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VIVA!: Community Arts and Popular Education in the Americas


142 min.

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DVD; accompanies book by same title (370.194 B259v).


This DVD accompanies the book by the same title (370.194 B259v).  It contains nine videos that correspond with the book's case studies: VIVA! Community arts and popular education in the Americas: Offers glimpses of community arts projects in five countries, focusing on decolonizing art and education. (23 min.) Kuna Children's Art Workshops (Panama): Involved children in a range of activities to recover cultural values and promote ecological consciousness. (15 min.) The Personal Legacy Project (Canada): Draws from West/Central African dance and story traditions to involve artists in probing their ancestral memories. (12 min.) Jumblies Theatre (Canada): The Bridge of One Hair project has engaged people in a culturally diverse Toronto neighborhood in exploring histories, identities, and differences. (12 min.) Telling Our Stories (Canada): The Catalyst Centre in Toronto brought together artist educators for a popular education train-the-trainer process that led them to develop projects with youth. (16 min.) Cultural Marketplace / Tianguis Cultural (Mexico): Draws a large number of exhibitors and visitors to a cultural marketplace that offers a safe place for alternative urban identities and a forum for interaction among groups that share a progressive social vision. (18 min.) Painting by Listening (Mexico): Through a training program for young artists/animators, Checo Valdez engages communities in community mural production that comes from the people themselves. (18 min.) UCLA ArtsBridge (USA): Involves students in arts education residencies with inner-city schools in Los Angeles, nurturing creativity and cultivating relationships between the schools, community arts centers, and UCLArts. (16 min.) BilwiVision Community TV (Nicaragua): The community television station is developing an alternative practice of communications to reflect the cultural diversity of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua through their voices and images. (12 min.)