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  • Mathie, A. & Peters, B. (2014). Joint (ad)ventures and (in)credible journeys evaluating innovation: asset-based community development in Ethiopia. Development in Practice, 24(3), 405-419.  StFX access linkpublic access link.
  • Mathie, A. & Cunningham, G. (Eds.). (2008). From clients to citizens: Communities changing the course of their own development. Rugby, UK: Practical Action. (Marie Michael Library: 307.112 M426f),  Purchase Information
  • Mathie, A. & Cunningham, G. (2003). From clients to citizens: Asset-based community development as a strategy For community-driven development. Development in Practice 13(5). St.FX access link.

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Research Reports: This section contains comprehensive studies and reports of Coady projects and convenings.