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Resource Centres for Learning and Change

This page provides links to a range of source material developed to support the creation and sustainability of community-based resource centres.

We are members of the ALADIN Network, dedicated to the promotion of libraries and resource centres supporting adult education.

*This page was originally created for the Coady certificate program, Managing NGO Resource Centres / Resource Centres for Learning and Change.

Field Visits

Manuals for Resource Centres


Action Planning

Collection Building

Cataloguing and Classification

  • Course materials from the Library of Congress’ Cataloguers Learning Workshop (CLW). Site contains PDF documents on cataloguing skills, digital library environment skills, and serials cataloguing.
  • Glassel, A. (1998). Was Ranganathan a yahoo?

Database Management Systems

Indigenous Knowledge/Global Knowledge

Information Literacy

Introduction to HTML and Website Creation

Records Management


Supplementary Links


General Development Websites

Electronic Resource Centres


Search Tools and Internet Use

Subject Specific Sites

Funding Sources and Fundraising Strategies

  • Foundation Directory, access the information you need for funding requests.
  • The Virtual Foundation, supports grassroots initiatives seeking funding by posting project proposals on the website for donors to read.

Electronic Journals