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Finisterre: Celtic Spain & France: Journeys to the End of the Earth


90 min.

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Finisterre (means end of the earth) is a Celtic music adventure to the two most remote and remarkable corners of the Celtic World, Brittany in France and Galicia and Asturias in Spain. Explore the landscape, cultures and people. In northern Spain, the beautiful green countryside with ancient Celtic hillforts, the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostella and the exotic Celtic music featuring Galicia's dynamic bagpiper, Carlos Nunez, (the 7th Chieftain) & Asturias's wonderful group Llan de Cubel. In France, Brittany's Celtic music and culture are thriving. Visit the largest Celtic music festival in the world, Lorient and travel through magnificent countryside, dance festivals, etc. In Brittany we meet an unusual assortment of musicians, and hear the music & thoughts of Brittany's legendary Celtic rock musician bagpiper and Celtic Harpist Alan Stivell.