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Responding to Conflict : GULU: the struggle for peace


38 min.

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This is the story of a community caught between two fighting forces in a civil conflict that has been raging for 13 years and shows little signs of being resolved. The Acholi community in the northern district of Gulu and Kitgum has managed to find ways of surviving the on-going war by actively addressing the trauma of violence with peacebuilding initiatives that are able to function in the midst of the conflict. No time is lost waiting for the end of the fighting to start reconstructing people's lives. These initiatives serve to give back power to ordinary people, enable them to start the mental and psychological healing process and to promote reconciliation from the bottom upwards. This film is the second in a series documenting practical action for conflict transformation and peacebuilding in Africa. It is intended to assist people working for development, human rights and peace to learn from each other's experiences. By its nature, the film is also a challenge to policy makers of international agencies and governments.