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Introduction and Debates and successes in local seed production and marketing
Founding Meeting
ABCD Unconference
Support Coady
Upcoming field study in Pictou County
Coady grad receives international award
Livelihoods and Markets Field Trip
Field Trip! ABCD in Pictou County
An organizational analysis of the expansion of ADEMI’s credit program.Bowman, Margaret E.AI-OP2ACCION InternationalApril, 1987Credit, Microenterprise47
Assisting the survival economy : the micro-enterprise and solidarity group projects of the Dominican Development Foundation (PISCES Phase II)Ashe, JeffreyAI-OP12ACCION InternationalRev. 1984Microenterprise, Credit, Dominican Republic87
Benefits of informal sector business activity in the Dominican Republic : three case studies.Bowman, MargaretAI-OP6ACCION InternationalJune, 1986Microenterprise, Dominican Republic19 + appendices
Building healthy financial institutions for the poor: summary of proceedingsACCION-C1ACCION InternationalSep-94Microfinance25
Issues in the regulation and supervision of microfinanceChristen, RobertACCION-C4ACCION InternationalNovember 27 - 28, 1995Microfinance13
Making a living in the poor barrios of San Jose, Costa Rica : a study of the informal sector.Ashe, Jeffrey & Morales, NancyAI-OP14ACCION International1982Microenterprise, Credit, Costa Rica72
Micro credit : a financial intermediary for the informal sector.Ashe, JeffreyAI-OP5ACCION InternationalNovember, 1986Credit, Microenterprise68 + annexes
Regulation and supervision of microfinance institutions: summary of proceedingsACCION-C2ACCION InternationalNov-95Microfinance38
Solidarity group programs : a working methodology for enhancing the economic activities of women in the informal sector.Otero, MariaAI-OP3ACCION InternationalSeptember, 1986Women Entrepreneurs, Microenterprise, Credit25 + Bibliography
Solidarity groups and the Women’s World Bank : experiences from Cali, Colombia.Ashe, JeffreyAI-OP4ACCION InternationalMarch, 1986Credit, Women entrepreneurs37
Supervision and regulation of microfinance institutions: the Bolivian experienceLoubiere, Jacques TrigoACCION-C3ACCION InternationalNov-95Microfinance13, [8]
The Dominican Association of Tricicleros “San Jose Obrero” : a case study of local empowerment.Reichmann, Rebecca L.AI-OP11ACCION InternationalFebruary, 1984Microenterprise, Dominican Republic118
The Pisces II experience, Volume 1 : Local efforts in micro-enterprise development.Ashe, JeffreyAI-OP7ACCION InternationalApril, 1985Microenterprise146
The Pisces II experience, Volume 2 : case studies from Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Kenya and EgyptAshe, JeffreyAI-OP8ACCION InternationalDecember, 1985Microenterprise, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Kenya, Egypt226
The smallest businesses of the poor : an annotated bibliography.Fonstad, Carmenza, et al.AI-OP13ACCION International1982Microenterprise, Bibliography197
Women’s participation in ADEMI : the Association for the development of Microenterprises, Inc.Reichmann, Rebecca L.AI-OP10ACCION InternationalFebruary, 1984Microenterprise, Credit, Women entrepreneurs, Dominican Republic66
Women’s participation in PROGRESO : a micro-enterprise credit program reaching the smallest businesses of the poor in Lima, Peru.Reichmann, Rebecca L.AI-OP9ACCION InternationalOctober, 1984Microenterprise, Women entrepreneurs, Credit, Peru78
Adult Education and DevelopmentDVV InternationalCDR-001Adult Education and Development2006Adult EducationPage:
ACEnet PublicationsACE-P2Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)1989Cooperation, United States, Appalachian regionPage:
Asset building for healthy communities: a concept paperACE-P4Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)Business enterprises, United States22
Creating high performance communities through the development of learning consortiaACE-P6Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)1994Business networks, Ohio, Appalachian region18
Growing sustainable communitiesACE-P1Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)Sustainable development, Ohio, Appalachian region21
The transformation of policy in the new world economy: networks and collaborative policy designACE-P3Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)Business networks, United States7:00 PM
Using civic networking for community economic development: ACEnet’s approachACE-P5Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)Apr-98Small business, United States7:00 PM
A guide for assessing the impact of microenterprise services at the individual levelChen, Martha AlterAIMS-D11Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Nov-97Small-scale business, Evaluationiv, 40
A review of approaches for measurement of microenterprise and household incomeInserra, AnneAIMS-D7Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Sep-96Small-scale business, Researchvii, 37
A review of impact information systems of NGO microenterprise programsHyman, Eric; Dearden, KirkAIMS-T2Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)15-Sep-96Small-scale business, Evaluationx, 74
An assessment of the impact of microfinance services in Uganda: baseline findings: volume 1Barnes, Carolyn; Morris, Gayle; Gaile, GaryAIMS-M2/1Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)May-98Credit, Evaluationxiv, 62
An assessment of the impact of microfinance services in Uganda: baseline findings: volume 2Barnes, Carolyn; Morris, Gayle; Gaile, GaryAIMS-M2/2Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)May-98Credit, Evaluation29, 26
Assessing the effects of program characteristics and program context on the impact of microenterprise services: a guide for practitionersSnodgrass, DonaldAIMS-D10Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Nov-97Small-scale business, Evaluationv, 22, [10]
Assessing the effects of program characteristics and program context on the impact of microenterprise services: a guide for practitionersSnodgrass, DonaldMBP-97/11-1Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Nov-97Small scale business22
Assets and the impact of microenterprise finance programsBarnes, CarolynAIMS-D2Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Jun-96Small-scale business, Credit39
Client monitoring systems for microfinance institutions: AIMS assistance to the Workers Bank of JamaicaBlank, LorraineAIMS-M3Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)November, 1998Credit, Monitoringiv, 16, 4,3,2
Diversification in the household economic portfolioDunn, ElizabethAIMS-D8Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)AIMS-D8Small-scale business, Researchviii, 21
Highlights and recommendations of the second virtual meeting of the CGAP Working Group on Impact Assessment Methodologies, April 14-28, 1998Cohen, Monique; Gaile, GaryAIMS-CGAP3Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Jun-98Credit, Evaluation13
Highlights and recommendations of the virtual meeting of the CGAP Working Group on Impact Assessment Methodologies, April 7-19, 1997Cohen, Monique; Gaile, GaryAIMS-CGAP1Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)May-97Credit, Evaluation10
Household economic portfoliosChen, Martha Alter; Dunn, ElizabethAIMS-D1Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Jun-96Credit, Evaluation45
Households, microenterprises, and debtDunn, ElizabethAIMS-D3Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Jun-96Credit, Researchviii, 29
Impact assessment methodologies for microfinance: a reviewHulme, DavidAIMS-M1Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)May-97Credit, Evaluationiv, 34
Income and assets as impact indicatorsLittle, Peter D.AIMS-D9Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Feb-97Credit, Evaluationii, 27
Microfinance and Mitigation of the Impacts of HIV/AIDS: An Exploratory Study from ZimbabweBarnes, CarolynAIMS-M8Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Feb-02AIDS, Disease, Economic effectsv, 65
Overview of studies on the impact of microenterprise creditSebstad, Jennefer; Chen, GregoryAIMS-D4Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Jun-96Small-scale business, Credit, Evaluationviii, 25
Pact’s women’s empowerment program in Nepal: a savings and literacy led alternative to financial institution buildingAshe, Jeffrey; Parrott, LisaAIMS-P-I1Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Oct-01Women and credit, Nepal81
Practitioner-led impact assessment: a test in HondurasEdgcomb, Elaine L.; Garber, CarterAIMS-T3Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)May-98Credit, Evaluationviii, 48, [24]
Practitioner-led impact assessment: a test in MaliMkNelly, Barbara; Lippold, Karen; Foly, Ayele; Kipke, RobinAIMS-T4Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Sep-98Credit, Evaluationx, 100
PVO/NGO tools for household and business impact assessment: report of a planning meetingEdgcomb, Elaine L.AIMS-T1Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Aug-96Small-scale business, Evaluationiii, 35
Review of the methodological approaches to the study of the impact of microenterprise credit programsGaile, Gary L.; Foster, JenniferAIMS-D5Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Jun-96Small-scale business, Credit, Evaluationviii, 36, 19
The economic, policy, and regulatory environmentSnodgrass, DonaldAIMS-D6Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Aug-96Credit, Researchv, 36
Towards guidelines for lower-cost impact assessment methodologies for microenterprise programsSebstad, JenneferAIMS-CGAP2Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS)Jun-98Small-scale business, Evaluationiii, 32, [15]
Client-based market research: the case of PRODEMLee, NanciCALMEADOW-C1Calmeadow2000Microfinance, Research46
Rural microfinance strategies: issues, concepts, best practicesLee, NanciCALMEADOW-C3Calmeadow2-Feb-98Microfinance165
The Get Ahead Foundation Stokvel Lending Programme South Africa: an operational overviewCalmeadowCALMEADOW-C2CalmeadowApr-95Microfinance, Credit27
The microbanking bulletinCALMEADOW-MB3CalmeadowJul-99Microfinance46
The microbanking bulletin: focus on efficiencyCALMEADOW-MB4CalmeadowFeb-00Microfinance73
The microbanking bulletin: focus: reaching the poorCALMEADOW-MB5CalmeadowSep-00Microfinance65
The Microbanking Bulletin: Trend LinesCALMEADOW-MB10CalmeadowMar-05Microfinance71
Accessing the Rural Self Reliance Fund: guidelines for savings and credit cooperativesCECI-M-A12Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Evaluation16
Account supervisory committee in savings and credit organizations: guidelines for promotersCECI-M-A9Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Accounting33
Amalgamations of savings and credit organizations: a training manual for promotersCECI-M-A5Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Management51
Book-keeping systems for savings and credit organizations: guidelines for promotersCECI-M-A4Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Accounting30
Computerization: guidelines for savings and credit cooperativesCECI-M-B9Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative societies, Technological advances11
Empowering women through micro-finance interventions: the stories of thirty Nepali womenSharma, NamrataCECI-OP5Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Mar-99Microfinance, Nepal, Case studies30
Financial management of savings and credit cooperatives: a training manual for promotersCECI-M-A11Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Financial management58, 6
Gender equity in savings and credit organizations: a training manual for promotersCECI-M-A10Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Women, Credit25, {51}
Institutional audit tools for savings and credit organizationsCECI-M-B5Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Co-operative banking, Accounting30
Introductory brochure on cooperative actCECI-M-B2Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative societies, Law and legislation16
Micro-finance activities of Forest User Groups in Nepal: current status and future prospectsCECI-OP3Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)17-Sep-98Community forestry, Nepal38
Model by-law for savings and credit organizationsCECI-M-B3Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Law and legislation24
Participatory institutional assessment and visioning exercise for community based savings and credit organizationsCECI-M-A6Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Evaluation45
Peer-based capacity building of savings and credit organizations: a training manual for promotersCECI-M-A7Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Management12:00 PM
Registration of savings and credit groupsCECI-M-B1Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Cooperative banking, Management13
Registration on savings and credit organizations: a training manual for promotersCECI-M-A3Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Microfinance, Legal aspects26
Women’s empowerment through micro-finance? The case of the Micro-Credit Project for womenScoggins, AnthonyCECI-OP2Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)Mar-99Microfinance, Nepal48
Culture, development and the role of primary health care (PHC)Asthana, Sheena, et al.CASID-C13/1Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID)Spring 1998Primary health care51
Culture, development and the role of primary health care (PHC)Berliner, Howard S., et al.CASID-C13/2Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID)Spring 1998Primary health care51
Microfinance and development, part oneCharitonenko, Stephanie, ed.CASID-C14/1Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID)Fall 1998Credit39
Microfinance and development, part twoCharitonenko, Stephanie, ed.CASID-C14/2Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID)Spring 1999Credit63
Ashton-Warner Literacy MethodGunter, Jock, et al.CIE-TN5Center for International Education (CIE)1972Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Literacy14
Bintang Anda: A Game Process for Community DevelopmentMarzuki, Saleh; Dilts, RussCIE-TN18Center for International Education (CIE)1982Non-Formal Education, Indonesia, Educational Games21
Community NewspapersDilts, Russell; Fakih, MansourCIE-TN27Center for International Education (CIE)1989Media, Indonesia18
Concientizacao and Simulation/GamesSmith, William A.CIE-TN2Center for International Education (CIE)1972Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Freire, Educational Games, Simulations26
Designing and Using Simulations for TrainingCash, KathleenCIE-TN20Center for International Education (CIE)1983Non-Formal Education, Indonesia, Simulations35
Discussion StartersYunus, Ibrahim; Dilts, RussCIE-TN25Center for International Education (CIE)1983Non-Formal Education, Communication17
Field Training Through Case StudiesPontius, John; Yakub, YahyaCIE-TN16Center for International Education (CIE)1981Non-formal education, Indonesia21
FotonovelaBarriga, Patricio; Villacis, RodrigoCIE-TN13Center for International Education (CIE)Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Literacy12
Game of Childhood DiseasesBialosiewicz, Frank; Burns, JulieCIE-TN23Center for International Education (CIE)1983Non-Formal Education, Health Education, Educational Games37
HaciendaHoxeng, JamesCIE-TN3Center for International Education (CIE)Non-formal education, Ecuador, Educational Games23
Letter DiceGunter, Jock; game designed by James Hoxeng & Amparo BorjaCIE-TN6Center for International Education (CIE)rep.1988Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Educational Games17
Letter Fluency GamesGunter, JockCIE-TN9Center for International Education (CIE)1975Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Educational Games23
Market RummyGunter, Jock, et al.CIE-TN4Center for International Education (CIE)1972Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Educational Games14
Math Fluency GamesGunter, JockCIE-TN8Center for International Education (CIE)Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Educational Games25
NGOs in IndonesiaFakih, MansourCIE-OP1Center for International Education (CIE)Jun-91Development, Indonesia16
NGOs in Latin AmericaAnello, EloyCIE-OP2Center for International Education (CIE)Jun-91NGOs, Guatemala, Columbia, Chile31
NGOs in the SahelOtto, JonathanCIE-OP3Center for International Education (CIE)Jun-91Development, West Africa, Environment52
Number BingoGunter, Jock; game designed by Patrico Barriga & James HoxengCIE-TN7Center for International Education (CIE)Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Educational Games15
Participatory Communication in Nonformal EducationComings, JohnCIE-TN17Center for International Education (CIE)1981Non-Formal Education, Indonesia, Communication15
Puppets and the TheaterMoreno, Carlos; Clason, Carla; Borja, AmparoCIE-TN12Center for International Education (CIE)Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Theatre29
Q-Sort as a Needs Assessment TechniqueTate, SeanCIE-TN21Center for International Education (CIE)1982Non-Formal Education, Indonesia, Needs Assessment23
Record Keeping for Small Rural BusinessesMurcia, EligiaCIE-TN26Center for International Education (CIE)1985Microenterprise, Accounting27
Road-to-Birth GameBurns, Julie; Bialosiewicz, FrankCIE-TN24Center for International Education (CIE)1983Non-Formal Education, Health Education, Educational Games37
Skills Drills: A Self-Correcting Math Proficiency GameMunger, Fredi; Shader, HollyCIE-TN28Center for International Education (CIE)1989Educational Games36
Tabacundo: Battery-Powered DialogueHoxeng, James; Ochoa, Alberto; Ickis, ValerieCIE-TN10Center for International Education (CIE)Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Media27
The Ecuador projectEvans, David; Hoxeng, JamesCIE-TN1Center for International Education (CIE)Jan-73Non-formal education, Ecuador23
The Education GameSmith, William A.CIE-TN14Center for International Education (CIE)1981Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Educational Games28
The FacilitatorBarriga, Patricio; Moreno, Carlos; Ickis, Valerie; Tasiguano, EnriqueCIE-TN11Center for International Education (CIE)Non-Formal Education, Ecuador, Communication32
The Fun BusRussell, RobertCIE-TN15Center for International Education (CIE)1977Non-Formal Education, USA, Theatre43
The Learning Fund: Income Generation through NFEIskander, Anwas; Moulton, Daniel; Sihombing, UmbertoCIE-TN22Center for International Education (CIE)1982Non-Formal Education, Indonesia, Microenterprise24
Using Consultants for Materials DevelopmentBergau, Nancy; Soedharno, R.F.CIE-TN19Center for International Education (CIE)1982Non-Formal Education, Indonesia18
A cost-effectiveness analysis of the Grameen Bank of BangladeshSchreiner, MarkCSD-WP99-5Center for Social Development (CSD)1999Credit, Bangladesh52
Aspects of outreach: a framework for the discussion of the social benefits of microfinanceSchreiner, MarkCSD-WP99-3Center for Social Development (CSD)1999Credit, Social effects30
Building social capital from the center: a village-level investigation of Bangladesh’s Grameen BankLarance, Lisa YoungCSD-WP98-4Center for Social Development (CSD)1998Credit, Bangladesh37
Economic poverty reconsidered: the case forBeverly, Sondra G.CSD-WP99-1Center for Social Development (CSD)1999Poverty, Research24
How can the poor save?: theory and evidence on saving in low-income householdsBeverly, SondraCSD-WP97-3Center for Social Development (CSD)1997Savings, Investment57
The subsidy dependence index and recent attempts to adjust itSchreiner, Mark; Yaron, JacobCSD-WP99-2Center for Social Development (CSD)1999Microfinance44
What we know about effects of asset holding: implications for research on asset-based anti-poverty initiativesPage-Adams, Deborah; Sherraden, MichaelCSD-WP96-1Center for Social Development (CSD)1996Poverty alleviation, Research20
Combining service delivery and advocacy within humanitarian agencies: experiences from the conflict in Sri LankaHaug, MaritCCS-IWP10Centre for Civil Society (CCS)2001Development assistance, Sri Lanka29
Exploring the concept of community: implications for NGO managementde Berry, JoCCS-IWP8Centre for Civil Society (CCS)1999Non-governmental organizations, Management21
NGOs, advocacy and popular protest: a case study on ThailandDechalert, PreechaCCS-IWP6Centre for Civil Society (CCS)1999Non-governmental organizations, Thailand36
Who will bear the torch tomorrow?: charismatic leadership and second-line leaders in development NGOsSiddiqi, M. ShameenCCS-IWP9Centre for Civil Society (CCS)2001Non-governmental organizations, Management35
A History of Saskatchewan Co-operative Law – 1900 to 1960.Mullord, Don; Axworthy, Christopher S.; Liston, DavidCSC-OP88-02Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Feb-8858
A new model for producer co-operatives in IsraelDaniel, Dr. AbrahamCSC-OP86-04Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Nov-8640
Adult Educators in Co-operative Development; Agents of ChangeStefanson, BrendaCSC-OP02-02Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)2002Co-operative Societies, Adult Education88
An Educational Institute of Untold Value”; The Evolution of The Co-operative College of Canada; 1953-1987Crewe, JodiCSC-OP01-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)1953-1987Co-operative Education57
Community-based models of health care: a bibliographyKetilson, Lou Hammond; Quennell, MichaelCSC-90-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Jun-9049
Comparative financial performance analysis of Canadian co-operatives, investor-owned firms and industry normsHarris, Andrea; Fulton, MurrayCSC-OP96-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Feb-96Cooperative societies136
Conflict, Co-operation, and Culture: A Study in Multiparty NegotiationsBenson, Marjorie L.CSC-OP02-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)2002Mediation221
Co-operative Organization in Rural Canada and the Agricultural Co-operative Movement in China: A ComparisonShufang, Zhu; Apedaile, LeonardCSC-OP98-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)1998Agriculture, Co-operatives43
Co-operative organizations in Western CanadaFulton, MurrayCSC-OP88-03Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Mar-8829
Co-operatives and Development: Towards a Social Movement PerspectiveDeveltere, PatrickCSC-OP92-03Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Jul-92103
Co-operatives and Farmers in the New AgricultureFulton, Murray; Sanderson, KimCSC-OP03-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Mar-02Agriculture, Co-operative39
Co-operatives and social democracy: elements of the Norwegian caseEkelund, Finn AageCSC-OP86-02Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)May, 198633
Co-operatives and their employees: towards a harmonious relationship.Axworthy, Christopher S.CSC-OP86-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Apr-8673
Co-operatives in Principle and PracticeMcGillivray, Anne; Ish, DanielCSC-OP92-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Mar-92133
Credit unions and caisses populaires: background, market characteristics and future developmentZinger, J. TerenceCSC-OP94-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)March, 1994Credit unions21
Election of directors in Saskatchewan co-operatives: processes and results.Apland, Lars E.CSC-OP87-01Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)Apr-8764
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Is It the End of Utopia?: The Israeli Kibbutz at the Twenty-First CenturyLeviatan, UrielCSC-P03/2Centre for the Study of Co-operatives (CSC)May-03Co-operatives, Israel30
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Feminism, internationalism and the West: questions from the Indian contextJohn, Mary E.CWDS-O27Centre for Women's Development Studies (CWDS)1998Women, India23
Gender development indicators: issues, debates and ranking of districtsRustagi, PreetCWDS-O33Centre for Women's Development Studies (CWDS)2000Women in development, Researchviii, 54
Power vs. representation: feminist dilemmas, ambivalent state and the debate on reservation for women in IndiaSharma, KumudCWDS-O28Centre for Women's Development Studies (CWDS)1998Women, Legal status, India28
Woman [i.e. women] and economic reform in India: a case study from the health sectorKarlekar, MalavikaCWDS-O26Centre for Women's Development Studies (CWDS)1998Structural adjustment, India21
Armed angels: women in IranHendessi, MandanaCH-R16CHANGE1990Women, Iran20
Canvasses of women in the PhilippinesVillariba, Mariya C.CH-R18-1993CHANGEJan-93Women, Grassroots Organizing39
Contradictions and ironies: Women of LesothoMalahleha, GwenCH-R13CHANGE1985Women, Lesotho12
Economic Development and Women’s PlaceWong, Aline K.CH-R1CHANGE1980Women, Singapore20
Hard Cash: man-made development and its consequences.Allison, Helen; Ashworth, Georgina; Redclift, NannekeCH-TB5CHANGE1985Women in Development, Foreign Aid25
In search of Ethiopian womenSelassie, Tsehai BerhaneCH-R11CHANGE1984Women, Ethiopia20
Israeli women and men: divisions behind the unityDavis, Nira YuvalCH-R6CHANGE1981Women - Israel23
Malaysian women at the crossroadsNg, Cecilia; Yong, CarolCH-R17CHANGE1990Women, Malaysia16
Minus lives: Women of BangladeshKabeer, NailaCH-R10CHANGE1984Women, Bangladesh16
Mothers of the land: Nepalese women todaySherpa, LamuCH-R18CHANGEJan-93Women, Nepal, Social Conditions, Education, Agriculture31
Nation builders: Women of NigeriaOruene, Taiwo OlaleyeCH-R15CHANGE1985Women, Nigeria16
Of conjuring and caringMay, NickyCH-TB1CHANGE1984Women in Development28
Of violence and violation: women and human rightsAshworth, GeorginaCH-TB2CHANGE1985Women, Human Rights22
Providence and Prostitution: Women in Buddhist ThailandThitsa, KhinCH-R2CHANGE1990Women, Thailand24
Self twice removed: Ugandan womanAkello, GraceCH-R8CHANGE1990Women, Uganda20
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“If Change Should Come, We Should Bring It:” Stories of Citizen-Led Development in Haiti
“So Who Lives Here Anyway?”: Alternative Visions of Sustainable Communities
“Some of My Best Friends Are…”
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