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Statistics and Indicators

  • World health statistics, WHO’s annual reports present the most recent health statistics. Issues available for download: 2005-current.

Water and Health

Women and Health


  • Al Jazeera English. (2007). Every woman – child soldier [Video file]. A documentary on child soldiers with emphasis on girl soldiers. (12:09 min.)
  • Gender and the MDGs, UNIFEM video series highlights MDGs from a gender perspective.
  • Imam, P. (2004). Health for all? [Video file]. The one question that forms the basis of our movement. (1:15 min.)
  • Imam, P. (2006). Sentenced for a lifetime [Video file]. This documentary explores the issue of mental illness in women in India. (3:20 min.)
  • Imam, P. (2007). Flight 208 [Video file]. A satirical film concerning inequalities and filmed across the globe. (7:07 min.)

Health-Related Organizations and Sources