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Imagine 2012: International Conference on Cooperative Economics Disk 1: Disk 2: Disk 3: Disk 4:

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4-DVD set.


The first international conference on Co-operative Economics was held during the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives in conjunction with the International Co-operative Summit. The two events were co-hosted by Desjardins, the International Co-operative Alliance and Saint Mary's University. The Imagine 2012 conference brought together world-class economic thinkers and co-operative leaders from all over the world. Disk 1: Conference opening (44 min.) Stephano Zamagni: Why did cooperatives disappear from economic thought? (50 min.) Neva Goodwin: What is the new economic theory and why do we need it? (40 min.) Disk 2: Ron Colman: What is progress and how do we measure it? (50 min.) Richard Wilkinson: How bad is income inequality and why does it matter? (52 min.) William Rees: Are prosperity and sustainability compatible? (45 min.) Peter Victor: Are there limits to growth? (31 min.) Disk 3: Thomas Homer-Dixon: What drives innovation, adaptation and resilience? (50 min.) David Erdal: How is worker ownership related to the health of communities? (42 min.) Vera Negri Zamagni: Is bigger better? New opportunities for cooperatives (46 min.) John Fullerton: What is the role of financial capital in the new economy? (55 min.) Disk 4: Claudia Sanchez-Bajo: Is the debt trap avoidable? (50 min.) Stephen C. Smith: What is the role of cooperatives in the new economy? (24 min.) Elinor Ostrom tribute video (15 min.) Closing of the conference (44 min.)