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Split into five parts, this video describes the geography, climate, culture, entertainment, and government of Japan. I: Geographical features of Japan and the two natural disasters which often occur there. A look at the three largest cities, communication, seasons, and events celebrated in each season.(15 min.) II: We meet two young girls: Hiroko is a junior high student who enjoys kayaking; Eriko writes to her pen pal in North America. Traditional food, and the impact of western sports.(15 min.) III: The governmental system of Japan is explored through an election campaign. Common expressions in the Japanese language, the traditional art of making paper, its use of seals, and two traditional forms of theatre are shown in this potpourri on Japan. (15 min.) IV: We see the seasonal festivals and their relationship to the people in Japan. (15 min.) V: Traditional crafts practised in Japan, as well as Japanese high tech solutions to problems such as mailing letters, building robots, and recycling garbage. (15 min.)