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The Marie Michael Library subscribes to approximately 100 journals. This list provides links to online journal content. Print editions of many of these journals are available at the library, including volumes not available online. Some online journal access is restricted to St. Francis Xavier University, and requires a StFX username and password to read content off campus. These journals have (StFX only) after the titles.

Online Journals: Adult Education, Development, Economic Development, Gender, Health, Management, Peace, Regional Studies, Sustainable Development
Other Journals

Adult Education

Development – General

Economic Development

Topics include rural development, microfinance and microenterprise, co-operatives, international economics.

Environmental Sustainability






Regional Studies



Latin America


  • Audio Cine Films, Canadian film distributor. Contains new releases, documentaries, comedies, action/adventure, and more. (StFX only)
  • Criterion-on-Demand provides educationally relevant feature films used in Canadian Higher Education Institutions. (StFX only)
  • Curio, explore CBC/Radio-Canada content for its educational value. (StFX only)
  • National Film Board (NFB) of Canada. Films from this site can be streamed free of charge. (StFX only)


The Angus L. Macdonald Library subscribes to many full-text journal and e-book databases. If you see a login prompt, use your StFX username and password.

Other online journals of interest:

Discontinued publications:

  • Contributions to Nepalese Studies, issues available: 1(1974)-33:1(2006).
  • Co-op Circles was part of Rising Tide Co-operative’s commitment to the Co-op Principles of Co-op Education and Concern for Community. It contained news and items of interest to those who work and volunteer in the co-operative and community economy.  Issues available: 1:18(2006) – 5:26(2010). Archived with permission of the Rising Tide Co-operative Ltd.
  • Journal of Microfinance / ESR Review, issues available: 1:1(1999)-10:2(2008).
  • World Watch, (StFX only), issues available: 7:1(1994)-23:4(2010).