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Young Leaders 2001


25 min.

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Six portraits of youth activists from around the world demonstrate how the power of individuals can contribute to the greater good of the community. Child leaders find solutions for problems affecting the lives of children where they live as they mobilize and take responsibility for effecting change in their world: Fighting to be heard in Mexico: Sandra Jimenez Loza, child rights activist, is a presenter on a youth radio program despite having cerebral palsy. (4 min.) Battling AIDS in Kenya: Kennedy Arinda, AIDS orphan, educates people on safe sex, using soccer as a way to spread his message. (4 min.) Talking for Peace in Northern Ireland: Noleline Clarke, 17, is taking a lead in mapping out a more peaceful future following the Good Friday Peace Accord. (2 min.) Wisdom Murowa: fighting against HIV/AIDS in Malwi: Wisdom, an AIDS orphan, is active in AIDS education in Malawi's schools. (5 min.) A Portrait of Elmer Clark Jr.: California: Elmer, a 19 year old Afro-American who grew up amidst drug and alcohol abuse, is promoting peace by being a positive role model for "at risk" youth. (4 min.) Jessica and the Secretary General: Jessica Stevens and other students meet Kofi Annan to talk about poverty and other issues affecting children. (4 min.)

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