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Women, peace and security for the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325

Local Women’s Voices for Peace E-Conference Program (437K pdf)

Open Plenary: Local Women’s Voices for Peace – 20 Years of 1325

LAC Session: A Review of Gender-Based Violence in the LAC Region: Sharing Lessons, Challenges, Opportunities, & Civil Society Leadership over the past 20 Years

Conflict Resolution and Practice Workshop

Global Session: Technology-related Gender Based Violence: Call it what it is?

Global Session: Women’s Leadership in Conflict and Peacebuilding

Plenary: Addressing Cultural Norms

South/Southeast Asia Session: Women-Led Storytelling and Art for Peacebuilding

How to Share Your Story Effectively Workshop

Presenters Activities and Training Guides for Sharing Your Story
Aparna Lall, India (105K pdf) Storytelling techniques (1 Mb pdf)
Sherna Benjamin, Trinidad & Tobago (137K pdf)  
Dr. Dorothy Goredema, Zimbabwe Documenting peacebuilding activities and stories by women peace builders (429K pdf)
Andikuza Makhumula, Malawi  
Biju Kandel, Nepal  

*Majority of the information below was compiled by Victoria Miles and Riley Wolfe.

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