Hawaiians have with the land and all living things.  Included is the story of how the Tlingets of Alaska gave the Hawaiians three giant sitka spruce for a traditional outrigger canoe because they had no large trees left on the islands.
Spirit of the Trees : Natural HarmonyDVD; NFB.45728:31 min.This six-part series blends together Native voices, art and music from indigenous tribes and nations.  It provides insight into their traditions, all connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth. National Film Board (NFB).This film contains:Natural Harmony: The Seminole Nation is made up of a number of southeastern tribes and escaped slaves who fled to the Florida Everglades.  They developed a natural harmony with the Everglades ecosystem and today they thrive as the "unconquered Seminole Nation".
Spirit of the Trees : People of the CedarDVD; NFB.45328:31 min.This six-part series blends together Native voices, art and music from indigenous tribes and nations.  It provides insight into their traditions, all connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth. National Film Board (NFB). This film contains: People of the Cedar: The tribal nations of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest consider the cedar essential to life.  This segment features traditions such as carving, basket making, weaving, making cedar clothing and gathering.  The Yakima share their ideas on sustainable forestry and traditional food and gathering.
Spudwrench: Kahnawake ManDVD; Alanis Obomsawin Collection34158 min.Randy Horne, a Mohawk high-steel worker, was deeply involved in the Oka Crisis. This film looks at his activism and also reflects on the work of generations of construction workers who have come from Kahnawake.
StarlifeVHS4720 min.This visually spectacular & instructive film traces the evolution of a star from birth, in the depths of a black nebula, to extinction. The film touches on the creation of elements in stars cores, red giants, bursters, space-time relationships, and black holes.
Starving for SugarDVD31458:30 min.From the Philippines to the Caribbean, sugarcane workers are the pawns in a game of world economic and political power. the introduction of sweetener derived from corn, along with protective market policies in the US & Europe, has crippled the sugar industry in the Third World, depriving millions of their source of livelihood. This tells the human story of the man-made crisis.
Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada2-DVD set; NFB81678 min.This film zeroes in on concerns such as violence against women, access to abortion, and universal childcare, asking how much progress we have truly made on these issues.  This in-depth documentary pays homage to CaNada's feminist forerunners and raises questions about where and how we should move on from here. Three thematic versions are included: Childcare, abortion rights, and violence against women.
Stepping Stones Workshop VideoDVD; Accompanies the manual, Stepping Stones, 614.5993 W441s.39368 min.This video is part of the Stepping Stones training package, which focuses on HIV, AIDS, gender issues, communication and relationship skills.
Story of a Beautiful CountryDVD; NFB.63672 min.Khalo Matabane, a young Black filmmaker in search of the new South Africa, travels in a mini-bus taxi with a hand-held camera throughout nine provinces. The taxi serves as an open forum for ordinary people to talk about their feelings on such controversial issues as land, race, language, globalization, democracy, identity and violence. This film expresses the hopes and dreams of the youth-the next generation of people trying to find their way and their voice in the new South Africa.
Strategic Planning And Community EmpowermentVHS57743 min.This is an instructional video that demonstrates step by step the process of a workshop on the community of San Pedro, Peru. These steps include examining the nature of the community (history, geography, calender of events, etc) identifying positive and negative elements of the community, determine priorities among the elements, to examine expected results and organize them, elaborate on goals, objectives and expected results and implementation strategies. This video begins at step 2. In Spanish with diagrams and section titles and topics written in English.
Strength in NumbersDVD3129:30 min.An examination of the role that co-operatives play in the development of disadvantaged groups in the Philippines. Co-op leaders and promoters recount their experiences in various types of service and production co-ops. The role of the Canadian Co-operative Association in supporting these initiatives is also featured.
Stringing out for Change: Puppets in the HillsDVD41521 min.A puppet theatre in Burundi is the focus of this film that explores how puppet theatre can be used for communication and education. Issues covered include how they make their puppets, produce plays, adapt plays for different regions and audiences, and how they train frontline communicators to use puppet theatre.
Strong Coffee: The Story of Café FemeninoDVD20548 min.There are thousands of coffee farms in Northern Peru with approximately 30% of the employed being women. The culture of machismo has shaped the attitudes towards Peruvian women in these farming areas with large percentages living in poverty and experiencing violence. It is this repression that drove women to create Café Femenino, a women's coffee co-op. The co-op gives the women some financial independence, improves relationships between women and men, increases the levels of education and improves the quality of life.
Sudan: SKIVHS9012 min.This tape introduces us to street kids in KHARTOUM. It singles out one young boy, Sunday, who joins the organization called SKI where he learns how to work for a living.
Suicide is Not the First Nations WayDVD89429:14 min.This film looks at different perspectives of suicide in First Nations communities. Young people express themselves as they perform a dramatic exploration of this issue. Solutions and challenges become apparent as the film explores the subject.
Sun Come UpDVD51538:39 min.The film follows the relocation of the Carteret Islanders, a community living on a remote island chain in the South Pacific Ocean, and now, some of the world's first environmental refugees.  When climate change threatens their survival, the islanders must leave their ancestral land in search of new place to live.  The video follows a group of young islanders as they search for land and build relationships in war-torn Bougainville, 50 miles across the open ocean.
Sustainable Development and the Ecosystem ApproachDVD10217:30 min.A compilation of two films: "Sustainable Development" presents the debate between supporters of economic exploitation of resources and strict environmental protection, and attempts to reach a compromise between economic and environmental concerns. (8 min.) "Earth's Harmony" portrays humans as agents of profound ecological change. The video argues that we must begin to see ourselves as part of the earth's ecology, not apart from it. (10 min.)
Sustaining the Journey: Effective Poverty Reduction Strategies in Southwestern AlbertaVHS645 (Storage)34 min.Community workers, volunteers and those affected by poverty all share their experiences in an effort to assist communities to find innovative and sustainable solutions.
Ta Dona (Fire!)VHS273 (Storage)100 min.This is a film about regeneration, about how a new African can be born out of the old. It outlines an authentically African development path--nurturing rather than obliterating tradition, cultivating rather than plundering the land and its people. It has been called the first African environmental feature film. In Bambara with English subtitles.
Têªte ê  Têªte ê  TêªteDVD; NFB ShowPeace series54612:46 min.Three heads sharing a single body live in harmony until one of them begins to have a mind of its own. The film explores how we're all connected but at the same time need to think for ourselves and respect differences.
Taking ChargeVHS; NFB.643 (Storage)25 min.From the series "Teens Against Violence", this film shows teens overcoming the fears and vulnerabilities of growing up in an increasingly violent and rapidly changing society. Through role-playing, theatre groups, peer discussion groups and anti-violence collectives these activists have educated themselves and their peers towards a deeper understanding of the effects of violence rooted in sexism, racism and homophobia. National Film Board (NFB).
Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari MaathaiDVD80380 min.This video tells the story of Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai whose act of planting trees grew into a nationwide movement to protect the environment, human rights and defend democracy.
Taking StockDVD; NFB.27847:15 min.This film traces the history leading up to the collapse of cod stocks off Newfoundland leading to the calling for a moratorium on the cod fishery. It presents the key players in this complex and tragic story, focussing on those who are now trying to come to grips with an uncertain future. In trying to attain economic success, we must recognize that there are limits to how we can exploit nature's delicate ecosystems. National Film Board (NFB).
Taking the Reins Together: Youth/Adult PartnershipsDVD6028 min.Young people and adults talk honestly about the power of working together as partners. Hear their candid views on benefits, challenges, and joys of youth/adult partnerships. Watch what happens when they combine their energy, ideas, and perspectives.
Tales of Sand and SnowDVD; NFB.74748:27 min.A sand diviner had told Hyacinthe Combary his future lay in his Gourmantche village in Burkina Faso, but the filmmaker chose another course and immigrated to Montreal, Canada. Wishing to reconnect with the spiritual values of his own people, he goes to meet the indigenous Atikamekw in Wemotaci, Quebec. Combary presents a cinematographic dialogue between the Gourmantche of Burkina Faso, who divine the future in the sand, and the men of the taiga, who use sweat lodges to reconcile themselves with the spirits. National Film Board (NFB).
Talk Mogadishu: Media Under FireDVD78150 min.In the face of chaos and devastation, a young Somali couple and two Somali families created HornAfrik, the first independent TV and radio station in war-torn Mogodishu. HornAfrik's talk shows are popular because they have become a unique way for thousands of Somalis to speak out without being silenced. This documentary is an example of the media's role in conflict resolution and peace.
Tanzania – Year Sixteen: Income is the ResultDVD8025 min.One of a series of three videos were made in 1978 -- sixteen years after Tanzania became an independent country. They are actual footage of the people engaged in building Ujamaa villages and relationships in the country. A team of men is busy making cement rings to be used to make a well. The work is being supervised by two technicians sent by the district authorities and paid by the state. The discussion becomes animated as the group tries to define the concept of equality, judge the organization of work, and analyze their past and future as villagers. After nine years of living together, they reflect on the policy of Ujamaa, the economy of the country, the relation between state and producers, and the meaning of politics.
Tanzania – Year Sixteen: Love is LoveDVD8024 min.One of a series of three videos were made in 1978 -- sixteen years after Tanzania became an independent country. They are actual footage of the people engaged in building Ujamaa villages and relationships in the country. The action takes place at the village water spring. The women are doing their laundry. Some men have begun a discussion with the film-maker about the way food is given to children, by the village. The bachelors complain that they have to feed other people's children while they themselves don't have enough money to pay the bride price necessary to get married. The women present are asked to comment on the question of bride price. There follows a lively exchange on the topic.
Tanzania – Year Sixteen: The CowshedDVD8042 min.One of a series of three videos were made in 1978 -- sixteen years after Tanzania became an independent country. They are actual footage of the people engaged in building Ujamaa villages and relationships in the country. This film was made at the villagers' request. They prepared for it and dressed for the occasion. Their aim was to make public their grievances about a development project, decided upon two years previously, which entailed the creation of a dairy at Mbambara. In telling their story, the villagers give their opinion on the initial choice of the Cowshed project and on the way that the project was subsequently implemented.
TB: Silent KillerDVD85890 min.Tuberculosis (TB) has become the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease on the planet. This documentary takes the viewer to Swaziland, the country with the world's highest incidence of the disease. It focuses on the stories of people battling TB, as well as the medical workers who are fighting to save their lives despite the stigma and infection threat they face for doing so.
Teaching Peace in a Time of WarDVD; NFB.66654 min.Meet the students and teachers at Vasa Pelagic School in Belgrade, Serbia. The pupils include Nenad, whose father has been institutionalized for killing the child's mother, and Emil, who is terrorized for being a Muslim. Their classmate Aleksandra, whose father admits that he "enjoyed" the war, says, "Peace means nothing to me, because I don't have any peace." This video documents the progress of Nenad and of student representative Gordana, who helps organize the school's first-ever dance. This video offers a sense of optimism that even schools in the most troubled circumstances can become beacons of peace. National Film Board (NFB).
Telling Our Story, Living Our Faith: Women in the Churches WorldwideDVD83835:36 min.Six women from different regions of the world discuss their faith and how the ecumenical community has strengthened them in their commitment. They talk about overcoming violence and healing, and about justice and peace. By examining the spiritual journey of some women in the ecumenical movement, the film stimulates reflections on faith and the challenge to overcome violence today.
Thai SilkDVD29144 min.Accompanies the training guide, Thai Silk (338.642 B38f), produced by CARE Thailand. The training materials simulate the fieldwork and analysis required for a subsector study to identify cost-effective micro- and small-enterprise interventions.
The ABC’s of Cooperative ChildcareDVD39022 min.This film examines cooperative childcare as an option to meet the rising need for childcare. It explains how such a programme meets the flexibility needed by parents at the same time as meeting the needs of the children. It describes the benefits of such a programme over other childcare options, and introduces various models of cooperative childcare.
The Adventures of a Radical Hillbilly… An Interview with Myles HortonDVD236118 min.Bill Moyers, a PBS broadcaster, interviewed Myles Horton at the Highlander Center.  The interview was broadcast on PBS stations in June, 1981.
The Alkali Lake Story: Sharing Innovations that Work (Part 3)DVD24826 min.This final part of the three-part series is about an international conference of first nations people from Canada and the United State, hosted by the people of Alkali Lake. This conference was a sharing of feasible methods to stop alcoholism and involved a number of workshops about issues evolving around this problem. November,1986.
The Alkali Lake Story: The Honour of All (Part 1)DVD24656 min.This first part of the series gives a description of how the Shuswap people of Alkali Lake in British Columbia,Canada were introduced to alcohol and the social problems that ensued. It also shows how the Alkali Lake Indian Band went from 100% alcoholism to 95% sober in 14 years, due in large part by the efforts of Andy and Phyllis Chelsea. November 1986.
The Alkali Lake Story: The Honour of All (Part 2)DVD24743 min.This second part of the series covers the efforts made by community leaders of the Alkali Lake Indian Band in rebuilding after the devastating effects of widespread alcoholism. Some of the areas discussed are community development, self development and relearning of culture and traditions. November,1986.
The Arctic Circle Episode 1: Episode 2:DVD51280 min.This DVD contains two videos which present climate change in the Arctic.  Episode 1: Presents scientists who are studying the effects of climate change on the land and its animal inhabitants. We see huge ice shelves crumbling into the sea, polar bears struggling to survive and water flowing where there should be only ice. (40 min.)  Episode 2: Introduces the viewer to people engaged in the race to pump oil and gas from beneath the Arctic ice. As resource extraction accelerates, the ice melts more quickly, whose effects are only starting to be felt. (40 min.)
The Asian Financial Crisis: its Human CostVHS448 (Storage)13 min.Produced as part of "In Common: global action against poverty" by CCIC.
The Bicycle: Fighting AIDS with Community MedicineDVD8516:31 min.This video explores the daily journey of Pax Chingawale through several villages in southern Malawi. Pax works with traditional healers who contribute unwittingly to the spread of AIDS. He bikes around monitoring the progress of those whose lives are being saved by Anti Retro-Virals (ARVs), a life-extending drug treatment. Pax is helping to create a model for making ARV drugs accessible to the world's most vulnerable people.
The Big SelloutDVD77395 min.This film demonstrates how ordinary people are fighting the commodification of basic public goods. It shows how international financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank demand cuts in public spending, the privatization of public services and market liberalization as the path to economic development. It raises questions about the neo-liberal belief that government best serves the public interest by serving corporate interests - a belief that the film shows to be as hollow as it is unsustainable.
The Burma DeceptionVHS36035 min.This film recounts the struggle of ethnic groups in Burma to survive decades of military repression. The focus is on the current Slorc regime that has systematically destroyed their villages and has conscripted villagers as porters in their military campaign against the guerillas. Includes interviews with refugees who have fled to Bangladesh, Thailand, India and China. There is growing frustration over the United Nations' apparent ineffectiveness in dealing with human rights abuses. Increased international investment by transnational corporations and a growing drug trade help finance Slorc's military activities.
The Butterfly ClubDVD379a6:34 min.The Butterfly Club provides space for Aboriginal girls to explore their cultural and spiritual roots while experiencing urban living.  This video is a case study produced for the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program, Coady International Institute.
The Cheticamp Experience: A Model of Economic Co-operationDVD533 min.The people of an Acadian fishing village in Cheticamp, Cape Breton, have evolved several co-ops as strategic economic building blocks for their community -- a fish processing plant, a restaurant and crafts store, a credit union, a youth employment co-op, and one of the most successful grocery stores in the Atlantic provinces. This video explores the sources of this record in the local leadership, in the cultural history, and in the traditions of this community.
The Chocolate FarmerDVD50652 min.In southern Belize, cacao farmer Eladio Pop manually works his plantation in the tradition of his Mayan ancestors.  But as the Pop family struggles to preserve their values, the world around them changes. Eladio faces the moral dilemma around the 'fair trade' label within the chocolate industry.  The camera becomes a witness to social and family tensions that play out in a culture that was once the most advanced civilization in the world.
The Concept in OperationDVD; Includes manual.213d14 min.Many initiatives in community development are now being undertaken. One of these, the community business corporation, is a relatively new instrument for community economic development. It is an enabling structure designed to stimulate all types of development, ranging from the economic to the cultural. This video provides an overview of what can be achieved when people organize and work toward a common goal.
The CorporationDVD648145 min.Explore the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time. Footage from pop culture, advertising, TV news, and corporate propaganda illuminates the corporation's grip on our lives. Includes interviews with Milton Friedman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and Michael Moore.
The Countryman: Travels to Village and Hill PeoplesVHS281This film introduces several tribes in Myanmar.
The Dance of WordsDVD86552 min.More than 200,000 people in Canada are deaf. For deaf francophones, Quebec Sign Language is essential to both their identity and their connection to the deaf community. The young artists in this film have embraced their deaf identity and show how they are using the arts to build a deaf culture.
The Daughters of HatshepsutVHS490 (Storage)18:09 min.This video tells the story of the Women's Initiatives Fund (WIF) Project through the eyes of the women that are creating change within their own lives and demonstrating new opportunities for others in their communities in Upper Egypt.
The Day of the Apology, June 11th, 2008DVD36218:30 min.On June 11, 2008, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a formal apology from the Government of Canada to former students of Indian Residential Schools, and acknowledged the damage caused by the Residential School System.
The Death of SilenceVHS282 (Storage)45 min.This film examines the work and lives of the landless Indo-Fijian women in the cash economies of copra, sugar, rice, and market gardening. Part of the Fijian Praxis series.
The Devil’s DreamDVD; NFB.34358 min.The folkloric Dance of the 24 Devils is the vehicle used to shed light on the reality of what is today's Guatemala. We discover not only the beauty of the landscape, the people and their creative imagination, but also the wretched conditions of life and the spectre of violence.
The DugoutDVD89180:36 min.On an island in the Yukon River, a group of young people carve a sea-going canoe true to ancient design that will take them back to shore. In the process they live together bonded by their creative work and transform themselves. The film demonstrates the power of art and the power of community to heal community.
The Eagle’s GiftDVD52928:55 min.The Rediscovery Society's youth program enriches the lives of many young people, native and non-native, who are at odds with themselves, their home life and the law. A wide range of challenging activities serve to nurture the spirit, promote self-confidence and rekindle the desire to learn. These activities include a six-day backpacking trip in the Queen Charlotte islands, exploration of ancient villages, drum songs, a Haida Potlatch re-eanactment, and a 24-hour solo trip in the woods.
The Ecological Footprint: Accounting for a Small PlanetDVD71830:30 min.The world's growing economy is placing an enormous demand on the planet's ecological resources. In this film, Dr. Mathis Wackernagel introduces the Ecological Footprint, a resource accounting tool that measures human demand on the Earth. Currently, humanity's demand on resources exceeds what Earth can regenerate. Wackernagel explores the implications of these ecological deficits, and provides examples of how governments, communities and businesses are using the Footprint to help improve their ecological performance.
The Economics of HappinessDVD37365 min.This video describes a world moving in two opposing directions. As governments and big business push for increased global trade, there is also an increase in climate change, job destruction, financial volatility, income inequality and corporate power. This film shows that these trends can be reversed. Through footage and commentary, the film demonstrates that a better world is within reach.
The Edge of Each Other’s BattlesDVD87459 min.This documentary is a tribute to the legendary black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde (1934-1992). Lorde inspired activists with her poetry, serving as a catalyst for change and united the communities of which she was a part: black arts and black liberation, women's liberation and lesbian and gay liberation. The film brings Lorde's legacy of poetry and politics to life and conveys the spirit, passion and intensity that remain her trademark.
The Emperor’s New Clothes: a cautionary tale of free tradeDVD; NFB.37853 min.Filmed in Canada, the USA and Mexico, this film looks at these countries before and after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It looks at the profound effects that economic agreements between big business and government can have on human lives, including cuts to social programs, mass unemployment, environmental damage and demoralisation. A group of Canadian workers go to Mexico to examine labour conditions there. National Film Board (NFB).
The End of Poverty?DVD470104 min.This documentary reveals that poverty is not an accident. It began with military conquest, slavery and colonization and today, global poverty is largely due to wealthy countries exploiting the weaknesses of poor, developing countries.  This video explores why a small percentage of the planet's population uses a large percentage of its resources and consumes more than the planet can regenerate.
The Faces of AIDSDVD19820 min.Persons in Cameroon and Zimbabwe with HIV and AIDS, their families, doctors and health workers talk about how AIDS has affected their lives. This film aims to challenge stereotypes and asks questions about the need for African solidarity to fight the epidemic.
The FallacyDVD89993 min.The current trend to label prostitution a profession has met with opposition from women who have actually been involved in the sex trade. They reveal the hidden side of prostitution which is never an informed choice leading to wealth, pleasure and freedom. These women have recently given up prostitution or are trying to escape it. Each woman seeks to gain control over her life, rebuild her self-esteem and find happiness.
The Feminist InitiativeDVD65397 min.This is a behind-the-scenes look at the women working to establish the world's first feminist political party in Sweden in the spring of 2005.  It is a film about what women do with power, and what power can do to women. Even in one of the most gender-equal societies in the world, the Feminist Initiative's path to parliament sparks questions about gender differences in governance and the struggle to have women's voices heard in patriarchal, modern society.
The Forbidden LandVHS17758 min.This film examines the growing divisions within the Catholic Church in razil, between the conservative hierarchy and the followers of Liberation Theology. At the heart of the dispute is the poor, landless Brazilians seeking reform, and the wealthy landowners and developers opposing them. The social, economic and political roots of similar struggles being waged throughout Central and South America is explored.
The Forgotten CommunityVHS; PAL FORMAT.69036 min.This video explores the province of Mumbwa, Zambia. The rural communities are isolated due to the poor condition of the roads. The video presents the hardships these villagers face as they attempt to travel outside their communities for necessities such as health care.
The Freedom TourDVD88553 min.This documentary explores the efforts of people with intellectual disabilities who raised awareness about people living in deplorable conditions in institutions in Canada. This film portrays stories told by survivors of institutions who are now living in communities across the Prairies.
The F-Word: Who Wants to Be a Feminist?DVD63545 min.Today in North America, women make up half the work force and more than half of all university students.  But according to the UN, they own only a small percentage of the world's wealth despite comprising more than half the population.  In this video, the story of feminism and its continuing battle is told through interviews with some of the best-known feminist icons, as well as younger voices who are finding new ways to advance the cause.
The GardenDVD23480 min.This documentary captures the ways developers, politicians and self-serving leaders have disrupted the lives of working-class families fighting to save the largest urban farm in America: a 14-acre oasis in Los Angeles that was created following the 1992 L.A. riots. At a time when economic insecurity is high, food prices rising and energy and environmental crises increase, this video tells a story and serves as a powerful symbol of the world we live in.
The Gift of Sacred TobaccoDVD34828:28 min.Elders offer teachings and stories about tobacco use and misuse.  Youth speak about their struggles with commercial tobacco.  Produced by the Enaahtig Health Lodge and Learning Centre in Ontario, Canada.
The Gift of Self-EsteemDVD063 (pt. 1)75 min.This four-part series is a learning system containing the seven ingredients of success and how they are applied to your life. (Includes manual) Part 1: Achieving balance in life: Introduces the viewer to this series. Five principles to high performance: Introduces the five laws present in the set. Unlocking your potential: Explains the foundation of a positive attitude.
The Gift of Self-EsteemDVD063 (pt. 2)75 min.This four-part series is a learning system containing the seven ingredients of success and how they are applied to your life. (Includes manual) Part 2: Taking charge of your life: Greater achievement and success is possible after taking full responsibility for your life. Managing your emotions: Learn the relationship between irresponsibility and negativity. Releasing your brakes: The factors of negative emotions and the origins of guilt are identified.
The Gift of Self-EsteemDVD063 (pt. 3)75 min.This four-part series is a learning system containing the seven ingredients of success and how they are applied to your life. (Includes manual) Part 3: The worry buster: Examines worry and ways to eliminate it from your life. The new mental diet: Steps for positive mental programming will be explained. Rapid learning techniques: Explains how to use rapid learning techniques to accelerate the acquisition of new knowledge.
The Gift of Self-EsteemDVD063 (pt. 4)100 min.This four-part series is a learning system containing the seven ingredients of success and how they are applied to your life. (Includes manual) Part 4: Five keys to goal setting: Explains both the reasons why people fail to set goals and five concepts in goal setting. Seven steps to goal achievement: Outlines seven steps to follow in working toward your goals. Developing a success personality: The measures of a healthy personality are reviewed and the key to successful human relationships is explained. Parenting: Introduces the organizing principle of parenting and how to put the principle into practice.
The Golf WarVHS654 (Storage)39 min.Globalization comes to Hacienda Looc, a Philippine seaside community, which has to defend its way of life and ancestral farmland against golf course development. This video presents one community's fight for survival against forces of economic development. Conflicting views are voiced by peasants, developers, bureaucrats, and golf boosters in the Philippines, including Tiger Woods.
The Good Message: Getting It AcrossVHS580 (Storage)28:57 min.This video follows three Quebec women and presents the type of work they are doing in Mali and Benin. One is a nurse, one is a nutritionist and another is an educationalist. Maryse Henri, France Boily and Marie Leclerc Ouadreago are all members of WUSC (World University Service of Canada) and they mainly concern themselves with promoting better sanitation leading to illness prevention, offering information sessions for young mothers about food and nutrition, introducing mothers to new ways to prepare more nutritious meals for their children, how to sustain a family/commercial garden and how to preserve food in preparation for seasons of food shortage.
The Grasslands ProjectDVD90288:32 min.This collection contains ten short films that explore the lives and stories of people in small communities across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.
The Great Northern Peninsula Development CorporationDVD; Includes manual.213b19 min.This case study examines a region in northwestern Newfoundland where residents have organized themselves to form a business development corporation that supports resource-based industries including fishing and forestry, and encourages the development of other businesses.
The Great TurningDVD68860 min.Joanna Macy, using Buddhist philosophy as a basis for her talk, describes social movements striving for social, economic and ecological sustainability. 'The Great Turning' is a shift in thinking that is encouraging such movements.
The Greenpeace YearsVHS18855 min.This hour-long documentary is a history of the Greenpeace organization, from its modest beginnings in the early 1970s in Vancouver to its present status as the largest environmental group of the '90s. Music by Bruce Cockburn.
The HealerDVD31825 min.A Peruvian holy man, whom local villagers call a healer, befriends a Maryknoll priest who wants to understand the rituals of the healing arts. Soon, these beliefs and practices would have to comfort the holy man and his family following the death of the youngest child. The death also draws the priest and the other villagers into a discussion about their thoughts on dying young.
The Heroes RX for Survival: A Global Health ChallengeDVD697 (supp.)120 min.This special tells the real-life stories of champions who protect people worldwide from the ravages of disease. It features highlights from the RX for Survival: A Global Health Challenge series and takes viewers inside the campaigns that have saved lives and renewed hope for poor communities around the world.
The Hole StoryDVD90479:11 min.The history of mining in Canada is the story of massive profits made with disregard for the environment and human health. Using images, rare archival footage and interviews, the directors have provided a wake-up call, and a compelling case against the way mining has been done in Canada.
The Human Race: Escaping From HistoryDVD61152 min.Mexico City--the most polluted and fastest growing city on the planet--is a sobering foretaste of what may await us all. The effects of industrialization and development point to the need for a more equitable balance of resources between the First World and the Third World. One of a four part series filmed in India, South Africa, Egypt, the USA and Mexico.
The Human Race: The Bomb Under the WorldDVD60852 min.This film critically examines how Western-style consumerism and overconsumption patterns are being adopted in India. One of a four part series filmed in India, South Africa, Egypt, the USA and Mexico.
The Human Race: The Gods of Our FathersDVD60952 min.Patriarchal social organization in Egypt is studied to understand the evolution of male domination in mass societies. A call is made to find alternatives to such hierarchies and militarization. One of a four part series filmed in India, South Africa, Egypt, the USA and Mexico.
The Human Race: The Tribal MindDVD61052 min.In South Africa, racial and tribal identities have shaped the ways people live together. As South Africans build a new democracy, they may provide a valuable model to other regions trying to overcome old tribal politics. One of a four part series filmed in India, South Africa, Egypt, the USA and Mexico.
The Impossible Takes a Little LongerVHS; NFB; Open-captioned.34645 min.This film documents the work and personal lives of five physically disabled women. It informs both disabled women and the able-bodied about the possibilities of adaptations in the workplace, the use of technological aids, and the need for support systems if disabled women are to have satisfying and productive lives. The film undermines the stereotypes and prejudices that further hinder a large segment of our population. National Film Board (NFB).
The Invisible NationDVD51393 min.This documentary presents a history lesson of a nation reduced to nine thousand people spread out in about ten communities.  For centuries, the Algonquin lived on a vast territory that met all their needs.  Today they suffer in silence under harsh conditions, wondering how much longer their people can survive.
The Lonely FamiliesDVD20730:41 min.Villages in Tamil Nadu, India, are divided into townships and slums. In the caste system, the Dhobis are set aside to wash the dirty linen of people belonging to low castes. They are treated with disgust and even today, they are landless, homeless and live on the outskirts of villages. The social, economic, and educational status of the Dhobis is worse than that of the lower castes. The government claims this caste doesn't exist and therefore its existence is not reflected in census reports. Dalit liberation relies on the desire of all dalits to work together to put an end to humiliation based on caste.
The Lord Helps Those…Who Help Each OtherDVD restoration from 16mm film reel23229:45 min.This silent film from 1938 tells the Antigonish Movement story of adult education and co-operative mobilization. Footage includes images of the dire conditions in Cape Breton, the activities of the mining, fishing and farming families, and the work of study clubs, co-operatives, and the building of Tompkinsville. The film was supported by the Harmon Foundation and was distributed by the Co-operative League of the United States, and was used widely all over North America.
The Lottery of Birth: Creating Freedom, Episode OneDVD89577 min.This film is part of a three-part documentary series that explores the relationship between freedom, power and control in Western democracies. It shows that from birth, our minds are a battleground of competing forces including familial, educational, cultural, and professional. These competing forces not only determine who we become, but the society that we create.
The Making of a JudgeDVD34948:32 min.This is the story of the Honourable Justice George E. Carter, the first Canadian-born black jurist.  Judge Carter's daughter, Linda, an African-Canadian model and actress, narrates this documentary.  Judge Carter's story is one of determination, disregard for color bounds, and integration into the legal system as both lawyer and judge.
The Man We Called Juan CarlosVHS560 (Storage)52 min.This is an extraordionary story of an ordinary man who, in unexpected ways, affected the lives of the filmmakers for over 25 years. The man is a Guatemalan Mayan whose life-farmer to teacher to guerrilla to Mayan priest-raises essential questions about social justice, life choices and the cost of commitment.
The Manoeuvres of the Women Against the Spell of the Great StoneVHS6061 min.Film deals with a women's meeting which was held because it was felt that the Caribbean crisis had a direct bearing on the situation of women. The film was made in 1988 on the 10th anniversary of WAND, in Hastings, Barbados.
The March of the Despised: The liberating force of non-violenceDVD80555 min.This video follows the October 2007 journey of 25,000 poor farmers, landless workers and indigenous people as they marched along the highway leading to India's capital, New Delhi.  This protest was to convince the government to redistribute land to the poor and introduce land reforms.
The Marthas & St. Francis Xavier University: The First CenturyDVD47830:20 min.
The Medicine WheelDVD73025 min.The Medicine Wheel is representative of American Indian spirituality. This video takes a look at native spirituality from the viewpoint of a Cree woman in Manitoba, Canada.
The Message of the Informal SectorDVD11819 min.This presentation is critical to understanding the emerging movement to integrate dynamic informal sector businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean into the formal economy of the region. With the informal sector accounting for increasing percentages of total manufacturing, commerce and services in many countries, business communities are recognizing that linkages with this sector could stabilize the region's economies. ACCION International, 1986.
The Milagro Beanfield WarDVD670118 min.When a Chicano handyman from the Milagro Valley decides to irrigate his beanfield with water from a large and potentially destructive site, he sets off a chain reaction resulting in a culture clash.  The developers try to eliminate the beanfield, forcing the handyman's friends to unite to protect and preserve their way of life. Directed by Robert Redford.
The Network that WorksDVD512:30 min.Credit unions reflect the rich cultural diversity on which Canada is built. They are people-oriented and proud of it. They know what their members and communities need because they are a special part of those communities. But credit unions also belong to a national network with a huge pool of resources. This tape produced by the Canadian Co-operative Credit Society profiles the dynamic structure and characteristics that make the credit union system unique.
The Night of SignVHS306 (Storage)This is a recording of a live show using sign language that was presented in Taiwan in 1993. In Chinese, hosted by Joseph T'sai DI94.
The Origins of AIDSDVD; NFB.343 min.More than twenty years after the AIDS epidemic began, its origins are unknown. We know that AIDS was born from contact between humans and chimpanzees. Many believe that the answer is hidden in the research and experimental vaccine developed by scientist Hilary Koprowski for the polio epidemic. Evidence proves that he tested his vaccine on chimpanzees before injecting it into humans. This documentary suggests that as scientists tried to rid the world of polio, they may have caused an epidemic that has killed millions worldwide. National Film Board (NFB).
The PARD ExperienceDVD513:50 min.Sponsored by the Calmeadow Foundation, this is a profile of an organization in Shelburne Co., Nova Scotia that is applying the Grameen Bank approach of forming solidarity loan groups amongst people in micro-enterprise to gain access to credit.
The Passionate Pursuits of Angela BowenDVD87573 min.Angela Bowen grew up in inner city Boston during the Jim Crow era. She went on to become a classical ballerina, a dance teacher, a black lesbian feminist activist, writer and professor. Her stories reveal how the challenges of race, class, gender, age, and sexuality influenced her decisions and strategies for survival.
The PeacekeepersDVD; NFB.69283 min.This video presents the attempt to avert another Rwandan disaster, this time in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It follows the peacekeepers as they balance the risks against the enormous sums of money required from donor countries. The video presents the UN troops in the northeast Congo and contemplates the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo. National Film Board (NFB).
The People of the Kattawapiskak River2-DVD set86750:14 min.This documentary exposes the dreadful living conditions of 1,700 Cree in Northern Ontario. Hundreds of families have no running water or electricity in a village where temperatures drop to minus 40 degrees. In October 2011, the band chief, Theresa Spence, asked the Canadian Red Cross for help. A state of emergency was declared to confront the severe housing crisis. In this film, politicians and members of the community speak out about the shocking poverty.
The People’s ReportDVD88765 min.Wilmington, Delaware is one of the most violent cities in the USA. In 2010 a group of researchers, recruited from the streets of the city, decided to found out why. This video presents an ethnographic needs assessment of two of Wilmington's most violent neighbourhoods. The study organized fifteen community residents from these neighbourhoods as participatory action researchers to document the impact of community violence.
The PillDVD41745 min.The birth control pill has been described as the most powerful, most widely used drug ever developed in history. Conceived as a solution to the population explosion, it was a touchstone for the sexual liberation of the '60s. Released without adequate testing, the high-dose Pill caused serious side effects and, in some cases, death. This documentary looks at the hidden history of the oral contraceptive, and features interviews with Gloria Steinem and Barbara Seaman, author of "The Doctor's Case Against the Pill."
The Poverty BlanketDVD59355 min.Footage of child labour and child poverty in Pakistan. Shows the work of Insan Foundation-Pakistan, an NGO for the restoration of children's rights in Pakistan. 1998.
The Power Broker: Whitney Young’s Fight for Civil RightsDVD87254:41 min.This documentary follows Whitney Young as he moves between the streets of Harlem and the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, connecting the needs of Main Street to the interests of Wall Street. In the Oval Office, Young advised Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon along a path of historic change. By challenging America's business and political communities, Young was able to make in-roads where other civil rights leaders could not.
The Power of a DreamDVD49910 min.This video focuses on the Sepaase Trust Bank in Ghana and its practice of giving small business loans to the poverty-stricken people, thus encouraging to rise out of poverty to become self-sufficient business people.
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak OilDVD30553 min.When Cuba lost access to Soviet oil in the early 1990s, the country faced two challenges - feeding the population and creating a low-energy society. This film tells the story of how Cuba transitioned from large, fossil-fuel intensive farming to small, less energy-intensive organic farms, and from an industrial society to a more sustainable one. This film explores the Cuban people's hardship and triumph over adversity through cooperation, conservation and community.
The Power of ForgivenessDVD59578 min.To forgive someone can be simple yet powerful, leading to a personal and spiritual transformation. Over the last 20 years, the study of forgiveness has come into its own.  Researchers are examining the effects of forgiveness on individuals and within relationships. From Northern Ireland to Ground Zero to the Amish countryside, this film explores this work, and reveals how forgiveness can transform your life.
The Practice of PeaceVHS; Includes manual.21860 min.This video and manual are nonviolence training tools designed to provide preparation for actions of faith and conscience.
The Preferred Sex … The Desired NumberVHS398 (Storage)52 min.This film provides an insight into women's reproductive health and status in Nigeria and India. Includes an examination of the high value of large family size in Nigeria and the preference for male babies in India, and the tragic consequences of such discrimination.
The Price of YouthDVD7619 min.This video explores the trafficking of women and young girls from Nepal for forced prostitution in Mumbai, India.
The Price We PayDVD87993 min.This film documents the history and present-day reality of big-business tax avoidance, which has seen multinationals depriving governments of trillions of dollars in tax revenues by harbouring profits in offshore havens. Tax avoidance by the wealthy increases the levels of inequality and places the tax burden on the middle class and the poor. Journalists, tax justice campaigners and former finance and technology insiders speak about the trends that are carrying the world to an unsustainable future.
The Prisoner (Man Alive)DVD36024 min.Incorporating interviews with Burmese exiles and smuggled film footage from Burma, this documentary follows Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership in the pro-democracy movement in that country. The history of Burma is summarized, from Aung San's role in liberating Burma from British colonial rule, to his daughter's role in uniting the Burmese people in their fight against military rule. Frustrated by Western disinterest in the human rights abuses suffered by the people in Burma, there is a growing campaign to pressure the international community to respond.
The Quiet RevolutionVHS396180 min.Over 1 billion people live in absolute poverty. Around the world there are thousands of individuals working to escape from the poverty trap they were born into. This film tells the personal stories of people who are overcoming poverty, inequality and environmental devastation to transform their communities into places of hope and promise. Filmed in Bangladesh, Honduras, India, Nepal, the United States and Zimbabwe.
The Rising TideDVD; NFB.24131 min.Follows the establishment of the United Maritime Fisherman cooperative through the eyes of a french-speaking fisherman in the Maritimes in the 1920's.1949. National Film Board (NFB).
The Rural Marketing BookCDCDR-107This VCD features short films with rural consumer and success stories in rural marketing in India. It accompanies the book, The rural marketing book (658.8 K151r).
The Sacred Sundance: The Transfer of a CeremonyDVD32469:20 min.Participants in the sacred Sundance ceremony go four days without food or water.  At the end of the experience, they pierce the flesh of their chests in an offering to the Creator. This video examines traditions of North American Aboriginal spirituality and highlights the introduction of the Sundance to the Mi'kmaq people of Eastern Canada.
The Sceptics’ JourneyVHS34545 min.With the widening scope of government cutbacks, the value of overseas work in developing countries is being questioned. Mega-project fiascos have led many in the west to believe international development is a waste of money. Four Canadians were chosen as "sceptics" to examine how their tax dollar is spent on international development projects. They witness firsthand the work done by voluntary agencies to work with children in Bombay, female victims of domestic violence in Madras, agricultural projects in Gujarat, and literacy projects in Nepal.
The Search for SolutionsDVD520 min.Produced by UCCB, this tape takes a look at the Mondragon experiment and its application in Cape Breton.
The Sex TradeDVD90076 min.In the past thirty years coupled with the rise of the Internet, the sex trade has expanded to become a true industry. Who is benefitting from this industry which has turned women's bodies into an exploited commodity? With prostitution, escort agencies, massage parlours, strip clubs, pornography and sex tourism, the sex trade has created a modern form of slavery whose victims are often too frightened to speak up.
The Sign Language Camp for Hearing StudentsVHS; In Chinese.307 (Storage)Produced in Taiwan in 1992.
The Silent Killer: Debt & HondurasDVD19621:40 min.This video explores the debt experiences of Honduras as a case study. It reveals the impact of International Finance Institutions (IFI)-held debt on citizens, and the views of debt administrators and victims.
The Singing Revolution3-DVD set; Manual included.14597 min.The Estonian people used song as a powerful weapon to help free themselves from Soviet occupation. Armed only with song, a country faced down its oppressors and altered the course of history.
The Sixth SectionDVD33327 min.This documentary follows a community of Mexican immigrants who work in New York.  The men profiled in the film formed an organization that raises money in the United States to rebuild their hometown in Mexico. The organization finds power through its accomplishments and has a large impact in both America and Mexico.
The Square: The People Demand the Downfall of the RegimeDVD886206 min.In January 2011, Egyptians converged on Tahrir Square to demand democracy and the fall of the Mubarak regime. This video follows Egypt's young citizens through the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power and brutal attempts to suppress resistance. It pays tribute to the freedom fighters of this modern revolution and who are still fighting to achieve a society of freedom and conscience.
The Story of GodSeason 2: DVD913180 min.The power of religion affects our lives, no matter what our faith. Morgan Freeman takes viewers around the world on a quest for interfaith understanding through the lens of religion, anthropology and archaeology.
The Story of India2-DVD set.686 hr.Writer and historian Michael Wood chronicles the history of India, the richness and diversity of its peoples, cultures and landscapes - from the deserts of Turkmenistan to the Khyber Pass and the plains of Pakistan, from the Himalayas to the shores of Kerala.
The Strawberry Story by Miigam’Agan (New Brunswick)DVD379e11:11 min.This video highlights the Strawberry Ceremony, a celebration of the strawberry plant and its many benefits for women.  This video is a case study produced for the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program, Coady International Institute.
The Supreme PriceDVD85475 min.This film tells the story of Hafsat Abiola, daughter of human rights heroine Kudirat Abiola, and Nigeria's 1993 President-elect M.K.O. Abiola. Soon after the 1993 election, Abiola's victory was annulled and he was arrested. While he was imprisoned, his wife Kudirat took over leadership of the pro-democracy movement and won international attention for the struggle against human rights violations perpetrated by military dictatorship. She was assassinated in 1996. In this video, the Abiola family's story unfolds as Hafsat continues to face the challenge of transforming corrupt governance into a democracy capable of serving Nigeria's most marginalized population: women.
The TakeVHS; NFB.63887 min.Written and directed by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis, this film follows Argentina's radical new movement of occupied businesses: groups of workers who are claiming the country's bankrupt workplaces and running them without bosses. National Film Board (NFB).
The Telling Takes Me HomeDVD79328:26 min.This video tells the story of activists and folk singers Guy and Candie Carawan. The filmmaker, daughter Heather Carawan, reflects on growing up in a musical and political time with her parents' views on race relations, community organizing, and the power of song. The documentary includes footage from the Highlander Research and Education Center.
The Unsung HeroinesDVD79517:20 min.This film profiles the daily life of one grandmother who is responsible for the upbringing of her orphaned grandchildren. The Phoebe Education Fund for AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (PEFO) is a Ugandan organization that attempts to provide shelter, economic sustainability and education for grandmothers and their orphaned grandchildren.
The Valuable Girl ProjectDVD67111 min.Coptic Orphans is a Christian non-profit organization founded in 1989. It exists to improve the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children in Egypt by providing basic needs, education, and mentoring so that they may realize their potential to become productive members of society. Coptic Orphans also exists to raise awareness about poverty in Egypt and promote cultural and religious tolerance.
The Vienna Tribunal: Women’s Rights are Human RightsDVD27148:13 min.This film highlights the personal stories of women from around the world who testified before a panel of judges at the global trubunal on violations of Women's Rights. The women challenged world leaders at the UN World conference on Human Rights in Vienna to address these violations for the gross human rights violations that they are.
The Violence that is Everyone’s SecretDVD; Part of a compilation from Kaw Lah Films.74010 min.The film helps define sexual and gender based violence and its prevelance within Burma's Karen refugee camps.
The Water BearerDVD57152 min.This film follows the efforts made by the men and women of Flores Island in Indonesia to re-invent their daily lives after 32 years of dictatorship. Through the simple quest for clean running water, Catholics and Muslims work together to introduce a direct democracy and sustainable autonomy. With the ancient Ngada warrior culture serving as a backdrop, this film reminds us that all men are born brothers.
The Women Will… Wanawake WatatunzaVHS; Includes manual.21130 min.This film follows the development of the Kenyan Rural Area Women's project, KERAWOP, an independent program of the Church of the Province of Kenya's Christian Community Services. Included in the examination of the training plan is a cultural exchange with American women, a community workshop, and grassroots projects developed by rural women as a result of the training.
The Women’s Construction Collective of JamaicaDVD5213 min.A fast paced, upbeat, motivational story about 10 unemployed young Black women, selected from the poor neighborhoods of Kingston and trained in construction skills. They currently operate their own construction and carpentry business and working on construction sites.
The World According to MonsantoDVD784109 min.Operating worldwide, the controversial corporation of Monsanto is a world leader in genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Since its founding in 1901, the company has faced criticism due to the toxicity of its products. This video examines the rise of Monsanto to one of the world's leading seed manufacturers, spreading GM crops worldwide with no real monitoring of their effects on nature or human health.
The World Before HerDVD83591 min.Young women from across India are handpicked as contestants for the Miss India pageant. In preparation, they are sent to a month-long beauty boot camp. In contrast, the video visits a camp for young Indian girls run by the militant fundamentalist movement. Through lectures and physical combat training, the girls learn what it means to be good Hindu women. This documentary creates a portrait on the world's largest democracy at a critical transitional moment.
Then We Will Do It OurselvesDVD80410 min.Community Finance Solutions from the University of Salford has developed a partnership with Carnegie Rural Programme to develop Community Land Trusts. This DVD covers key issues for rural CLTs and presents the possibilities when the work of local communities is matched by local authorities and funders. Seven case studies are highlighted.
These HandsDVD25846 min.This film centres on the lives of women of Tanzania and Mozambique who work as stone crushers. The women, many who are single mothers, labour against the backdrop of quarries opened by contractors using heavy machinery. Amidst humour, song and dance, the women form a mutually supportive network that helps them endure the physical, mental and emotional tension of this back-breaking work.
Things Arab Men SayDVD90652:08 min.Worldwide, Arab men are depicted by the mainstream media as terrorists, suicide bombers, and extremists. Join Jay, Ghassan and friends in a local barber shop as they engage in a lively discussion on politics, religion and identity. At times serious, but laced with humour, the film follows the group as they debate issues and offer views that bring us closer to changing the narrative surrounding their community.
ThirstDVD76462 min.Global corporations are buying up local water supplies. This video reveals how water is the catalyst for community resistance to globalization.
This Changes EverythingDVD88089 min.Produced in conjunction with Naomi Klein's book of the same name, this film is an attempt to re-imagine the challenge of climate change. The film presents seven portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana's Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond. Naomi Klein narrates and suggests the idea that we can seize the crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something better.
This Land is Our LandDVD31428:50 min.Family farmers in southern Brazil struggle in grass-roots organizations to gain title to land. Some families are displaced by huge dams, others face bank foreclosures, still others camp out for years in plastic tents to pressure government to release unused land owned by a small minority.
This Way OutDVD21032:48 min.This documentary tells the story of three individuals who escaped persecution in their home countries based on their homosexuality to claim refugee status in the United States. These individuals - from Kenya, Brazil, and Pakistan - illustrate the universality of homosexuality and the intolerance and vulnerability faced by lesbians and gays in parts of the world. This film questions the kind of asylum the United States provides for them and what kind of freedom they have found.
Thomas Sankara: The Upright ManDVD75352 min.The film recounts a history of Sankara's brief four-year rule and his revolutionary program for African self-reliance as an alternative to the neo-liberal development strategies imposed on Africa by the West, both then and today. Sankara rose to power in Burkina Faso in 1983. He launched the most ambitious program for social and economic change ever attempted on the African continent. He criticized foreign aid as a weapon of neo-colonialist interests and called for a united front of African nations to reject their foreign debt. During the current wave of globalization, Sankara's brief revolution offers an alternative for African development based on autonomy and local self-reliance.
Tibetan RefugeeDVD7460 min.This documentary explores the lives of Tibetan refugees and the current state of Tibet. Despite China's insistence that religious citizens of Tibet are fairly treated, the four thousand refugees that flee Tibet each year claim otherwise, recounting stories of torture and abuse. This documentary features an appearance by the Dalai Lama and live music and prayers by the never-before-recorded Nechung Monks.
Tiger SpiritDVD; NFB.43673:20 min.Korea is a divided nation.  The scar shared by families divided during the Korean War in the 1950s is symbolized by the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) dividing communist North from capitalist South.  Along this border, filmmaker Min Sook Lee explores the realism of reunification through the stories of ordinary people.  Lee asks the question - how will the two Koreas be put back together? National Film Board (NFB).
Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil SandsDVD63290 min.This documentary from The Nature of Things explores the Alberta oil sands production and its impact on the environment and the people living downstream.  The residents of Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta believe oil sands toxins are destroying their territory and their culture.  Director James Cameron joins the residents of Fort Chipewyan in their struggle against CaNada's oil sands development.
To Be a Woman: African Women’s Response to the Economic CrisisVHS17142 min.This is a presentation of the stories of women in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia, as they struggle in the battle for social and economic survival. The film offers a critical analysis of the impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) on the lives of women and children in Africa.
To Our Credit Part 1: Bootstrap Banking and the WorldDVD; Manual available.42455 min.This film explores the role of microcredit to combat global poverty by providing small loans for self-employment. The human side of microcredit is emphasized.
To Our Credit Part 2: Bootstrap Banking in AmericaDVD42555 min.This film explores the role of microenterprise development as an economic strategy for low-income Americans. Hundreds of organizations are providing them with small loans, business training and access to markets. The human side of microenterprise development is emphasized.
Tomatoes Can Become MeatDVD; Spoken in Nepali. English subtitles included.68254:50 min.This video depicts women's empowerment through savings and credit organizations in Nepal. It covers issues such as emergency funds, financing large purchases, and borrowing money on behalf of husbands. This group provides committee and business skills, and literacy classes for its members. The film concludes with a look at expanding the savings and credit organization and the benefits of literacy and education for young women.
Tomorrow We Will FinishDVD46326 min.This is the story of Suri, one of the 150,000 girls who work in carpet factories in Nepal. The friendships that develop among the girls help them deal with the bleak reallities of their lives and the terrible working conditions. The film also touches on the steps now taken by government of Nepal to reduce child labour in the rug factories.
Tomorrow, the Forest Will Be Our LivelihoodDVD43116 min.This film describes a model of cooperation among co-operatives in Guatemala.
Tools for DevelopmentVHS49123:30 min.The editor for Canada's newspaper, the Globe and Mail, visits Peru and observes the poor families and their struggles. He concludes that a person must be entrepreneurial to survive. With the help of the newspaper, he appeals to Canada for donations of used tools to be sent to Peru to assist the poor in providing for themselves.
Totem: The Return of the G’psgolox PoleDVD; NFB83270 min.In 1929, the Haisla people of northwestern British Columbia discovered a totem pole, known as the G'psgolox pole, had been removed from their village. In 1991 the pole was discovered in a Stockholm museum. This documentary traces the journey of the Haisla to reclaim the traditional mortuary pole. The film raises questions about the ownership and meaning of Aboriginal objects held in museums. The Haisla have fulfilled a promise to the museum to replace the original totem and they await the return of the G'psgolox pole.
Toxic PartnersVHS441 (Storage)41 min.A documentary about 2 communities with toxic waste (Sydney, Cape Breton and Fort Valley, Georgia, USA). Local citizen activists from the two cities visit each other's communities. The film shows the horrible problems of these toxic sites, the difficulties in cleaning them up, and the inaction of government to relocate the affected citizens. Narrated by David Suzuki.
Transforming Lives: The Story of Development in Samuye, TanzaniaDVD; Study guide included.52617 min.The Samuye region of Tanzania was identified by government officials as one of the most impoverished areas of the country. This film follows the activities of World Vision, Tanzania, in addressing the development issues in this area.
Trees For People, People For TreesDVD35222 min.This video explains the forestry industry in Carribean countries. It shows how the community can get involved in forest resource management and conservation. 1996.
Tribals in Asia – Aboriginals in CanadaVHS59This tape gives speeches by four members of a panel. Topics: 1. General historical background of the situations of tribals and aborigines in their respective societies. 2. Outside pressures affecting these peoples, with a look at contemporary society today. 3. Strategies for change.
Trinkets & BeadsDVD; Development Studies Collection72552 min.After years of pollution by oil companies in the Amazon basin of Ecuador, Texas-based MAXUS promises to be the first company that will protect the rainforest and the people who live there. This video tells the story of how MAXUS set out to convince the Huaorani to allow drilling on their land and subsequently how the Huaorani is trying to force MAXUS off their lands. The story of the Huaorani and their attempt to survive in the Petroleum Age on their own terms is an example of the consequences resulting in the attempt to develop the world.
Trudeau’s Other ChildrenDVD; NFB.69867:46 min.Under the direction of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada began turning itself into the world's first multicultural state. The foundation for Trudeau's idea originated when he was traveling through the post-war Middle East and Asia. This video presents the stories of three individuals who are part of a great social experiment; multiculturalism. The result is a unique insight into the origins and practice of CaNada's multicultural policy. National Film Board (NFB).
Truth MerchantsDVD; NFB.12846 min.This video presents the world of public relations - part propaganda and part showbiz and advertising - and explores the relationship between public relations people and journalists. This documentary provides a behind-the-scenes look at the influence of the PR professionals and the journalists they court. National Film Board (NFB).
TurbulenceDVD; NFB.44552 min.This film highlights the unprecedented power of the financial markets of the global economy and the threats they pose to democracy. Director Carole Poliquin visits squatters in Paris, families on welfare in Quebec, factory workers in Thailand, teachers in Ontario, fish processors in Senegal and debt-ridden Mexicans. Also interviewed are market speculators and fund managers who help dictate economies workdwide and yet, for the most part, remain indifferent to the consequences of their actions. National Film Board (NFB).
Two RiversDVD15457 min.This documentary tells the story of a group of whites and Native Americans who began meeting together in Washington state.  They discussed why relationships between the two groups are almost nonexistent.  As a result, both sides discovered the differences between the two cultures and realized the pain and anger felt by Indians because of racism, American policies, and the harm Indian schools have inflicted on Native peoples.
Two SpiritsDVD35851:20 min.This video examines the life and death of Fred Martinez, a Native American teenager who was brutally murdered.  The film explores the history of Native two-spirit people, who possess a balance of masculine and feminine traits.  Although two-spirit people were celebrated in many tribes, as Europeans began to arrive on this continent, Native views were met with resistance that resulted in tribal communities losing touch with their two-spirit traditions.  This film demonstrates how they are revitalizing these traditions and reclaiming their place within their tribal communities.
Two-Way StreetDVD55450 min.This film traces the path of Juan Tellez, who went from working in community development in his native Bolivia, to working in community development and education in Nova Scotia.
Tying Your Own Shoes John and MichaelDVD19116:11 min.Petra, Matthew, Katherine and Daninah offer a perspective about what it feels like to be born a little bit unusual. In this animated documentary, filmmaker Shira Avni pursues a deeper understanding of esteem and disability and combines self-portraits with first-person narratives to challenge stereotypes about Down Syndrome.  Also included is the short film John and Michael that pays homage to two men with Down Syndrome who shared a loving relationship that deeply affected the filmmaker.
U.S.C. Canada-MaliDVD; presented in French.5946:50 min.Development projects in Douentza region, Mali.
U.S.C. In MaliDVD59410 min.Sustainable development projects undertaken by U.S.C. Canada in Douentza, Mali.
Ujeli: a Child Bride in NepalDVD46360 min.This UNICEF film shows the life of 10 year old Ujeli, who is forced into an arranged marriage with a boy in the village. While he is allowed to remain a carefree schoolboy, Ujeli begins a married life marked by constant toil and subjugation to her husband and his family. Nepal's high maternal mortality rate is due to the dangers of childbirth among these young girls. This film underlines the sharp distinctions between the roles of boys and girls in Nepal--from education to nutrition and medical care.
Umoja: No Men AllowedDVD32732 min.In the 1990s, several hundred women of the Samburu tribe in Northern Kenya accused British soldiers from a nearby military base of rape.  In keeping with traditional Samburu customs, the women were cast out by their husbands for bringing shame to their families.  Rebecca Lolosoli, a women's rights advocate, helps establish Umoja, a women-only village. This video tells the story of these women as they unite and launch a successful business, inciting the men's jealousy and setting off an unusual and hilarious gender war.
Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (A Little Bit of So Much Truth)DVD80093 min.In the summer of 2006, an uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. The phenomenon originated when thousands of teachers, housewives, indigenous communities, health workers, farmers, and students took over fourteen radio stations and one television station, using them to defend their grassroots struggle for social, cultural, and economic justice.
Under Siege: the Nuba of SudanVHS527 (Storage)36:22 min.For hundreds of years Nuba Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace, in the Nuba mountains in Sudan, but now civil war has brought destruction, famine and death. The Nuba hold the government of Sudan responsible for the conflict, saying that the government wants to make Sudan a uniformly Arab and Islamic state, and is resorting to terror, violence and even genocide to do so. This film documents the Nuba's struggle for recognition of their basic human rights and for a life free of persecution and attack.
Under the Mupundu TreeDVD; Accompanies book of same title, 614.5993 St82 no.14.39335 min.Zambia faces a dual epidemic of HIV and tuberculosis. The needs of the people affected include not only medical and nursing care, but material, social, psychological and spiritual support. This video depicts an innovative home care programme in the townships of Zambia's copperbelt. The key to its success is the role played by over 500 volunteers--mostly women--who are supported by community nurses and hosital services. From the Strategies for Hope Series.
Understanding Livelihoods: Complexity, Choices and Policies in Southern IndiaDVD53020 min."This documentary is about rural livelihoods in the Tamil Nadu region of Southern India. Presenting a vivid picture of local livelihoods and strategies for rural life, the video features successful local farmers and other stakeholders.
UNIFEM Video Conference, March 9, 19992-DVD set.435c, 435d2 hr., 47 min.
Union MaidsVHS4951 min.Using archival footage, and personal interviews, the union movement of the 1930's is shown through the experiences of active women.
United against AIDS: The story of TASODVD75749 min.Founded in 1987, The AIDS Support Organization (TASO), based in Uganda, was the first organized community response to the AIDS epidemic in East Africa. In this video, TASO staff and volunteers describe how TASO has inspired them to continue their tradition of community service for the past two decades. TASO clients describe how TASO has empowered them to live positively with HIV.
United States of AfricaDVD56975 min.This film follow African hip hop pioneer Didier Awadi as he creates an album that pays tribute to the great black revolutionary leaders. His journey takes him to more than forty countries and results in a reflection on the power of music and the need for political change.  This video portrays a continent whose politically aware youth is refusing to accept the role of victim.
Unnatural CausesDVD7764 hrs.This film investigates findings that are shaking up the conventional understanding of health. There's more to our wellbeing than genes, behaviors and medical care. The social, economic and physical environments in which we are born, live and work affect our longevity and health. This video highlights increasing evidence of how inequities in our lives can disrupt our biology and suggests that solutions lie in more equitable social policies.
Unveiled Views: Muslim Women Artists Speak OutDVD64752 min.In this documentary, five Muslim women talk about their occupations, aspirations, and the rights and status of women in their countries.  They challenge the rules that dictate their lives and strive to rise above violence and oppression.  These self-portraits of hope, heroism, and pride challenge conventional Western stereotypes about women in the Islamic world.
Up the YangtzeDVD; NFB.34293 min.This video explores the impact of the world's largest hydroelectric project, the Three Gorges Dam, constructed on the Yangtze River in China. Millions of people have lost their livelihoods to the rising floodwaters caused by the dam. The film examines the changing lives inside the 21st century Chinese dream. National Film Board (NFB).
Upright ManVHS046 (Storage)25 min.The evolution of man from his arboreal beginnings in Africa to his migration to Asia and Europe as "homo erectus" is the topic of this videotape.
Valleys In TransitionVHS17544 min.The northern regions of Pakistan have the highest concentration of mountains on earth. So it's no wonder that this region is called "the roof of the world". Farmers must attempt to sustain their families in this harsh region. With the help of AKRSP (Aga Khan Rural Support Program) farmers unite and work together to form cooperatives and decide on projects that will benefit all those involved. May 1983.
Vanishing LinkDVD79264 min.In an effort to preserve oral traditions, independent filmmaker and Plains Indian Kiowa, Donna Rowell has recorded stories and songs from elders in the tribe. This video provides a perspective of the passing of oral traditions from Kiowa elders to grandchildren and is told as a traditional Plains Indian storytelling with its own unique rhythm.
Vanishing Point2-DVD set86882:23 min.This video tells the story of Navarana, an Inughuit elder from Northwest Greenland who is linked to CaNada's Inuit through a migration led by a shaman. Navarana follows families in two communities, one on CaNada's Baffin Island and the other in Greenland. At a time when Inuit face the greatest social and environmental challenges in their history, she hopes to find the key to making the right choices for her people's survival.
Video at WorkVHS10825 min.Looks at working people and their organizations / unions in several parts of the world. Included are groups of miners in the Philippines, agricultural labourers in India, labour confederations in South Africa, and workers in Chile and Brazil.
Video for Change: A Practical Guide for ActivistsDVD76025 min.This video is a step-by-step guide to using video and Internet technology as tools in human rights advocacy.
Video SEWA: Women’s AlternativeVHS498 (Storage)16 min.This presentation, from India, focuses on educating the female workforce about the production of video and its use as a tool for learning, educating, and employment.
View From the SummitDVD; NFB.53975 min.This film documents the events of the Quebec City Summit of the Americas, April 20-22, 2001.
Village Women of BangladeshDVD19526 min.An intimate glimpse of the lives of women as seen through their work during the rice harvest in a traditional village north of Dhaka, Bangladesh. After the fieldwork of planting and harvesting - work done by the men - women clean, parboil, dry and husk the grain, creating the end product, rice for income and food.
Violence Framed: Participatory Video in Action ResearchDVD81532 min.The video gives examples from participatory videos that were made in Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria by members of the Violence, Participation and Citizenship (VPC) group of the IDS's Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability. It includes reflection on the use and challenges of using this methodology.  Accompanies the journal IDS Bulletin, 40(3).
Visit Nepal: a World of Its OwnDVD44914 min.A video describing Nepal, produced by the Ministry of Tourism for the "Visit Nepal Year 1998" promotion.
Visit Thailand: Major Events & FestivalsVHS465 (Storage)55 min.A tourism film highlighting many of the festivals and attractions in Thailand.
VIVA!: Community Arts and Popular Education in the AmericasDVD; accompanies book by same title (370.194 B259v).481142 min.This DVD accompanies the book by the same title (370.194 B259v).  It contains nine videos that correspond with the book's case studies: VIVA! Community arts and popular education in the Americas: Offers glimpses of community arts projects in five countries, focusing on decolonizing art and education. (23 min.) Kuna Children's Art Workshops (Panama): Involved children in a range of activities to recover cultural values and promote ecological consciousness. (15 min.) The Personal Legacy Project (Canada): Draws from West/Central African dance and story traditions to involve artists in probing their ancestral memories. (12 min.) Jumblies Theatre (Canada): The Bridge of One Hair project has engaged people in a culturally diverse Toronto neighborhood in exploring histories, identities, and differences. (12 min.) Telling Our Stories (Canada): The Catalyst Centre in Toronto brought together artist educators for a popular education train-the-trainer process that led them to develop projects with youth. (16 min.) Cultural Marketplace / Tianguis Cultural (Mexico): Draws a large number of exhibitors and visitors to a cultural marketplace that offers a safe place for alternative urban identities and a forum for interaction among groups that share a progressive social vision. (18 min.) Painting by Listening (Mexico): Through a training program for young artists/animators, Checo Valdez engages communities in community mural production that comes from the people themselves. (18 min.) UCLA ArtsBridge (USA): Involves students in arts education residencies with inner-city schools in Los Angeles, nurturing creativity and cultivating relationships between the schools, community arts centers, and UCLArts. (16 min.) BilwiVision Community TV (Nicaragua): The community television station is developing an alternative practice of communications to reflect the cultural diversity of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua through their voices and images. (12 min.)
Voice of Women: The First Thirty YearsDVD35350 min.This film documents the ground-breaking actions of a group of Canadian women to bring forth their vision of a peaceful world and their struggle to be recognized and heard on the issues of peace, justice and equality. Included are interviews with long-time activists with VOW and archival footage of their peace and anti-nuclear protests.
Voices from the Magdalena, Communication for PeaceDVD26035 min.This video explores the community radio network in the Magdalena Media region of Colombia, an area known for confrontation between the guerrilla and paramilitary forces. People have organised community radio stations to promote peace and regional development through the strengthening of communication and cultural identity. This documentary reveals how the stations contribute to peace and development and assist in creating new means to conduct evaluations of community media participatory processes.
Voices of Advocacy: Older Women Speak OutDVD46413:22 min.This video demonstrates the empowerment, passion and capacity of older women, through the stories of six activists in the Canadian Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. This movement supports grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa who are raising their orphaned grandchildren as well as the Stephen Lewis Foundation's fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.
Voices of Change: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls in South AsiaDVD46725 min.This video, sponsered by UNICEF, shows some of the types of human rights problems women and girls face in South Asia. Furthermore,it describes a number of the social movements that have emerged in order to defend woman's rights in the region. 1997.
Voices of ExperienceVHS557 (Storage)43 min.Five tales of community economic development in Toronto.
Voices of Vision #5: Owens WiwaVHS471 (Storage)Vision TV produced a series of films on social justice issues for its 10th anniversary. This episode was taped at St.F.X. and features Owen Wiwa, brother of the executed Nigerian poet and activist, Ken Saro Wiwa. Owens Wiwa speaks of the environmental degradation caused by Shell and other transnational oil companies in the Ogoni region of Nigeria, and the effects this is having on his people.
Voices of Young WomenVHS; Accompanied by a manual.53714:30 min.In this film, young women from different parts of the world speak out with passion on issues that concern them, including gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and education. As they relate their personal experiences and their hopes for the future, their voices are refreshing to those interested in promoting the well-being of young women throughout the world.
Vukani Mukai AwakeningVHS19927 min.This video made in Zimbabwe is about womens' co-op organisation and leadership training. Included are several examples of women joining into groups and organizing income generating projects like farming, sewing & bread-making to improve their status and living conditions.
Wabanaki: People of the Dawn – Part 1DVD; Guide available.73826 min.This video examines the history and culture of the Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia as revealed by the discovery of artifacts in the Mersey River area of Nova Scotia. It provides the viewer a glimpse of how the Mi'kmaq may have lived thousands of years ago and demonstrates the relationship of the land and water with the lives of the Mi'kmaq.
Wabanaki: People of the Dawn – Part 2DVD73956 min.This film profiles the Mi'kmaq people as they meet the challenges of the 21st century while struggling to retain the culture, history and language of their ancestors.
Waging PeaceVHS54470:23 min.This film portrays a year in the life of Caledonia Junior High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, which has had a problem with violence and disrespect among the students, who come from a variety of racial and economic backgrounds. A new principal and vice principal have been brought into the school to promote peace among the students and to deal with the violence and lack of discipline. The film chronicles their efforts.
Walking with the BuddhaDVD31728:50 min.As the number of immigrants from Southeast Asia increases, Americans will meet believers in Theravada Buddhims. The Buddhist emphasis upon compassion based on meditation offers an example and challenge to all. This video, filmed in Thailand, looks at the life of the Buddha and how his followers live their beliefs.
Walmart: The High Cost of Low PriceDVD8498 min.This documentary explores the lives of workers and their families, business owners and their communities. It reveals the effects of the retail giant on families and American values.
Wapikoni MobileDVD; NFB.78677 min.Since 2004, Wapikoni Mobile has been giving young Aboriginals the opportunity to speak out using video and music. This DVD contains ten short films completed with the guidance of the travelling studio of Wapikoni Mobile. National Film Board (NFB).
Water for TonoumasseDVD6128:10 min.Shows the efforts of a group of villagers in southern Togo to get clean water to their village. Despite initial resistance by the men, women were integrated into all aspects of the project, and succeeded at all levels, opening the way for greater participation in the future.
Water Means LifeDVD6118:30 min.The importance of clean, safe drinking water to people, particularly in Third World countries, emerges in this video about UNICEF's efforts to provide this resource in Tanzania, Yemen, Nepal, India, Guatemala, and Vietnam, through well-drilling, pipelines, and education.
Water of AyoleDVD35130 min.Guinea worm contamination of water supplies has led to high rates of illness and death in many regions. This film, set in Togo, West Africa, describes efforts to bring clean water to communities. Initial attempts to bring in wells and pumps failed due to lack of educational and technical support. When the pumps broke, no one could fix them, nor did they have the money to buy parts. Fed up with the situation, community women organized to find a solution. This activism has not only solved the water problems but has given the communities the initiative to work together to develop other projects.
Water, the Hazardous NecessityDVD6126:40 min.Every day, 25,000 people in developing countries die from using unsafe water. Until recently the problem has been largely ignored. For poor countries, providing clean water is seldom a high national priority, partly because the effects of unsafe water are not immediately visible, but also there is no quick economic and social condition which allows them to flourish.
Waters of CitizenshipDVD1839:30 min.This video contains four short programs about actions developed by the Articulation in the Brazilian Semi Arid (ASA) which focuses on ways to live in the region and the value of family farmers. ASA: Social Mobilization for Democratizing Water Access: The struggle of organizations and social movements in the semi arid region results in the creation of the ASA network. P1MC: The Collective Construction of a Public Policy: This film explores the introduction of the cistern as a way of enabling decentralized access to drinking water in the semi arid region. Knowledge that comes from the Land: Examines the knowledge and value of family farmers and the development of techniques suitable to the semi arid land. Participation and the Building of Partnerships: ASA establishes partnerships with governments, private and international sectors while retaining its identity and political autonomy.
We are GuatemalansDVD31528 min.After 12 years of exile in Mexican refugee camps, 2,000 Guatemalans returned to their homeland in the Ixcan region of Guatemala. Many still call the returnees "the enemy", and the base of the feared Guatemalan army is only a few miles away. This documentary interviews the people of Cuarto Pueblo where an army massacre in 1982 forced its survivors to flee to Mexico. They tell of that dramatic ordeal along with their fears & hppes in undertaking the journey back.
We Feed the WorldDVD76396 min.This video traces the origins of the food we eat. The film examines food and globalisation in several countries including France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil and Austria. Leading the film is an interview with Jean Ziegler, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.
We Regret to Inform YouDVD89711 min.In our neatly defined society, where does someone with a strong mind and a weak body fit in? This film follows Dr. Heidi Janz through her daily life with its unique responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges. This film offers a look at what it means to be both 'disabled' and 'productive'.
We Shall OvercomeVHS575 (Storage)56 min.The song, "We Shall Overcome" is the most widely used song for social protest. This video explains its origins during slavery in the United States and how it has been adapted for a wide range of freedom protests. But this song is best recognized as being a crucial spiritual element for the Black Civil Rights movement in America. Narrated by Harry Belafonte. 1988.
We Were Children IDVD67483 min.In this film, the profound impact of the Canadian government's residential school system is conveyed through the eyes of two children who were forced to face hardships beyond their years.  The film highlights a national tragedy and demonstrates the incredible resilience of the human spirit.
Weather ReportDVD; NFB.44052 min.This video visits world communities - from the Canadian Arctic to northern Kenya, from the U.S. Midwest to China and India - where lives and livelihoods are being affected by global warming.  The film highlights the impact of recent climate change.  The question is no longer whether climate change is happening, but whether we can respond to the emergency before it's too late. National Film Board (NFB).
We’re the BossDVD15929 min.An inspiring film about a community that made the connection between culture and economic development. In the Evangeline region, an Acadian area of PEI, local initiative, co-operatives and a credit union have transformed the economy and strengthened the culture. Some of the enterprises shown are a potato chip factory, a fish processing plant, a wood-chip operation a funeral home and a cable TV station. Pioneers of the Acadian co-op movement are interviewed.
Whale RiderDVD589101 min.A Maori village faces a dilemma when the heir to the leadership of the Ngati Konohi dies at birth and is survived only by his twin sister, Pai. Shunned by her family and village people, twelve-year-old Pai is determined and trains herself in the ways and customs of her people. She finds the strength to challenge her family and embraces a thousand years of tradition in order to fulfill her destiny.
What Can I Do?DVD; Accompanied by a facilitator's guide.39349:10 min.14 short segments of the HIV/AIDS ministry in Uganda and messages of Gideon Byamugisha to provide inspiration for those afflicted with the disease, and understanding from those who are not. Byamugisha also presents views on the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS.
What Future for Yacub Ali? Country Boats in BangladeshVHS20126 min.A story of a rural man who owns and operates a handmade country boat in Bangladesh. We accompany him on a river trip and learn the economics of the country boats. The video focuses on the dilemma of development funding going into the mechanized boat sector while the large handmade country boat sector is ignored.
What Makes News?VHS; Includes manual.410 (Storage)Taken from a conference on "Global Communications and Ethics", this film challenges how news is selected from around the world, by presenting role-play debates involving media professionals.
Wheels of Fire – SEWADVD11630 min.The work of SEWA (Self-Employed Women's Association) of Ahmedabad, India is presented. Working with twenty groups of women in varying trades, SEWA's assistance has resulted in increased self-confidence and improved respect for women in the community. SEWA's activities with the bamboo workers, carpenters, street vendors and quilt makers are highlighted.
When Silence is GoldenDVD; StFX Development Studies Collection.22552 min.This video examines the gold mining activities of a Canadian mining company near Dumasi in Western Ghana. It introduces the town's angry inhabitants and comes face to face with the human rights implications of gold mining operations in Africa.
When Spider Webs Unite: Shafik Asante in Action!VHS61237 min.Interested in building inclusive and diverse communities? Hear Shafik Asante define inclusion and liberation. Hear this dynamic and passionate speaker talk about building community for all. This video proposes that the answer lies in "thinking together" which will lead us to the obvious solution -- working together in our communities.
When the Dust SettlesDVD; NTSC & PAL VHS; NFB ShowPeace series.5427 min.This film uses animated characters to tackle conflict in lively, humorous and provocative ways. A misunderstanding between two neighbours escalates into a volatile confrontation. This film is part of the Show Peace series of animated films without words designed as flexible tools to explore conflict resolution. National Film Board (NFB).
When the People LeadVHS22329 min.This is the story of the first group of Guatemalan refugees returning to their homeland, from the Mexican refugee camps, as told through the eyes of an indigenous family and Canadian volunteers from Project Accompaniment.
Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of Residential SchoolsDVD36127 min.This video is an overview of the history of residential schools in Canada.  It contains facts, photographs and interviews with people who attended the schools.  It addresses the treatment and abuse suffered by the First Nations' people and how the Aboriginal Healing Foundation is helping with the healing process.
Where Land is LifeDVD31829:45 min.For the indigenous people of Peru's altiplano, the rugged land around Lake Titicaca is more than soil. In spite of centuries of conquest and exploitation, the Quechua and Ay-mara peoples have held on to the concept of the Pacha Mama--Mother Earth. Now they are reclaiming the land as their birthright. They are also rediscovering the traditional methods of agriculture that once made this region the breadbasket of Peru.
Where There is HatredDVD32056:30 min.Recent events in the world have shown that nonviolence means more than turning the other cheek. From Chile to the Philippines, form Palestine to Eastern Europe, people have forced major changes using nonviolence. This film shows the power of people who use nonviolence as an effective strategy for peacemaking. It examines both the moral and practical aspects of this strategy and suggests its application to turn societies around.
Which Way Home?DVD; Part of a compilation from Kaw Lah Films.74055 min.The film looks at Karen refugee expectations of resettlement and then follows them to Australia to see what are the realities of life for the Karen community there.
Who Wants UnionsVHS3828 min.This film is an interesting contrast to "Maria" as it explores industrial operations in which unions are not wanted.
Who’s Counting: Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global EconomicsDVD; NFB.33795 min.New Zealand author and MP, Waring challenges the myths of economics, its elitist stance, and our tacit compliance with political agendas that masquerade as objective economic policy. National Film Board (NFB).
Whose Land is This?DVD73244 min.This video presents the First Nations' historical and modern relationships to the Provincial and Canadian governments in settling the land question in Canada.
Why Thee Wed?DVD; NFB.150 min.Filmmaker Cal Garingan goes beyond the headlines and introduces the couples who challenged the same-sex marriage law in court. The couples ponder questions of love, family, religion and politics. The film also includes conversations with acclaimed lesbian writer and activist Jane Rule. National Film Board (NFB).
Why UnionsVHS38This program takes an opposing position to that of Who Wants Unions. Attempts to organize bank workers and the workers at Michelin are both dealt with.
Widening the Circle: A Gathering with Young WomenVHS; NFB.272 (Storage)25 min.This film developed from a conference attended by women between 15 & 19 years of age who gathered to share their concerns on issues such as racism, self-esteem, education, feminism and sexism. Three main issues are covered in the film: body image and self esteem, racism and prejudice, sexism and the "superwoman". The film is useful as a discussion starter for young men and women interested in how the world shapes them and makes them who they are. National Film Board (NFB).
Witches in ExileDVD75479 min.This film follows four women who have taken refuge in the Kukuo witches' camp in Northern Ghana. It examines how a woman becomes stigmatized as a "witch". Witches are usually older women who are no longer of value for bearing children or performing heavy fieldwork. They are falsely accused of acts to which traditional folklore attributes supernatural causes and are often stoned, beaten, or subjected to demeaning rituals.
With People’s WisdomDVD10721:15 min.A discussion with Rajesh Tandon of the nature, principles and methods of participatory research which clearly outlines five key characteristics. Produced by a cooperation between the Highlander Research Center and the Society for Participatory Research in Asia.
Women and World Vision: Reaching Significant RepresentationVHS17811 min.
Women at WorkDVD44650 min.Documents the devastating impact of land erosion on a largely agrarian population in Kenya and the unique attempts of the Green Belt Movement and its mobilization of Kenyan women to deal with the problem.
Women in an Insecure World2-DVD set. (Missing)72345 min.This resource package features a documentary that explores the many forms of violence against women worldwide. The package contains resources on violence against women for training and advocacy, including factsheets, case studies, readings, international legal and political documents on violence against women and a PowerPoint presentation.
Women of Faith: Women of the Catholic Church SpeakDVD37560 min.This documentary examines women's decisions to lead religious lives in the Roman Catholic tradition in the post-feminist era. It explores why women would choose a nun's life today.  Interviews with seven women provide a look at their experiences and current controversies within the Catholic Church.
Women of PastapurDVD91027 min.In the villages around Zaheerabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, a group of illiterate Dalit women have learned to use communication tools, video and radio, as part of their struggle to achieve autonomy and self-reliance for their communities. In spite of discrimination against them, by using video and radio, these women have gained respect in their communities and have contributed to development and cultural identity.
Women of the Worker, 1935-1952DVD84630:45 min.The first issue of The Catholic Worker newspaper was distributed on May Day, 1933, in New York's Union Square. As people across the country read the newspaper, they flocked to New York to help meet the needs of unemployed and homeless during the Great Depression. Based on oral history interviews, this documentary explores the stories of twelve women who were involved in the early years of the Catholic Worker movement.
Women on the FrontDVD; UNIFEM.435e18 min.THEMIS is a Brazilian NGO that recruits female community leaders and provides paralegal training, thus encouraging women to recognize their legal rights and engage in active citizenship in their community. These women have formed the Women's Information System to offer free legal aid and to raise awareness of the rights of women and children.
Women Organize!DVD87732 min.This video portrays five women organizers across the U.S. who are involved in the global struggles for racial, social, and economic justice. The film looks at the campaigns they wage, from working with high school girls in a low-income neighbourhood in Oregon to speaking out for Black lesbians and gays against homophobia or working with Asian immigrant women factory workers in California for decent working conditions. Watch these women document their own transformative work.
Women RebelDVD51436:30 min.Over the course of a ten year revolution in Nepal, 40 percent of the guerilla army fighting against the government were women.  This video follows the story of one woman on her journey from the jungles to the halls of Parliament.
Women, War & Peace2-DVD set8174 hoursNarrated by Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, Geena Davis, and Alfre Woodard, this PBS series reveals how women are agents of change in today's wars. These stories from women on the frontlines project the realities of war into the limelight of hope.
Women: All One NationVHS10328 min.Despite cultural, economic and political differences, women throughout the world share one characteristic: inequality of opportunity which relegates them to second-place status. This film looks at some of the circumstances which make it difficult to escape this position, and concludes that the status of women and her participation and rights within a society are a criterion of its progress.
Women’s stories from Palestine & Brazil A Vida Politica Thorns & SilkDVD40526:25 min.This video contains two sets of films that look at and raise questions about what women's empowerment means. These films demonstrate the possibilities that women have in their lives for negotiating changes in institutions and intimate relationships, to create the possibility for women to enjoy greater rights, recognition and equality. A Vida Politica looks at activism in Brazil through the eyes of four creative women engaged in struggles for abortion rights, political representation, sex worker rights and racial equality. (13:10 min.) Thorns & Silk shows four women who are working in jobs that many regard as male-oriented and negotiating empowerment in their lives dominated by the experience of the Israeli occupation. (13:15 min.)
Words of my Perfect TeacherDVD; NFB.748103 min.Dzongsar Khyentse Norbu is one of the world's great Buddhist masters, but he's not your typical teacher. He's a cell-phone toting soccer-obsessed monk and film director whose films have had international success. This video follows three students on a quest they hope will lead to wisdom. Shot in the UK, Bhutan, Germany, Canada and the United States, the film features several actors and musicians. This video is for those who long for an opportunity to engage with a teacher who defies convention. National Film Board (NFB).
Worker Cooperatives: An Economic AlternativeDVD514 min.This video explains how worker co-operatives differ from other forms of business and from other forms of co-operatives.
Workers’ OwnVHS11050 min.Members of seven Toronto area worker co-operatives (Co-operative Work, The Big Carrot, Making It Work, Our Times, Just Work, Handyworkers, Woman's Choice Health Clinic) explain what a worker co-op is, what it does, and how they got started. They discuss quality of worklife issues and describe some problems of trying to put democracy into practice. Also discussed is the question of how women are faring in the worker co-op model, and the role of labour unions in worker co-ops.
Working Like CrazyDVD; NFB64453 min.This is a fresh look at the struggles and victories of former mental health patients who work in businesses owned and run by psychiatric survivors. Labeled "unemployable," they have given themselves a safe space among peers to earn an income and rebuild their lives.
Woubi CheriDVD77762 min.This video introduces us to gender pioneers who are demanding their right to construct a distinct African homosexuality. The video interviews members of this society and gives them a chance to describe their world in their own words.
Woven Songs of the AmazonDVD39454 min.This documentary presents the indigenous Shipibo Tribe of the Upper Amazon in Peru. The Shipibo people practice the craft of painting on fabric with vegetable dyes. Their art-form is known for its use of geometric designs. These designs describe the lives of their families and communities in the forest.
Yellow Gate WomenDVD82860 min.For nineteen years women stayed at the Greenham Common Air Base until the British military and the United States nuclear missiles left. This film celebrates their bravery in the face of eviction, arrest and jail, as they faced the military with bolt cutters and legal challenges.
You Can Do It!: The Story of the Antigonish MovementDVD15070 min.This film tells the story of The Antigonish Movement. Through the use of interviews, video, photos, and the insights of those who have studied the movement, this film describes the experiences of the pioneers in the movement, and the impact on Canadian society and its continuing influence through the developing world.
You Got To MoveDVD81186 min.This video follows a group of individuals in the process of becoming involved in grassroots social change in the South. It recalls the courage of those who fought for Civil Rights and documents the strength of rural Tennessee and Kentucky housewives who overcame their fear of being uneducated to challenge the environmental destruction in their communities. Special features include an excerpt of Bill Moyer's interview with Myles Horton (1981) and a short piece on Highlander's 75th anniversary celebration.
Young Leaders 2001DVD400d25 min.Six portraits of youth activists from around the world demonstrate how the power of individuals can contribute to the greater good of the community. Child leaders find solutions for problems affecting the lives of children where they live as they mobilize and take responsibility for effecting change in their world: Fighting to be heard in Mexico: Sandra Jimenez Loza, child rights activist, is a presenter on a youth radio program despite having cerebral palsy. (4 min.) Battling AIDS in Kenya: Kennedy Arinda, AIDS orphan, educates people on safe sex, using soccer as a way to spread his message. (4 min.) Talking for Peace in Northern Ireland: Noleline Clarke, 17, is taking a lead in mapping out a more peaceful future following the Good Friday Peace Accord. (2 min.) Wisdom Murowa: fighting against HIV/AIDS in Malwi: Wisdom, an AIDS orphan, is active in AIDS education in Malawi's schools. (5 min.) A Portrait of Elmer Clark Jr.: California: Elmer, a 19 year old Afro-American who grew up amidst drug and alcohol abuse, is promoting peace by being a positive role model for "at risk" youth. (4 min.) Jessica and the Secretary General: Jessica Stevens and other students meet Kofi Annan to talk about poverty and other issues affecting children. (4 min.)
Youth Strengthening the CircleDVD56211 min.Six youth, two elders and five front line workers worked on the Youth Strengthening the Circle Project, a harm reduction project with the focus of prevention of diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and STDs. The youth trained with Pacific Cinematheque how to film, write a script, direct, act, and edit this video. The video focuses on the choice a young Aboriginal woman faces in going to a party or going to a pow wow.
YugoslaviaVHS4127 min.Located in southeastern Europe, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is a country of great physical and cultural diversity. The program explains that for many centuries Yugoslavia was an area located at the crossroads of an important trade route. Not until 1918 were the independent regions unified into a multinational state. After World War II, Josip Broz Tito set an independent political and economic course for Yugoslavia. The program also considers post-war industrial growth and modernization, agriculture, and elements of her socialist society, such as the press, health care, education and governmental functioning since Tito's death.
Zero Degrees of SeparationDVD; NFB.30389 min.This video documents the everyday lives of two mixed gay Palestinian-Israeli couples. Faced with injustices of work visas, checkpoints, harassment and prejudices, these individuals resist oppression and take steps to build a sense of peace, mutual respect and hope. Blended into this story is the director's account of growing up with Zionist grandparents who were involved in the founding of the state of Israel. Her recollection of an idealized Israel of the 1950s now raises questions of humanity, conflict and nationalist aspiration. National Film Board (NFB).
Zulu Love LetterDVD755100 min.During the State of Emergency in the late 1980s, Thandeka Khumalo witnessed the assassination of Dineo, a young activist, by government security forces. Thandeka was imprisoned and tortured by police while she was pregnant. Her daughter was born deaf and mute as a result. Thandeka is approached by Dineo's mother who wishes to enlist her help in finding Dineo's body for a proper burial. This means finding the people responsible for her murder and testifying against them. The film reflects on what millions endured during the apartheid period and critiques the post apartheid society that seems to forget those most hurt by it.
Decoding the Weather MachineDVD926113 min.Scientists agree that our climate is changing, becoming hotter and more erratic, and that human activity is causing it. How will this change affect us and when? What will it take to address and deal with planetary warming? This film follows scientists on a quest to better understand weather and the climate of Earth, and discovers how they are finding that we can be resilient in the face of enormous change.
Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy WorldDVD92567 min.The right to breathe. The right to clean water. The right to wholesome food. In more than 180 nations, citizens are legally entitled to these essential elements of life - but not in Canada or the United States. The Green Rights multimedia project believes in the human right to a healthy environment, and Mother Nature's right to be respected and protected. Green Rights reports on the legal battles going on in nations around the world: The Philippines, Argentina, The Netherlands, and Ecuador. This film is written and narrated by Silver Donald Cameron, a Canadian journalist, playwright, author, and university teacher whose writing focuses on social justice, nature, and the environment.
Maya Angelou: And Still I RiseDVD927114 min.This film celebrates Dr. Maya Angelou by blending her words with photographs and videos illustrating her life during some of America’s most defining moments. From her upbringing in the Depression-era South to her work with Malcolm X in Ghana to her inaugural speech for President Bill Clinton, the film takes us on a journey through the life of an American icon. The film features interviews with President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, and Dr. Angelou’s son, Guy Johnson.
Exodus: The Journey ContinuesDVD928113 min.Over a million refugees and migrants have smuggled themselves to the West since 2015, fleeing countries affected by violence and poverty in search of safety and a better life. This film, a sequel to 2016’s Exodus (#909), tells the first-hand stories of refugees and migrants caught in Europe’s tightened borders and less welcoming countries as they face heightened nationalism and rising anti-immigrant sentiment.
DoloresBlu-ray DVD92996 min.Dolores Huerta is an equal partner in co-founding the first farm workers unions with Cesar Chavez. Though largely unknown, Dolores led the fight for racial and labor justice alongside Chavez, becoming one of the most defiant feminists of the twentieth century. The film reveals the personal stakes involved in committing one’s life to social change.
The Story of Women and PowerDVD930182 min.In this series, historian Amanda Vickery tells the story of British women’s battles in the centuries-old war of women vs. men. She profiles women including Mary Wollstonecraft, the mother of feminism; Hannah More, who helped women enter public life; and suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst. Vickery guides the viewer through history, from an early march for women’s rights in 1649 to modern-day campaigns that remind us the fight is not over yet.
Seed: the Untold StoryDVD93194 min.As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight to defend the future of our food. These heroes protect our most treasured resource and revive a culture connected to seeds. The film features Vandana Shiva, Dr. Jane Goodall, Andrew Kimbrell, Winona LaDuke and Raj Patel.
Before the FloodDVD93296 min.Environmental activist and UN Messenger of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio examines the dramatic changes occurring around the world due to climate change. DiCaprio explores also the actions that individuals and society can take to prevent catastrophic disruption to life on Earth.
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to PowerDVD93397 min.Ten years after An Inconvenient Truth exposed the dangers of climate change, former Vice President Al Gore continues to educate the next generation of climate champions. This film shows that the solutions to climate change are still within our reach.
Long Wait for JusticeDVD93414:19 min.This film focuses on Julien Mwape, a successful woman with a disability and a survivor of gender-based violence. Mwape recalls the abuse she endured at the hands of her husband. She filed for divorce and has faced multiple barriers with the court to end her abusive marriage. Executive producer, producer and director: Musola Cathrine Kaseketi.
Tuso (Help): Shattered DreamsDVD93529:13 min.Tuso plans to go to university to study law however her father has already begun arranging for her marriage. Her future is ruined when she is raped and discovers she is pregnant. She is forced to marry her rapist who abuses her, leading her into depression and a stay in a mental hospital. She flees the hospital after being treated poorly and returns home. Her father refuses to take her in and sends her to a traditional healer for treatment. Despite Tuso’s painful journey, she still has hope. Executive producer, producer and director: Musola Cathrine Kaseketi.
Lwito (Light)DVD93629:03 min.Twelve-year-old Lwito is visually disabled and lives with her brother Joel in a village. Lwito has always been told that she cannot go to school because of her disability. Joel teaches Lwito everything he learns from school. A new school teacher arrives in the village and he is impressed by Lwito’s intelligence and tries to get her admitted to school. The school’s headmaster does not believe in inclusive education and refuses to listen. The arrival of a music activist with albinism motivates the villagers and the school teacher to join together and fight for the right to education of a girl child with a disability. Executive producer, producer and director: Musola Cathrine Kaseketi.
Music Activists: A Participatory Film ProjectDVD93725:25 min.Zambian musician John Chiti, a person with albinism, uses his music to promote inclusion of people with disabilities. The film follows John in Livingstone as he engages the local deaf choir. Together they practice and perform his new song for a public performance which advocates for inclusion. The film also shows the personal challenges that people with disabilities face in daily life. This unique group of performers uses the power of music to highlight that disability is not an inability. Producer and director: Musola Cathrine Kaseketi.
Without A Whisper – Konnon:KweDVD93827 min.This video explores the history of the influence Indigenous women had on the women’s rights movement in the United States. The contact that early suffragists had with Haudenosaunee women in New York state had an impact on their struggle for equality that is taken for granted today.
Sisters RisingDVD93959 min.This is the story of six Native American women fighting to restore personal and tribal sovereignty in the face of ongoing sexual violence against indigenous women in the United States.
Home FreeDVD94122 min.In 1972, civil war and ethnic massacres forced hundreds of thousands of Burundians from their homes. Most fled to Tanzania as refugees. Thirty-six years later, this documentary follows three Burundian families as they decide on a place to call home. One has chosen to become citizens of Tanzania, another has chosen to return to Burundi, and a third has resettled in Canada.
Hope for the People: Credit UnionDVD94249 min.This video is an overview of the history of credit unions in Korea. Produced by the National Credit Union Federation of Korea.
Silent VoicesDVD94316:35 min.There is an estimated 50 million homebased workers in South Asia, the majority of whom are women. In Pakistan, millions of women are home based workers who make products such as shoes, clothes, and incense sticks. They are invisible in the legal system, national policies and programmes. This film raises awareness of the plight of women home based workers.
Prophets of PeaceDVD94422 min.Two award winning documentaries on the spiritual gifts of two people with disabilities.
Where’s Your Home?: Born with Down Syndrome, John Smeltzer lives in a community of L’Arche. Active in his local community, he is known to greet strangers with the simple question: “So, where’s your home?” It’s a deep question asked through one man’s humble and loving heart. (10 min.)
In God’s Hands: Born with cerebral palsy, Michael Barrett cannot control his body or speak. His spirit tells a different story. Without saying a word, Michael has taught his friends to experience life in a new way. Through his disability, Michael communicates a much deeper understanding of life. (11:49 min.)
Opening DoorsDVD94522 min.Arts and accessibility is the topic of this documentary film. Set in Nanaimo, BC, it was produced by a team of artists who live with special needs. It documents experiences and issues common to most communities. This video increases awareness of the abilities and needs of artists and audiences with disabilities and special challenges.
Remembering Freire: Reinventing Freire2-DVD set9484 hr., 38 min.Conference and dialogue on the tenth anniversary of the death of Paulo Freire, May 2, 2007. Conference held at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto.
Disk 1: Context and background (6:50 min.); Welcome and introduction (49:22 min.); “The politics of learning” (37:16 min.); Reinventing Freire in different contexts (56:08 min.); Surf on Paulino – opportunities for dialogue (17:34 min.).
Disk 2: 1976 dialogue with Paulo Freire, Roby Kidd and Alan Thomas: Letters in the Earth (36:00 min.); Guns and Pencils (31:32 min.); Becoming a Christian (11:57 min.); and Starting from Nina: The politics of learning (31:59 min.)
A New Way to Live a Wealthy Life4-DVD set8897 hrs.In Korea, participation in cooperatives and credit unions has led to a wealth of happiness and success in people’s lives. Produced by the National Credit Union Federation of Korea.
Episode 1: In Search of the Legend of Wonju. (52:25 min.)
Episode 2: The Miracle of the Happy Village Pulmugol. (52:53 min.)
Episode 3: Little Giants Change the World. (52:49 min.)
Episode 4: The Transformation of Grandnannies: Red Light, Green Light. (52:41 min.)
Episode 5: New Chapter in Life for Grandnannies. (52:47 min.)
Episode 6: Sunflowers, Bringing Sunshine to the Village. (52:47 min.)
Episode 7: Sunflower Dream, Fulfilled through Cooperatives. (53:07 min.)
Episode 8: The Future of Century-Old Cooperatives. (53:25 min.)
First Voices: Connecting Aboriginal Youth from the North and the South2-DVD set94061 min.Three youth from Botswana travel to Atlantic Canada to connect with indigenous youth through their music. The youth exchange experiences, collaborate, and engage others. The diversity of musical backgrounds and traditions enables the group to come together and vocalize their cultural identities, challenges and achievements. This set contains an audio CD and video documenting their time together.
Disc 1: Audio CD (23:23 min.)
Disc 2: Documentary (37:36 min.)
Building Legends: The Mi’Kmaq Canoe ProjectDVD94626:41 min.Young indigenous and non-indigenous students work with and film Todd Labrador, a Mi’kmaq elder and birch bark canoe builder. Labrador demonstrates the complete process of building a birch bark canoe.
You, Me and the SPP: Trading Democracy for Corporate RuleDVD94791 min.This documentary exposes the corporatist agenda that is undermining the democratic authority of the citizens of North America. The Security Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the Trade Investment Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) are reducing standards and systems put in place through the democratic process. Supporters of the SPP and TILMA say that they are needed to keep trade flowing. Opponents say these agreements undermine the democratic authority of citizens and threaten the sovereignty of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate ChangeDVD94954 min.This documentary is the world’s first Inuktitut-language film on the topic of climate change. Inuit elders and hunters detail the social and ecological effects of global warming in the Arctic. This includes evidence of changing seal behavior, increasing populations of polar bears and ravens, warmer winds and water, and the thinning and breaking up of ice.
Mama AfricaDVD95088 min.South African singer Miriam Makeba (1932-2008) spent half a century travelling the world to spread her message to fight racism, poverty and promote justice and peace. Forced into exile in 1959, Harry Belafonte helped her gain entry to the United States. In 1968, she settled in Guinea where she continued to fight the white Apartheid regime in her native land. This film portrays Makeba’s life and music and includes interviews with friends, relatives and colleagues.
Madre Tierra: Mother EarthDVD95131 min.For the indigenous Guatemalan campesino, land is life. It provides food, a place to live and a way out of extreme poverty. Yet the majority of Guatemalans make less than minimum wage, and will never own a piece of land. While Guatemala is rich in natural resources, it has also the worst land distribution in the Americas. This film follows the struggle of the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA), an indigenous rights organization, in their attempt to get rural Guatemalans access to land.
Body and SoulDVD95254 min.Victória, Mariana and Vasco are three young Mozambicans with physical disabilities, who live in the suburbs of Maputo, Mozambique's capital city. Victória organizes a fashion show for other physically disabled women. Mariana builds friendships and overcomes urban architectural barriers. Vasco has his own business, repairing shoes in the informal sector. Their lives reveal their physical, psychological and emotional challenges and raises questions about self-acceptance and how to find one's place in society.
It’s Our WayVHS599 (Storage)21 min.This video celebrates volunteer activity in Aboriginal communities throughout Canada, including First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. Volunteering builds bridges of understanding by connecting youth and elders, providing skills and experience, creating linkages to employment and cross cultural interaction at the community level.
The Women’s Agenda: Kenya/UgandaVHS (PAL)370 (Storage)58 min.This film charts the progress and future challenges of women in these two countries in the following areas: The girl child, economic empowerment, health, legal empowerment, political participation, agriculture, armed conflict, environment and media.
WaitingVHS; NFB376 (Storage)33 min.The Dinka people of southern Sudan have faced famine and the threat of attack from years of civil war in their region. This film recounts the events of one week in the town of Alek where food aid that was desperately needed could not be distributed because there were not enough relief workers to provide the food. For a week, as the food sits on the ground, everyone--the starving Dinkas as well as the well-fed food aid workers--wait for relief. This film challenges us to examine how we respond to countries in crisis.