Marie Michael Library

Advocacy: Increasing Citizen Voice and Agency

Advocacy Approaches and Organizational Readiness

Exploring Key Concepts and Analyzing Power

Exploring Governance, Strategic Advocacy Planning, Problem Definition and Issue Framing

  • VeneKlasen, L. & Miller, V. (2002). Constructing empowering strategies. In A new weave of power, people and politics: The action guide for advocacy and citizen participation (pp. 59-78). Rugby, Warwickshire, UK: Practical Action. (StFX only)

Defining Advocacy Goals and Objectives and Identifying Stakeholders

Exploring Advocacy Strategies, Tactics and Tools: Building the Constituency for Change

Co-operation and Education Strategies

Exploring Advocacy in Action

Persuasion through Designing Effective Messages and Lobbying

Using the Media and Litigation Strategies

Confrontation Strategies, and Monitoring and Evaluating Advocacy

Suggested Readings

Organizations and Resources

International Advocacy Campaigns

Manuals and Toolkits