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Rural Development

Small Scale Farmers

  • Asian Development Bank. (2005). Linking farmers to markets through contract farming. Proceeding of an M4P/An Giang University Workshop. (1.39 Mb pdf)
  • CGIAR, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.
  • Conservation Agriculture (CA), aims to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture and to improve livelihoods of farmers.
  • Darwin’s Nightmare, a documentary examining the introduction of a predator fish into the waters of Lake Victoria in Tanzania and the aftermath.
  • Graham, J., Charles, A., & Bull, A. (2006). Community fisheries management handbook. Halifax: Saint Mary’s University. (1.4 Mb pdf)
  • GRAIN is a small international NGO that supports small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems.
  • Shepherd, A. (2006). Approaches to linking producers to markets. Draft discussion paper presented at the FAO/VECO Workshop on Enhancing Capacities of NGOs and Farmer Groups to Link Farmers to Markets, Bali, Indonesia, May 9-12. (411K pdf)
  • WorldFish. (2009). Big Fish, Small Fry. [Video]. (16:50 min.). A video depicting the globalisation of the Lake Victoria fisheries. Part 1Part 2.